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TMHS 79: How to Get Your Body Organized, Eliminate Pain & Be Ready to Run with Dr. Kelly Starrett

One of the biggest mistakes in conventional medicine has been the disconnection between psychology and movement. The health of your brain, nervous system, and endocrine system are all intimately tied to your ability to move.

A lack of natural movement creates stagnation in your mental, physical, and emotional health. But, what is natural movement anyway? And what are the things that are hindering our ability to move naturally?

Well, get ready, because Dr. Kelly Starrett is here to dissect these things for you and give you clear, comprehensive strategies to be the most healthy, functional person you can possibly be.

It’s been said that if you’re the smartest guy in the room then you need to find another room (in order to keep elevating yourself). Well, Kelly is running out of rooms to be in because he is often the smartest guy in the building. His humble and cool demeanor wouldn’t tell you that. Yet, it becomes pretty clear after talking with Kelly for a while that he can see and understand things about the human body that few people can match.

Kelly is a brilliant thinker that can literally see the faults in your physical mechanics and foresee future injuries before you’re ever diagnosed with anything. I’m talking about near superpowers here.

But, what makes Kelly Starrett such an amazing teacher and coach is the fact that he can break things down to a real world level for you. What are one or two daily practices that can get you out of pain, or better yet, avoid it from happening in the first place? What are the major flaws in our modern lifestyle that are wreaking havoc on our mobility? How can we “reorganize” our bodies to feel good during sport, leisure, and even while traveling? You’re about to gain access to this knowledge, plus a whole lot more right now!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why we don’t have the “owner’s manual” for our own bodies.
  • How making even small corrections in your lifestyle can up-regulate your health.
  • Why sitting is a skill you need to learn.
  • How many additional calories you can burn by standing more.
  • What being on your smart phone can do to your posture.
  • The shocking impact that standing desks can have on children’s health.
  • Why practice does NOT make perfect (you’d better mind your myelination!)
  • Why failing to recognize the connection between your psychology and movement is a huge mistake.
  • Why you MUST learn how to do a resting squat.
  • The #1 reason that people end up in nursing homes.
  • Why Kelly and I are in love with the VariDesk.
  • How to instantly reset your pelvic position and stabilize your spine.
  • How writing a book can be hazardous to your health (funny, but true!)
  • What poor sleep quality can do to your immune system.
  • How to “uncompromise” yourself after being on a long flight.
  • Why you’ll want to start “gut smashing” (especially before bed).
  • How shoes can cause problems with running mechanics.
  • Why you need to learn how to run even if you never plan on running.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. One of the most familiar home remedy ingredients, garlic has been used to relieve tooth pain for thousands of years. When crushed, the plant releases something called allicin, which is an antifungal and antibiotic compound. If a toothache is the result of an infection, which many are, there is a good chance that garlic will be able to destroy or at least slow down the bacteria.

  2. Re: TMHS 079 Kelley Starrett

    Shawn I have a question on the Kelley Starrett interview regarding feet and shoes. I totally get the idea that heel striking is inherently wrong, and that modern footwear allows us to ignore the body’s natural corrective measures to prevent it. Logically, not wearing shoes then is a good approach.

    My question however concerns problems with pronation, which I had as a kid and now my 12 year old son also has. The normal approach to correcting pronation is using orthopeadic inserts, but to do this you obviously need to wear shoes!

    Interestingly, I completely cured a heel by using orthopeadic inserts for a few months after my doctor told me it had developed from going barefoot too much (living next to a beach..). He reckoned my pronation had come back, and this was the cause of the heel spur. I also am aware how important it is to get the feet “straight” in order to allow the rest of the body to work properly.

    I would be very interested in your/Kelley’s advice on how to deal with pronation and related issues, given the need to reduce or eliminate the support form the shoes we wear.


    PS l listen to a lot of your podcasts and really dig the info that you make available. A great service to all of us..

    1. Mike, I truly appreciate that! To help you along and figure this situation out, I went over and grabbed a few videos from Kelly’s Mobility WOD channel to get you started. The big issue is that we get a strange muscular/tissue confusion going on when we’re a) adapted to not wearing shoes and then start wearing shoes (kids!) b) completely conditioned to wearing shoes, living, exercising, then when the shoes are off there is a big collapsing of the ankle. The long-term solution is to work on the joints and muscles supporting the foot itself. Here you go, and I’d highly recommend checking out several other videos from Kelly as well because correcting things with the knees or hips, for example, can have a radical impact on the position of the feet. (there are additional parts in this serious – really this is more education than exercises). The audio on this one is bad up until about 5 1/2 minutes in. I had to hook my speakers to my laptop to here it, but this is so helpful:

      1. Hi Shawn

        I still have to go though this and the videos in detail, but wow, thanks for such a helpful reply! What you say makes so much sense, yet another example of continuous self-improvement necessary if we are to make the best of ourselves… Will post some feedback later.


  3. Great episode! My posture always improves after hearing Kelly talk. That airplane trick is a lifesaver.

    Thanks for making such an intelligent conversation between two experts accessible to everyone.

  4. Shawn thank you for your time about the whole acai thing… I have lots too say and ask but I’ll make it short as possible… I would be super grateful if you could share with me your favorite shampoo and toothpaste you tend to use the most??? Also which jumpsport did u purchase?? Thank you for the awesome info you keep putting out thanks and godbless… Also if u haven’t tried perfect food bars u gotttta try them there amazing peanutbutter and carob chip one…


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