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TMHS 453: The Microbiome-Body Fat Connection

THMS 141: How To Create Healthy Habits For A Lifetime

The life that you have right now is a result of your habits.

It's not the things that you do every now and then, it's the things you do consistently that tell the real story of your life.

So, if your habits are so important, how do you actually create the habits that you want and move away from the habits that aren't serving you? That's what this powerful episode is all about.

Eng's Principle says, “The easier it is to do, the harder it is to change.” Therefore, we must strive to make the things we want to act on each day easy, automatic, and something that comes as natural as breathing. It's true that some people feel so compelled to exercise that they will fall into depression if they don't have it. It's become easy to them; second nature even. We can all program into our mental software the information that makes our hardware consistently take action in the direction we want. And it starts by learning how we build habits in the first place.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why we feel so weird when our schedule gets thrown off.
  • How patterns of behavior are connected with specific feelings.
  • The big difference is between healthy and unhealthy habits (and how to create healthy habits more easily).
  • Why unhealthy eating habits are so easy today.
  • What the root cause of unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking actually is.
  • Why getting regular exercise tends to be difficult for most people.
  • What the 4 stages of learning are (this is powerful!).
  • How important awareness is in initiating accelerated learning.
  • Why living a healthy lifestyle is not necessarily the answer to being fit.
  • The critical components needed to make an engaging lifestyle change.
  • Why our friends and family members can seem unsupportive when we make a lifestyle change.
  • What the glymphatic system is and why it's so important.
  • What my current daily routine is (morning rituals to evening rituals).
  • Why it's best to use a dual extraction for medicinal mushrooms.
  • The benefits of working out in the morning vs. the afternoon.
  • What EPOC is and how it effects your metabolism.

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