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801: 10 Fitness Secrets Every Busy Parent Needs to Know

TMHS 84: Biggest Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Lessons of 2014 & What You Should Implement in 2015

You likely won’t get to your destination if you have the wrong map.

Each and every year people all over the world set out to change their lives in honor of the New Year. It’s a fresh start; a chance for something better. Yet, the reality is that most of us fall well short of what we resolved to do.

But, is this a bad thing?

I’m here to share with you today that it’s not a bad thing at all. It just takes some minor shifts in your approach to accomplish more than you thought possible and make this the best year of your life!

Today’s powerhouse episode will take you through the best of 2014. We’ll highlight the biggest lessons, the biggest breakthroughs, and make it clear exactly what you need to implement in 2015 to achieve the things you want.

Real success resides in your ability to do things that actually work (go figure!) and then applying these things on a consistent basis until you achieve what you set out to do. First, we’ll dive into the things that work. Next, we’ll breakdown how to do these things consistently to transform your life. Let’s do it!!!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How your brain can help you achieve things faster by first “recapping” what you’ve accomplished.
  • Why it’s so valuable to master bodyweight exercises.
  • Why sleep is the #1 factor in changing your body composition.
  • What strategic alliances have to do with your health and success.
  • How to up-level yourself through mentorship and coaching.
  • How to keep your brain youthful and healthy.
  • What the biggest health distraction of the year was (and how to avoid this in the future!)
  • Why cultivating a healthy self-image is so valuable.
  • Why sitting can be the archenemy of health.
  • Why the work you do for a living really does have an impact on your health.
  • How food can separate us or bring us together.
  • Why consistent mobility work needs to be a part of your regimen in 2015.
  • What the real concern with having too much belly fat is (this is scary!)
  • The huge lesson we learned about GMOs in 2015.
  • Why cutting or adding calories won’t necessarily change your weight long-term.
  • What new, fun tools you can use to upgrade your workouts this year.

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  1. Listening over old episodes, and saw the above comment. Felt so compelled to leave a comment.

    JADE I LOVE YOU. your voice, your laughter, your aura just lifts me up every time I listen to the show. I feel like you’re my voice, the voice of all the people who are fighting everyday to be healthier. I hope you read this, and if at the time the above comment hurt you, I hope this one makes you smile. Sending big love to you both all the way from Ireland. XXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. Shawn, I could really listen to you all day long. My issue with this show is your lovely co-host. She is clearly a very sweet, sweet lady. However, I am sad to say, she almost completely ruins the experience for me and my wife. Dont get me wrong, sometimes she is on point and on time with her comments and when she is…its quite enjoyable. Most of the time however, we find ourselves fighting to hear you and tune her out and its just not possible. She is your partner so you have to stick by her but i wish there was something you could do.

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