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TMHS 73: Hydration & Water Masterclass – Best Water Filter, Best Bottled Water & Critical Water Facts

There’s a Slovakian proverb that says, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”

Water is at the very basis of human health and longevity. Far more valuable than food, going without adequate hydration sets in motion a ticking time bomb of physical depression and symptoms of disease.

You may be shocked to find that water has been clinically documented to improve everything from diabetes, to high blood pressure, to arthritis pain, and everything in between. But how can water be this effective? It’s just… well, water, isn’t it?

Today you’re going to learn the truth about the significant impact that water has on your health. You’re going to learn about the various methods of treating water, where they succeed, and where they come up incontrovertibly short.

In this masterclass on water and hydration, you’re going to find out how water actually gets into your cells in the first place, and how mismanaging this process can leave you more sick and thirsty than you can imagine.

Most importantly, this masterclass is meant for you to be able to share it with the people you care about. They have the right to know what’s coming out of their faucet. But, the sad truth is, only a fraction of the population really knows.

Henry David Thoreau said, “I believe that water is the only drink for a wise man.” In today’s world, the wise individuals are not just drinking water, but the right kind of water.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How your body’s hydration levels affect your energy.
  • What water actually is (this may shock you!)
  • What roles water plays in your body (from DNA maintenance to waste removal).
  • Why spinal discs are difficult to get hydrated.
  • How your brain controls the water balance in your body.
  • The shocking number of people who are chronically dehydrated.
  • Why thirsty people eat more.
  • How dehydration impacts your ability to burn fat.
  • How eating carbohydrates influences your water weight.
  • What aquaporins are and why they are critical to hydration.
  • What shocking pharmaceutical drugs are found in drinking water.
  • How prescription drugs are ending up in our water supply.
  • Why chlorine is used to treat public water (and its potential side effects).
  • What the hidden dangers of fluoride are (this is critical to know and share!)
  • Why many bottled waters are no better than tap water.
  • How plastic water bottles could be impacting your hormones.
  • The surprising facts about Brita water filters.
  • What the pros and cons of water distillation are.
  • What purified water really means.
  • How a water ionizer works to create alkaline water (this may be the biggest surprise of all!)
  • Why the pH of water can be changed by mineral content or electricity.
  • How a reverse osmosis system works.
  • What the benefits of well water are (and some issues to look out for).
  • Why the right spring water could be the ideal drinking water for you.
  • The top 4 sources for the best water possible.
  • Which three companies provide great spring water in a glass water bottle.
  • The 5 different ways to supercharge your water.

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  1. Hey Shawn,

    I’m in the UK where the water is quite hard + I usually drink tap water.

    Wondering if you can recommend a travel/everyday water bottle that I can put tap water into and have any crap taken out while still keeping the minerals the body needs?

  2. Can you recommend some trace mineral drops please? There are more out there than I imagined and some include Fluoride.

  3. We have an RO system. How much Himalayan salt or lemon is suggested to add the re-up? Seems to be quite a varied opinion. Thanks.

    1. Just a little pinch to each glass. You can get some trace mineral drops and add 1-2 drops in your glass or 30z tumblr. That’s great too!!

  4. Is there a filter you can recommend besides Brita?
    Also you mentioned well water being the best. We have a point. Is that considered the same?

    1. Hey Cindy, spring water would be the best if you can find it! Mountain Valley is becoming more available in all locations now. So look for that if you can’t bottle your own at a spring near your home. Well water would be next best, but check the hardness of it as well water can be pretty high in mineral content. After that I’d recommend going with a reverse osmosis system!

      That’s what I’d try if you are using a Brita filter now and you don’t have the ability to get reliable access to spring or well water!

  5. I got this site from my friend who told me regarding this site and at the moment this time I am visiting this website and reading very
    informative posts at this place.

  6. Hi Shawn,

    First off I love your show and my level of awareness has grown thanks to all the info you bring. I recently started buying Mountain Valley Spring Water after listening to this show. Do you know how the Whole Foods 365 Spring Water stacks up against Mountain Valley by chance?

  7. Great stuff. Any chance you have a pdf transcript of this podcast?

  8. What is your thoughts on fluoride in public water as well as the dangers of tap water and some bottled waters?

  9. very informative and interesting post.Everyone says we should drink more water, but what we all need is more pure water that is contaminant free. If you take a moment to search google for “water contamination news”, you will see more than 7 million results! Toxins spilling into water supplies, long-term contamination, and large disasters are actually the norm. Get a TDS meter and test your local water supply. Our tap water in Lincoln, Nebraska, varies but generally reads at over 300 TDS (Total Dissolved Solids). The problem is that we don’t know what those 300ppm are…no one really does. So, armed with that information, we’d like to discuss the 7 ways pure water will improve your health.

    however, thanks a lot. Keep writing.

