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TMHS 85: 15 Healthy Travel Tips – How to Stay Fit, Healthy & Energized While Traveling

Traveling can be a sticky health situation. Airports, restaurants, hotels, hopping around from place-to-place, and long periods of being cooped up in a car or airplane can all have different challenges associated with them.

Today, you’re about to be equipped with the ultimate travel guide to maintain your health, fitness, and energy while traveling. What’s the point of traveling and enjoying yourself if you come back tired, sick, depressed, or mad at yourself because you’ve put on a few pounds?

How about you come back with energy, recharged, and ready to take on your life with a renewed intensity!

The information and strategies you’re about to learn will become a part of your life for many years to come. You’ll actually be surprised at how easy it is to maintain your health (and make it even better!) with these healthy travel tips in your possession.

Use these wisely, have fun, and bring me back a souvenir. 🙂

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What small strategies to implement BEFORE you travel to ensure you’re eating healthy.
  • How to boost your immune system so that you don’t get sick while traveling.
  • What cells in your body act as a “surveillance system”.
  • How certain medicinal mushrooms act as “immunomodulators” (this is powerful!).
  • What happens to your food while you’re chewing it (and how it relates to Maury Povich).
  • Where you can find the #1 source of antioxidants of any known food.
  • Where to find the #1 source of vitamin C and WHEN you should use it.
  • What superfoods can help you combat radiation.
  • What unexpected item to pack in your suitcase to handle breakfast and keep your energy up.
  • Surprising items you can get from a hotel if you just ask.
  • How to ensure that you’re optimally hydrated when you’re traveling via airplane.
  • How to handle your meals on short flights versus long flights.
  • What hacks you can use to keep your body mobile and “organized” while flying.
  • A simple tip to help you avoid the symptoms of jet lag.
  • Why sleep deprivation can be the #1 cause of illness while traveling.

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  1. Another fannntastic episode, Shawn! Funny timing for me because I just posted a blog post about some of my travel tips, which lined up perfectly with yours 🙂

    I’m really REALLY interested in learning more about the very last thing you spoke about – how when you’re stressed out about food, it can make that food practically poison. How/where do you suggest I go to learn more about that? Do you have another podcast episode that discusses that more in depth? A book suggestion? May I email you privately to learn some more from you? This struck a huge chord with me and I’m on the edge of my seat now wanting to learn so much more about the science and logistics behind concept!

    Thanks so much, Shawn. You da best!



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