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TMHS 83: Mastering Your Body & Spreading Positivity Through Movement with Travis Brewer

The word ninja was once used to designate someone highly trained in martial arts (masked, deadly, and absolutely nothing to do with mutant turtles).

Currently, if you look up the definition of ninja, you’ll see that it’s used in a slightly different way. A ninja in our world today is defined as a person who excels in a particular skill or activity.

You can be a ninja at cooking desserts, a ninja at dancing, a ninja at videos games, and the list goes on and on. It’s just about having the audacity to develop the skills necessary to be great. That’s why I’m here to tell you that you, yes YOU, have the capacity to be an %$#-kicking ninja!

What better way to become a ninja than actually learning from a ninja yourself? My guest today is someone who has excelled in numerous skills, and has been able to transform this mastery into many areas of his life as a result.

He was actually a semi-finalist on the television show American Ninja Warrior that highlights some of the most elite all-around athletes in the world. And this all happened after he was faced with a devastating injury and thought that his athletic career was over.

This episode is not only about becoming the best version of yourself, it’s also about overcoming adversity, and utilizing your body in ways that help to empower your mind and emotions.

The truth is, we are all capable of so much more than we are achieving right now, but what holds us back are the mental barriers we’ve put up for ourselves. It’s the lack of belief, lack of motivation, and lack of perseverance that usually tell the story of how much we can achieve.

But, no more!!!

Today we take the necessary steps to learn how to gain more mastery over our bodies so that we can translate that over into more mastery in the other areas of our lives. You see, when you are able to overcome physical obstacles you thought were difficult (if not impossible!) that immediately expands your threshold for what you can overcome in your relationships, finances, career, and more.

Gaining more physical health and strength are so important because your body is the vehicle that you move through this life in. If you achieve, create, or experience anything, it’s through the amazing body that you have. It’s truly a special and sacred relationship. Right now you’re about to learn from Travis Brewer, a true ninja warrior himself, on how to become stronger in your body, overcome any obstacle you’re faced with, plus a whole lot more.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • One of the most potent things you can do when others get sick around you.
  • What type of sugars have incredible healing properties.
  • How a tragedy or physical injury can close one door but open many more.
  • Why you must NEVER STOP TRAINING (so you are ready for when your moment comes).
  • Why learning how to be strong in your body will make you strong mentally and spiritually as well.
  • How keeping a positive mental attitude will help you in your progression.
  • How overcoming physical obstacles translates to overcoming obstacles in our lives.
  • Why children are more open and excited to try new things.
  • Why technique really matters (in sport and in life).
  • 5 essential exercises you can do to gain more control and ability with your body.
  • The best progression exercises to help you do impressive pull-ups!
  • What partner training is and how it can help you improve faster.
  • How to develop powerful pressing ability for push ups and handstands.
  • What the #1 core exercise is (and several variations for it!)
  • What interesting things you can do to improve your grip strength.
  • How to enable yourself to do single-leg squats (aka pistol squats).
  • What the 4 keys are for achieving anything (Travis’ 4 P’s!)

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Great positivity, creating our reality–believe! Have you done a basic show on working out. I once, many years ago got a great book to work out with stretch bands and (I love) balance balls. Well I didn’t know about rotating my workouts, days of rest etc… and hurt my shoulder caps which took a year to heal…. any previous shows I can listen to? Thanks soooo much, P

  2. Yo Shawn! just listened to the Travis Brewer episode and loved his mission statement of spreading positivity through movement. i have really experienced how empowering and liberating it can be to simply move in new ways, let alone pushing oneself in more rigorous, strengthening manners. Such kinetic exploration helps to dissolve the dualistic notion of mind and body, as one can truly see how moving in new ways enables thinking in new ways. I also wanted to share that one way to approach the plank (and potentially many other exercises) less laboriously and more excitedly is to do it with another friend or in a group, along with a powerfully epic song on surround sound. It hardly compares to planking by yourself in quiet. There is great support from each other and the music. I’ve even done skype planks with friends this way, and you can definitely get another 30 seconds or a minute out of your plank. Endless gratitude for putting out such significant information, and the Kelly Starret episode was the most cogent, actionable information i’ve come across to be able to indelibly convey to my parents the crucial need to increase their frequency and breadth of movement. Cheers!

    Jonny Popovich

  3. Excellent show (as always!). While being a ninja isn’t my goal (HA!), I really appreciated the progression info on pistol squats and pull ups, advancing planks, even grip strength (I’m putting one of those stress balls in my car today!). Planning my WOs for the next couple of weeks, these are some specific moves I can incorporate.

    A great mindset to start the new year: I’m a Powerful being with the Potential to accomplish anything when I live with a Positive Purpose and Persistence.


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