  10. Big Berkey are what we bought. Amazing filters and they last longer then any other system

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  13. Great episode!

    My water source is from a rain water catchment system. What would you recommend to “optimize” this source of water. Digging wells where I live is not an option as there is typically 6 inches of top soil before you hit bedrock.

    Thank you for your advice!

  14. This rocked! I consider myself knowledgeable about health and nutrition, but I always learn more listening to you!

    What are your thoughts on the Berkey water filters?


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  17. How about drinking distilled water with Himalayan salt so I drink 1 gallon to half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt

  18. Shawn – Your show has absolutely changed my life. I can’t even begin to describe the differences in my performance at work, at home – with my wife AND newborn. Just awesome content every single episode.
    You’re really making a difference – know that you are appreciated. Please keep it up.
    ALso – Question: Any info you can share regarding the positives/negatives of Sparkling Water? Thank you so much.

  19. Hi Shawn and Jade,

    I’ve been listening to your podcast about a year and a half now.

    When I started Hungry Gopher, my cooking channel, on YouTube, I stumbled onto your podcast while doing research for my video blog posts.

    Your content is so great that I was hooked right away. What I had not realized was how transformed my life would be because of your show. As I have been applying most of your tips, I truly feel happiest and healthiest as in any point my life. Something I didn’t foresee happening in my 40’s.

    As I have been growing as a person, so too have my video blog and YouTube channel been growing.

    Hungry Gopher now has about 6600 subscribers on YouTube =).

    I wanted to thank you both by giving a big shout out for The Model Health Show to my audience. Here is the video blog where I shared your awesome content with my audience;

    Thank you as always and keep rocking!

    Sun aka Hungry Gopher

    1. LOVED the video, Sun! I can’t even stress how awesome you are.

      So honored to be a part of your story. Keep doing amazing things and impacting lives!


      1. Hi Shawn,

        Wow.. Thank you so much for taking the time to write a comment on my blog post with your busy schedule.
        I’ll make sure to keep on trucking =)

        Your virtual student,

        Sun ^___^

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  21. Great podcast,very informative.I have 3 questions,if you could be so kind to help.1) I use Pur filters.Are they ok? 2) I tell my clients/students their urine should be very light yellow or clear.Do you agree? 3) I eat very clean and I.F. I keep my sodium real low(for aesthetic reasons).How do I know if it’s too low?Hey I’m a poet and didn’t know it.hehe.Thank you in advance for your response.By the way I was totally digging your podcast on summit with David Sean.You guys are cool cats.Keep up the good work

  22. Just listened to your podcast on water and it was an eye-opener. I recently moved to a house that has “well water”. No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve always filtered the water through a house filter or Brita (ack!), but now that I live in a home that has “well water”, I just want to make sure that’s what you mean when you say “well water” is one of the ideal water sources. Do I need to have the water in my home tested to make sure it’s “pure” or can I just assume that it’s an ideal alternative to Brita filtered or bottled water?

  23. Hi Shawn! Thanks so much for your podcast, I enjoy every single episode. But the Hydration Masterclass was special and a life changer for me. After listening to the show I had the chance to get my hand onto some fresh spring water (thanks to and that’s just another world of drinking water.

    Now I came across the zazen water filter ( and was wondering if you could give me your opinion on it. Their philosophy is “emulating Mother Nature” – basically filtering out all toxins incl. chlorine and fluoride, then re-mineralising it via mineral stones.

    I know you are a busy man but I’d really appreciate your feedback!

    Keep up the amazing work and best wishes from New Zealand!


    1. Hauke, wow, it’s truly my honor, and I’m so happy that you took action to find yourself a spring. That’s wonderful! Just from the language you used to described zazen I can tell you that it’s a good bet. You can’t truly emulate mother nature’s water cycle, but if they use practices that pattern itself after that (to reform and repurpose degraded water) I’m all for it 🙂
      Sending lots of love to New Zealand!

  24. shawn,

    Another excellent podcast on water here.

    In my experience RO actually is a very wasteful and non-effective way to purify water.

    Why do you think RO is better than a whole-house carbon filter? Something like a Lifesource water system is worth discussing

  25. what reusable water bottles are recommended? Like say I am at the gym, school, work traveling, etc. Is there a type of water bottle with a filter that would be great at OPTIMIZING the water you drink outside your home?

