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801: 10 Fitness Secrets Every Busy Parent Needs to Know

TMHS 140: The Only 5 Exercises You Need To Create An Amazing Physique

Confucius said, “Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” This statement couldn’t ring anymore true when it comes to changing our body’s appearance. It can be one of the easiest things in the world if we simply take the complexity out of it. That’s what today’s show is all about.

Today we’re going to dive in and talk about the only 5 exercises you need to create an amazing physique. No fancy cardio machines with a lot of buttons, no complex programs, and no excuses. By mastering these 5 things you can create the most incredible physique possible. But the real benefit is in the details. You’ll learn some of the big do’s and don’ts, why they actually work (the science), and specific benchmarks you need to target to make sure you’re getting the most out of them. Take actions to focus more on these 5 exercises and the results will speak for themselves.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why omega 3’s are so important for our health (and the best source to find them!).
  • Why mastering bodyweight exercises is so valuable in our lives.
  • The only 5 exercises you need to create an amazing physique.
  • How performing a proper squat translates into so many other areas of life.
  • What 1 to 2 minute health practice you need to start incorporating on a daily basis.
  • How squats impact testosterone and others hormone levels.
  • Smart ways to improve the effectiveness of your squats.
  • What exercise incorporates more of your muscles than any other movement.
  • How reciprocal inhibition can be destroying your progress.
  • Which surprising exercise can targets your abs and benefit your hormones.
  • What progression exercises are and why they’re important.
  • What the little known benefits of push ups are.
  • How to breakthrough to your first pull ups and far beyond.
  • What the 3 functional patterns for your legs are.
  • What fitness benchmarks you need to hit with these 5 essential exercises.

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  1. Bad knees from too many marathons in my youth. Squats and lunges are out. Do you have any knee friendly alternatives? Currently, I do walking. 63yr old. Otherwise very fit.

    1. Hey Jerry! Walking is the best form of movement. Lower impact exercises for joints could be cycling, swimming, potential forms of yoga, and incorporating mobility stretches!

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  3. I haven’t listened to a podcast of yours yet that I haven’t loved! Came back to this one to see if there was an infographic of the 5 best moves so my hubs can take it on an extended business trip. Your podcast has ruined me for all others…literally I have stopped listening to most of them. You are my go to now and I regularly geek out on all the info. My reading list has tripled. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Thanks so much for this episode. Is there anywhere that you demonstrate these exercises I can better understand form. Thanks

  5. Hey Shawn. Catching up on old podcasts. U said play more like you were a kid. So picked up my kids from nursery and joined them on the walk along the wall they do. Got some funny looks haha!!

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  7. Hi Shawn, i first heard your awesome presentation about sleep on another podcast “On Air with Ella”. Right away subscribed to your podcast and has helped me lots on having a better quality of life. Im a dancer and the stress of being always on your top game can get frustrating ????Listening to all the info/facts about food, exercise, lifestyle, etc can clear my mind with my choices and knowing im doing my best at being my best. Love your knowledge about food, and you are what you eat. I certainly was not eating a wholefoods diet, and ended at the hospital many times. I have a question, can you pin point some exercises to have lean and stay lean (muscles) because many personal trainers at that i know only target exercises to grow muscles. How about to define and stay lean??? Im sure you will have the best answer possible. Always looking forward to your next podcast.

  8. Great show Shawn. This got me back to the gym after 5 years of no weight trainning. Thanks a lot, I’ve been doing the 5 + Planks and after just 5 days of returning I feel great and wanting to be at the gym. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Do you have any 3 day routine based on these excersises?

    Thanks again all the way from Guatemala City!

  9. Hi Shawn, great episode! Will you be putting together a video or PDF of these 5 exercises along with the recommended bench marks? It would be great to see images or video highlighting correct form. Just a thought. Thanks for everything!

  10. I love listening to your podcast while I’m cooking dinner, so this time I cooked dinner and worked on my squats, lunges, pushups and planks – I need to work on my pull ups badly but they make me cry – ugly cry.

    1. That’s was hilarious! You’re silly, Malita, and I love it! You’re also a rock star for taking action and doing those movements. Nothing but respect. 😉

  11. I absolutely love your podcast! You are very well prepared, know the research and on the cutting edge of the healthful information. I love it!

  12. I’m originally from NYC. Another one of the main reasons New Yorkers are so fit is that they walk a lot and use stairs on the subway system. Not driving everywhere. My family didn’t even own a car. Didn’t need one. Every time I visit (several times a year) I get a great workout.

  13. Hey Shawn…….. howzit going? Another MIA coming back to say ‘hi’. Just a question – what are your thoughts in respect to Krill Oil and sustainability. I have heard some discussion that harvesting Krill may not be sustainable in the long term. Your thoughts? Happy New Year by the way 🙂

  14. This is totally random but here I am in work, thinking about getting reacquainted with Shawn, so I go to the website and BOOM the photo you used above was shot by my company! It’s a sign!!!!

    1. Wait, reacquainted? Why did you let me out of your life?! lol. Wow, what a cool coincidence… which, as you know, is not just a coincidence at all. 😉

      1. Oh Shawn, you were never out of my life – you know how it is, life can be distracting sometimes!

        But hey, I’m back and it’s no coincidence for sure!


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