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Eat Smarter Family Cookbook

The Eat Smarter Family Cookbook is filled with 100 delicious recipes + the latest science to support your family’s mental, physical, and social health all in one place. Grab your copy now and receive exclusive free bonuses!

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Eat Smarter


Eat Smarter will empower you and make you feel inspired about your food choices. Not just because of the impact, it has on your weight, but because the right foods will improve every single area of your life.

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For years I underestimated the importance of great sleep. But once I learned to really maximize this part of my life, my health and success skyrocketed. Learn how I did it, plus 21 clinically proven strategies to help optimize your sleep in my bestselling book!

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Onnit (Save 10%)

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Squatty Potty

Modern toilets put you in a bad position and cause your colon to “kink” like a hose. Squatty Potty solves this problem by helping mimic the natural squatting position you need for healthier waste elimination.


Surthrival is a great place to pick up specific superfood supplements like colostrum, digestive bitters, and their D3+K2 spray. They also have a bone broth coffee mix that is amazing.

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The Essential Guide To Maximizing Your Energy

Optimize your energy so you can live your best life. This course teaches you to eat, sleep, drink, and move for naturally high energy levels—so you can give 100% every day at home and work.

Good Morning, Good Evening Qigong

Want to revolutionize your health with better clarity and youthfulness? Try Qigong, the ancient energy-boosting practice of cultivating your inner life force (qi). Just 10 minutes a day can promote greater well-being.

The Fat Loss Code

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Do you have what it takes to become a professional health coach? Find out with this free quiz by the ITN, the institution that trains many of the world’s best coaches…including me!

The Podcast

Find Out Why The Model Health Show Is the #1 Health & Fitness Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Tune in for a fun and enlightening look at health & fitness, where you’ll learn how to burn fat, get healthy than ever, and optimize your life for greater success.

Eat Smarter Family Cookbook


The Eat Smarter Family Cookbook is filled with 100 delicious recipes + the latest science to support your family’s mental, physical, and social health all in one place.

A family that eats together, thrives together.

Order the cookbook and get an amazing bonus today!