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TMHS 782: Microdosing Exercise, Staying Motivated, & The Best Way to Build Muscle – with Mark Bell

TMHS 23: The Best Exercises for Abs Plus 3 Keys to Making Ab Exercises More Effective

In this episode we’re diving into the world of 6-pack abs, flat bellies, and shrinking waistlines. No, this isn’t some hyped up, “How to get abs in a week!” gimmick. I’m sharing with you real, tried and true strategies on how to get flat abs, lose belly fat, and become a more impressive version of yourself.

It all starts with understanding what type of fat you’re dealing with (because all fat isn’t created equal). You’re going to learn about that today, plus the best exercises for abs, and even how to do cardio that targets belly fat. No fancy ab machines are required. As a matter of fact, if you’re using most of these ab machines then you’re probably crunching up the wrong tree.

So, get ready, listen in, and take full advantage of these tips for flat abs because they work. At the end of the show you’ll have your flat belly black belt and you’ll even be able to teach others how to do things right.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the 2 different types of belly fat are.
  • What having “fat organs” has to do with expanding your waistline.
  • Why belly fat is linked to heart disease and cancer.
  • How belly fat can produce it’s own hormones (that make you store MORE fat).
  • How excess fat increases inflammation.
  • The impact that stomach fat has on your stem cells.
  • What the 3 major parts of your abdominals are.
  • Why your “6-pack” is needed for you to breathe properly.
  • How your abs help keep your internal organs intact.
  • What oblique muscles are and why they’re important.
  • Why you already have a built-in corset that can keep your waistline small.
  • Why your major core muscle (the t.v.) works if you’re active doing almost ANY basic exercise.
  • The 3 powerful keys to make your ab exercises more effective.
  • What simple trick you can use to “turn on” your abdominal muscles.
  • Why breathing the right way makes a big difference in creating a flat belly.
  • The best time of day to train your abs.
  • Why you probably shouldn’t do sit ups again.
  • What the best exercises for your rectus abdominis are.
  • How to train your obliques for the best results.
  • How to do vacuuming exercises and why they’re important.
  • The only time you should NEVER do cardio.
  • The best time to do cardio if you want to target your abs.

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  1. Try taking up your cardio some. Or pull back a little more on the food. Each person is different and it sometimes takes a little experimentation to find the right combination for you. I can tell you this, almost anyone can lose fat by becoming more active and managing their diet.


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