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Laila Ali Spice Blends

Add a delicious punch of flavor to anything you cook – as well as sprinkling in some nutrition! Laila Ali Spice Blends are made with aromatic organic herbs and spices – no additives, GMOs, gluten or chemicals. You get an exclusive 15% off on your order right here:

Pique Teas

These phenomenal teas are far healthier than anything else on the market. They’re made from the most nutritious sources and 3rd party tested for purity. This is my all-time favorite source for teas that improve cognitive function, gut health, fat loss, and more. Plus, you’ll get 15% off your order here:


If you want to transition your family offff of all the sugar-laden sodas that are proven to damage our health, look no further than OLIPOP! Olipop delivers so many of the familiar soda flavors we grew up with, but with far superior ingredients. Many of their ingredients are actually found to support metabolic health and gut health (unlike conventional sodas that can quickly mess our health up). Give OLIPOP a try for your family, and definitely keep some on hand for BBQs and get-togethers!

Wild Pastures

Wild Pastures changed our lives. Not only is it more nutrient-dense and delicious than store bought meats, Wild Pastures is leading the way in sourcing from truly regenerative farms that support the rebuilding of healthy soil. The health of the soil deeply determines the health of our bodies. You can get grass-fed beef, pork, chicken and more delivered right to your door. Plus, $15 off your first box and free shipping for life, right here:


Seafood is one of the healthiest and most delicious sources of essential Omega 3 fatty acids, but the seafood you find in supermarkets has often been exposed to heavy metals, microplastics, GMOs or antibiotics. Seatopia humanely harvests fish from artisan regenerative aquaculture farms, so you can enjoy mercury-safe, sustainable and healthy seafood delivered to your door. Try it now and get $20 off your order:


Shopping, prepping, and cooking healthy meals can definitely be time-consuming. It’s a great investment in our families health (and saving time in the long-run) But sometimes we can use some help eating healthy when we’re busy. Methodology gives you the gift of healthy, delicious, fully-cooked meals delivered straight to your door. They’re available in lots of states in the U.S. now! See if Methodology can deliver their goodness to
you right here:

Thrive Market

When you want healthy groceries and personal care products from top-tier brands (but at a fraction of the cost!), look no further than Thrive Market. Thrive Market provides expert-curated, organic, and sustainably sourced foods, personal care products, and household items all in one place… Delivered directly to your door! Check out Thrive Market and get a special bonus right here:

Eat Smarter Cookbook

The Eat Smarter Family Cookbook is filled with 100 delicious recipes + the latest science to support your family’s mental, physical, and social health all in one place. Grab your copy now and receive exclusive free bonuses.

Eat Smarter Book

Eat Smarter will empower you and make you feel inspired about your food choices. Not just because of the impact, it has on your weight, but because the right foods will improve every single area of your life. Order my USA TODAY Bestselling book and get an amazing bonus today!



Keeping your family healthy isn’t just about the foods that go into their bodies, but the personal care products they use too. Wellnesse was started by a mom who was struggling with her
own health. After doing tons of research, she realized most of the products on store shelves were filled with toxic ingredients. As such, she went to work whipping up her own DIY recipes for the personal care products used by her and her family. Check out their toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant and more and get 10% off with the code MODEL:



These sheets are amazing. They are free from harmful chemicals, irritants, and allergens. They’re hypoallergenic. They’re antimicrobial, self deodorizing. They’re breathable, moisture-wicking, and support thermal regulation. What more do you need? When you slip into these sheets, words can’t explain. This is something you got to experience when you slip into these sheets, life’s going to be different. Get 15% off with my link.


Four Sigmatic

Organic coffffee enhanced with traditional, health-supporting medicinal mushrooms like lion’s mane and chaga. Four Sigmatic is the leading company delivering truly healthy coffee, elixirs, and hot cocoa drinks to give you enhanced mental focus, a boost of energy, and lasting positive mood. Get a special 10% off on your order here:


Organififi superfood blends have been a staple in my family’s nutrition for years. They’re far beyond typical “multivitamins” that use synthetic ingredients, chemical binders, fillers, and other things that are the opposite of healthy. Organifi uses concentrates of real superfoods, they’re easy to use, and great for the whole family. Plus, they have blends for every health goal, from improving brain health and memory, to boosting weight loss, to supporting better sleep. Get 20% off storewide right here


A study published in the Journal of Cardiology revealed that a concentrate of the high vitamin C superfood camu camu berries significantly lowered inflammation and oxidative stress in study participant while there were NO improvements with people taking ordinary vitamin C supplements. This is why I get the Essential C Complex from Paleovalley that contains real camu camu and other powerhouse vitamin C superfoods. Their other supplements, grass-fed meat sticks, and more are all staples in our home. Check them out here and receive an exclusive 15% off

Eat Smarter Book

Eat Smarter will empower you and make you feel inspired about your food choices. Not just because of the impact, it has on your weight, but because the right foods will improve every single area of your life. Order my USA TODAY Bestselling book and get an amazing bonus today!


Tracking your blood sugar is the secret to understanding your own unique metabolic health. With Levels, you’ll get a small wearable monitor that measures your blood glucose in real-time. Then, the app will study your diet and activity choices to provide personalized changes that will improve your health. Get two months for FREE along with your annual membership here:

Beekeepers Naturals

Building a healthy immune system and having safe, clean resources on hand to help our families with colds and flus are a MUST today. Conventional cough syrups are riddled with synthetic chemicals, toxic dyes, and other nefarious ingredients. The Beekeeper’s Naturals cough syrup is an absolute essential, plus their propolis immune spray and other incredible products help to keep us healthy and more energetic year-round. Save an exclusive 20% off storewide right here:


The problem with most electrolyte supplements is that they are loaded with sugar, artificial colors, and other ingredients that degrade our health. The incredible electrolytes from LMNT have come to the rescue providing the electrolytes we need (backed by hundreds of thousands of data points!) and the quality we deserve. Grab your LMNT right here now and get a FREE sample pack with your order:


If you’re looking at something to help support your exercise habits and improve cognitive function, check out Ketone-IQ. Get 30% off your first subscription order with my link


I love Onnit. These guys are pioneering some really cool health products, like Shroom Tech and Alpha Brain. They also have the baddest kettlebells anywhere. Get 10% off through my link.


Do you have what it takes to become a professional health coach? Find out with this free quiz by the ITN, the institution that trains many of the world’s best coaches…including me!


Ease Magnesium Spray

Magnesium deficiency is a huge problem in the U.S. right now. I recommend using this spray—your body absorbs it much better than most oral magnesium supplements. Get 15% off through my link

Sleep Smarter Book

For years I underestimated the importance of great sleep. But once I learned to really maximize this part of my life, my health and success skyrocketed. Learn how I did it, plus 21 clinically proven strategies to help optimize your sleep in my bestselling book!


Optimize your energy so you can live your best life. This course teaches you to eat, sleep, drink, and move for naturally high energy levels—so you can give 100% every day at home and work



Want to revolutionize your health with better clarity and youthfulness? Try Qigong, the ancient energy-boosting practice of cultivating your inner life force (qi). Just 10 minutes a day can promote greater well-being.


Fat Loss Code

Crack the code to permanent fat loss and learn the secret language of your metabolism to burn fat & keep it off—and live the life you’ve always wanted in the body you’ve only dreamed of.