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I couldn’t do what I do without my family.

They inspire me each day to want to be a better man and a greater example for what’s possible. THIS is what The Model Health Show really stands for. It’s about creating a model, your own model, that inspires you to live your best life and also inspires the world around you. You are here to create your own unique model of health, happiness, and success. And I’m here to show you how.

A big part of The Model Health Show are the masterclass episodes that I do as a solo artist (I would probably be making music if I didn’t outgrow my Thriller jacket). It’s a unique part of the show that I put my heart and soul into to create the definitive guide on each subject matter for you. Whether it’s understanding the science behind different forms of exercise, strategies for weight loss and reversing insulin resistance, or natural treatments for depression, when you click play, you will feel empowered.

Besides the solo shows, I also strive to bring on the very best people on the planet in their respective fields for you.

Whether it’s hormone health, epigenetics, anti-aging science, or anything else, you’re going to hear from the world’s best here.

But model health is more than just nutrition and exercise.

We’re covering every-single-subject to help support you in having a happy, healthy life. You think that your relationships don’t influence your health and happiness? You bet your bottom dollar they do! So we have eye-opening, inspiring episodes with top experts to help you do things like create amazing relationships, master your financial health, and strengthen your mental and emotional fitness.

here’s my story.


I Wasn’t Always A Health & Fitness Expert…

In Fact, I Wasn’t Even Healthy

Little did I know that losing my health would cause me to lose everything else. When I was just 20 years old I was diagnosed with something called degenerative disc disease. It was a condition that was considered to be incurable, and it literally brought me to my knees.

My spine was deteriorating rapidly. So much so, that my physician at the time told me that I had the spine of an 80-year old man. I had a hard time walking, I was in chronic pain, and I was losing sight of hope in my life.

I was lost… and over two years went by with things getting progressively worse. My doctors told me to take it easy and get plenty of bedrest. They fitted me for a back brace, and continued to give me more drugs. But they never recommended any lifestyle changes; nothing that I can do myself to create the possibility of getting any better. The situation was “incurable”, end of story. So why try? And I proceeded to gain over 40 pounds during those two years. Things were looking as bleak as ever, but then…

something happened.

I Received A Wake-Up Call From Within

My health was failing, my relationships were failing, I was struggling in school, and I was broke and broken. But when things were darkest, I found a glimmer of light.

While sitting on my bed one night, about to down my prescription and over-the-counter drugs to help me sleep through my pain, my grandmother came rushing into my mind. She had been calling and checking on me throughout this 2-year process, but I would always act like things were alright. Though, clearly, they were not alright.

For whatever reason, I thought about her belief in me. I thought about how she made me feel that I was special and that I would do great things with my life.

I remembered her being there with my mother and stepfather at my high school graduation, celebrating that I had graduated in 3 years of high school (after getting kicked out for an entire year for doing something stupid).

My life was filled with tough moments like that, and I remembered that whatever obstacle stood in my way throughout my lifetime, I found a way to overcome it. But this wasn’t the case with the health of my spine. I just gave up, laid down, and stayed there. BUT NO MORE!

I decided to stop placing the responsibility of my health off onto my doctors. Though they meant well, they didn’t walk in my shoes. And they didn’t believe that I could get better anyway. So, I took full responsibility for my health, put a plan together, and got to work!

Something Bigger Than Myself

Over the course of the next several months, my mind and body absolutely transformed. I’d already lost about 20 pounds of fat that I had put on, but, more importantly, my pain went away! Eventually, months later, I was able to get some scans done of my spine. Not only did I regenerate a significant amount of my spinal tissue, but my two herniated discs had retracted on their own.

I continued to study everything I could get my hands on regarding human health, and even switched my course of study in college. I was on FIRE. And I wanted to help as many other people that I could with what I was learning.

I knew so many people were struggling like I was to find the answers to their problems. So, I made it my mission to reach and serve as many people as I could. I helped people in the gym as a personal trainer, then opened my private practice as a nutritionist and coach after I graduated. That eventually led me to teaching classes and speaking at live events (from tiny living rooms to huge audiences of thousands of people). From there I began writing books and creating podcasts through The Model Health Show. Outside of my family, it’s become the real love of my life to be of service this way. The show now reaches millions of listeners each year, and my passion continues to grow each day.

It is your moments of decision

That one decision that fateful night to take responsibility for my health changed everything. Our lives are filled with those moments… those opportunities to DECIDE. And I think that the difference between hoping for something and actually deciding to achieve it comes down to belief.

When my belief that I could ever get better was wavering, I was able to channel the belief that someone instilled in me (I love you grandma!), and that was the biggest domino for me. Remember: You just need one person to believe in you. Even if that’s just you! No matter what your story has been before this moment, you have the ability to begin writing a new one right NOW.

It is my mission to provide a model for you and to be here continuously to remind you of your greatness. Take action, trust the process, and decide to be the champion you are!

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