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TMHS 453: The Microbiome-Body Fat Connection

TMHS 73: Hydration & Water Masterclass – Best Water Filter, Best Bottled Water & Critical Water Facts

There's a Slovakian proverb that says, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”

Water is at the very basis of human health and longevity. Far more valuable than food, going without adequate hydration sets in motion a ticking time bomb of physical depression and symptoms of disease.

You may be shocked to find that water has been clinically documented to improve everything from diabetes, to high blood pressure, to arthritis pain, and everything in between. But how can water be this effective? It's just… well, water, isn't it?

Today you're going to learn the truth about the significant impact that water has on your health. You're going to learn about the various methods of treating water, where they succeed, and where they come up incontrovertibly short.

In this masterclass on water and hydration, you're going to find out how water actually gets into your cells in the first place, and how mismanaging this process can leave you more sick and thirsty than you can imagine.

Most importantly, this masterclass is meant for you to be able to share it with the people you care about. They have the right to know what's coming out of their faucet. But, the sad truth is, only a fraction of the population really knows.

Henry David Thoreau said, “I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man.” In today's world, the wise individuals are not just drinking water, but the right kind of water.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • How your body's hydration levels affect your energy.
  • What water actually is (this may shock you!)
  • What roles water plays in your body (from DNA maintenance to waste removal).
  • Why spinal discs are difficult to get hydrated.
  • How your brain controls the water balance in your body.
  • The shocking number of people who are chronically dehydrated.
  • Why thirsty people eat more.
  • How dehydration impacts your ability to burn fat.
  • How eating carbohydrates influences your water weight.
  • What aquaporins are and why they are critical to hydration.
  • What shocking pharmaceutical drugs are found in drinking water.
  • How prescription drugs are ending up in our water supply.
  • Why chlorine is used to treat public water (and its potential side effects).
  • What the hidden dangers of fluoride are (this is critical to know and share!)
  • Why many bottled waters are no better than tap water.
  • How plastic water bottles could be impacting your hormones.
  • The surprising facts about Brita water filters.
  • What the pros and cons of water distillation are.
  • What purified water really means.
  • How a water ionizer works to create alkaline water (this may be the biggest surprise of all!)
  • Why the pH of water can be changed by mineral content or electricity.
  • How a reverse osmosis system works.
  • What the benefits of well water are (and some issues to look out for).
  • Why the right spring water could be the ideal drinking water for you.
  • The top 4 sources for the best water possible.
  • Which three companies provide great spring water in a glass water bottle.
  • The 5 different ways to supercharge your water.

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