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TMHS 82: Stop Comparing Yourself, Gains True Happiness & Achieve Body Freedom with Madelyn Moon

One thing is for certain: you will fall in love in this lifetime.

You will be head over heels, you will sacrifice anything, and you will see a beauty that words can’t describe.

For many of us, we will fall in love many times…

But the question is, will you ever fall in love with the most important person of all?

Our society has been programmed to think that we are all incomplete. We need a love story with Tom Cruise and Rene Zellwegger to remind us how incomplete we are, and if we just find that special person it’ll be alright.

The truth is, you always have been, and always will be, the answer you’ve always needed. You are complete unto yourself. You have a level of perfection that no one else can achieve… because you are a totally unique phenomenon.

You deserve to be loved deeply by the most important person of all. –> YOU.

Can you do that? Can you honestly say that you love yourself as much as you truly deserve? If not, then this may be one of the most important moments in your life.

Today we have on Holistic Health Coach Madelyn Moon. She’s a friend and someone I truly admire for her courage to say enough is enough!

She has been a high performing fitness competitor and has seen how you can easily lose track of what matters most.

She’s dieted in a stricter fashion than most people will ever know, all in the name of health. But she found out at the end of the day that it was just a long, painful road to unhappiness.

She reassessed things, developed some powerful transformational insights, and now is a shining example of what health can be (in our own unique way).

If you live for the love of dieting, exercising, and competing, this in no way makes you wrong. Let’s celebrate what we all love, and make sure that we are giving healthy love and respect for ourselves no matter what path we choose.

Madelyn has some game-changing information for you today. Just check out what you’re about to learn below.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What our #1 human driving force really is.
  • Why we can get so healthy that we become unhealthy.
  • How fitness magazines and other media can motivate positive AND negative habits.
  • What the dark side of fitness modeling is.
  • How food fears can lead to disordered eating.
  • Why this fitness model forced herself to stop working out.
  • Why the pictures you see of fitness models don’t tell you the full story about their health.
  • Why striving for perfection gives us a false sense of control.
  • How Instagram is making a lot of people feel guilt, shame, and even depression.
  • Why social media is showing you a “highlight reel” of people’s lives (and not the truth.)
  • The big mistake that happens when you compare yourself to others.
  • How to make the distinction between healthy self-care and disordered health practices.
  • Why labeling things as “good” or “bad” can create an internal battle.
  • Why diets actually work against your psychology.
  • Small things you can do to appreciate your uniqueness and stop comparing yourself.
  • Why we are naturally driven to eat sweet and salty foods (and why it’s not a bad thing!)

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  • Mind Body Musings Podcast (Apple Podcasts / Web)
  • Four Weeks To Body Freedom <== Work with Madelyn!

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  2. Shawn & Jade – This podcast was awesome and really hit home! Thank you for sharing!

    I can soo relate to Madelyn on this topic. About 3 years ago I was working out consistently and challenging myself by doing adventure races. I wanted to take my fitness to “the next level” so I decided to do a Bikini Competition with my sister-in-law.

    I trained for 12 weeks to (try) to fit the image of fitness, health and beauty that was portrayed by that industry. After 12 weeks of training 6 days a week, for 2 hours a day, getting my body fat to an all-time low…I was VERY unhappy. Eating was un-enjoyable because I was in constant deprivation. I was constipated, with low libido, and became VERY critical of my body.

    I completed the competition and in the end I was proud of my persistence, but realized that this lifestyle was not fit for me and in my opinion, did not represent “true” health. The emphasis was on the “image” of beauty and not a holistic approach to health and wellness.

    I can happily say that I am now in a much better place with my health! I only wish I would’ve heard this podcast BEFORE training for the competition! Thanks Madelyn for sharing your story with the world and especially women who are constantly under pressure to look a certain way. You are an inspiration!

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  4. Thank You S &J, you’re my favoammmmazers! I tell EVERYONE about U 2 & THE model health show, people notice in 3 yrs I’ve lost nearly 75lbs w/ the greatest of ease, non judgement… it’s all about little shifts and it’s a lifestyle NOT A DIET!!! There is no magic pill. I hear women pass the bakery at our local organic farmers market where I’ve worked for 26 yrs… it saddens my heart to hear ” I’M GOING TO BE GOOD” OR “I’M NOT GOING TO BE GOOD.”
    YOU GOT IT GOING ON beyond beyond my friends. Oh I bought your “SLEEP SMARTER” book to give away. Great amazing info and tips and so much more! Thank you both so so so much. Blessings to you and yours throughout 2015 and beyond beyond! big hugs to you both XXXXX P


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