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TMHS 768: What’s Causing Our Epidemic of Sleep & Health Problems?

TMHS 45: How Stress Can Make Us Fat, Dumb & Unhappy (& 4 Tips to De-Stress Now!)

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re discussing one of the biggest underlying causes of poor health and unwanted weight gain. It’s a highly misunderstood phenomenon called STRESS.

Stress is defined as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. The definition of stress makes it sound even worse, but stress really doesn’t have to be all that bad.

You see, we actually need stress to grow, develop, and change. Mentally, physically, and spiritually stress helps us to reach more of our potential. The problem is when chronic stress creeps in, and individuals don’t have stress management strategies to deal with it. The result is over 90 percent of all physician visits today are for stress-related illnesses. And if stress goes unchecked, if can also lead to excess body fat, poor mental performance, and even chronic depression. But how does stress do all of this really?

In today’s episode your going to learn exactly how stress works inside your brain, organs, and body overall. You’re going to learn what the symptoms of stress are, simple tips for stress relief, plus a whole lot more to help you master stress for good.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The 4 ways that you can make yourself fat (2 of them are often overlooked).
  • Why some people who exercise frequently & eat a healthy diet still struggle to lose weight.
  • The gland in your body that’s responsible for hunger, fatigue, calorie allocation, and more.
  • How your perception of life influences your hormone output.
  • What endocrine gland is responsible for producing your “youth” hormones.
  • Why cholesterol is critical to hormone production.
  • Why cortisol and DHEA are two opposite, but important hormones.
  • What affects cortisol has on your body (this is crazy!)
  • The role DHEA play on sex hormone function.
  • The interesting link between ancient Ayurvedic medicine and today’s knowledge of endocrine glands.
  • What your “stress load” is and why it’s important.
  • How stress can depress your brain function.
  • Why stress triggers more emotional reactions and less self-control.
  • The 4 simple tips to de-stress to better results.
  • How your breathing habits influence your HPA-axis and endocrine function.
  • How to get your blood more alkaline than any green juice for FREE.
  • What you can do to instantly de-stress and center yourself.
  • Why habits and rituals are important in relaxation.
  • How to use “radical optimism” to de-stress.
  • What some of the most successful people in the world do to de-stress.

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