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Get Rid of A Headache In 30, Exercise Makes You Smarter

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re doing another popular Q and A session! I get some really interesting, helpful, and even some pretty weird questions everyday. But the only bad question is the one you don’t ask. Today I’m giving several solutions for getting rid of headaches naturally, and even an exercise to get rid of a headache in 2 minutes or less (check it out in the show notes below).

I’m also going to answer a question regarding how exercise influences your intelligence. I’m going from Elmer Fudd to Richard Branson on this question, so be prepared ;). In addition to a “surprise” question at the end, we’re also going to discuss the truth about Subway Restaurant. All I can say is that if you’re a sandwich artist the appraisal of your sandwiches is about to take a nose dive.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the 4 types of headaches are.
  • What major nutrient deficiencies cause headaches.
  • How dehydration causes headaches.
  • What electrolytes are and why they’re important.
  • Why (in acute situations) caffeine can get rid of headaches.
  • How caffeine withdrawal causes headaches.
  • A powerful visualization exercise that can help you get rid of your headache in 2 minutes or less (here’s a clip).
  • Why inversions are important for nourishing your brain.
  • What acupressure point you can massage to get rid of your headache naturally.
  • The molecule produced in your brain during exercise that makes you smarter.
  • An amazing study showing that, even in old age, exercise can rejuvenate your brain.
  • The #1 thing you can do to be more productive (thanks for the tip Richard Branson!)
  • Why Subway Restaurant fails on food quality.
  • The ingredient in Subway’s sandwiches that’s been banned in several countries (you MUST know about this!)
  • Why you can eat a perfect diet, exercise, and still not lose weight.

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