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  27. Hi Shawn, sorry if you’re getting bored of this but what a fantastic podcast you guys do. I have been so blown away by the things i have learned on your shows. Thank you so much.
    I just want to ask regarding drinking water out of plastic bottles. I am working offshore so all the water here is bottled. It is a scottish brand called Highland Spring which by all accounts is very good. I jumped on there website to see what there bottles where made out of and apparently they are made out of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). I’ve done some research on this and the FDA and other health organisations have said it is safe, even when exposed to moderate heat and sunlight. But i just wanted to know your opinion on this. I mean i am drinking heaps of water while onboard but am i doing more harm then good?
    I wish you and Jade all the continued success with your show and your cause.
    Sending you heaps of health and love from New Zealand

  28. Hi Shawn, I simply love your podcast. It is both informative and entertaining.

    According to you, the 4th best water to have is RO water. Do you have a recommended RO system? Also, you mentioned about adding Himalaya salt and lemon to the water. Can you suggest a salt to water/lemon juice to water ratio?


  29. Hi Shawn, that was such an informative podcast! Thank you so much!!!
    BTW Have you heard of structured water? I came across this company and they claim a lot of benefits of structured water:
    What`s your take on that?
    Thank you a lot!

  30. Shawn – This is an amazing podcast. It is one of the most comprehensive podcasts of any podcast I have ever listened to. Great job! I have been passing this podcast on to all my friends and family. Thank you!

    1. Christopher, wow, thank you! That’s exactly the mission I had when completing this show… to make it incredibly comprehensive and easy to share with friends and family to help everyone make positive changes. Thanks so very much for listening, and thanks even more for helping to get the word out!

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  32. which RO system do you suggest/use? There are so many out there.
    Loooooove the show.

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  34. Great info. I visited my first water treatment plant last year and was shocked when I realized that nothing was done to rid the water of chemicals and drugs. Hello!

    I do have a few questions:

    1) What about Spring Water in a can. Is that better than plastic but not as good as glass?

    2) What about “Sparkling” or “Carbonated” water?

    3) I noticed my Perrier in a can says “Sparkling Nature Mineral Water” not spring water. It says “Captured at the source” and then says “Low Mineral Content. So where the heck did it come from? It does say bottled (even though it is “canned”) at Vergeze, Italy.

    Love to hear your take on all this. Keep up the podcast.

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  36. Hi Shawn:

    Love the podcast. Two questions for you-
    1) what is you recommendation for amount if water intake per day?
    2) I am lucky to live in a town that is known for its spring water ( Saratoga Springs, NY). Is there any worry of pesticide contamination of these springs?

  37. Two things: I heard that fluoride was originally added to water as a way for manufacturers to “dump” their by-product waste inexpensively, under the auspices of fluoride is “good for teeth”. Municipalities have told/sold this horrendous lie for so long that no one even questions fluoride any more. It seems criminal! Second, I add trace mineral drops to a jug of RO water….about 8 big squirts of the drops to each gallon jug. They are called “ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops” (sounds like a name you or Jade would come up with!) and supposedly they are ionic sea minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Will this suffice in place of the crystals you mentioned?

  38. I am amazed and inspired! It has taken me months to find all of this information in so many different places. Figuring out how to share without discouraging and scaring people is where I got stuck. I appreciate you so much for sharing such a gift and delivering it in a way that people can digest and take action. This is the most powerful podcast ever in my opinion b/c WATER is THE most IMPORTANT KEY to our SURVIVAL! I am forever grateful!

    Oh and I agree, Daniel Vitalis is Awesome!

  39. Amazing podcast – lots of information there.

    Would you be kind enough to share your thoughts on getting your water via tea/coffee? I tend to drink way too much tea and coffee each day (yes… I know…) and was wondering what impact this would have on my water intake and hydration.

    1. I am curious about this too. Particularly, if you need to drink more than 8 cups if you drink coffee regularly.
      Also, wondering about the benefits of herbal teas and/or adding apple cider vinegar to your water intake.

  40. Loved this podcast! You have confirmed my worst suspicions about water! As soon as I finished listening I went straight to my pantry to pump up my water! My question is, how much msn should I be taking in a 24 hour period ? I am 178cm and 68kg, generally good health except for low zinc high copper and recovering adrenal fatigue. Also how much salt (I use Himalayan and Celtic only).
    Love yr show and spreading the word about you down under in sydney Australia
    Thanks, Amanda

    1. I usually recommend people start with 1 tsp of MSM and work their way up to 1 1/2 to even 2 tbsp a day. That’s quite a bit more than the recommended amount on nutrition labels, but MSM has about the same toxicity level as water. Meaning, you’d have to consume a crazy amount to have negative side effects. Also, some really interested things can happen as you ratchet up the amount you use, like stronger nails and hair, healthier skin, rapid healing of muscles, and even regeneration of tissues and ligaments. Thanks for the great question, Amanda!

  41. Mind is blown over all the water and hydration facts you shared today. I did not pay attention to who made Brita pitchers and I am shocked that it really does not filter what we think. Keep up the good work with the show. I have learned so much.


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