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TMHS 794: How Other People Impact Your Biochemistry and Health

TMHS 130: High Performance Nutrition And Living Lean – With Mike Dolce

Mike Dolce is a game-changer.

He has helped athletes go from good to great for years, but what he’s doing to the face of sports performance is legendary.

We all know that our society looks to athletes as a hallmark of what health and fitness should look like. The problem is that for decades top athletes have allowed their likeness to be slapped onto sports drinks, energy bars, breakfast cereals and other processed junk that is clinically proven to cause things like blood sugar disorders, gut dysbiosis, allergies, mineral deficiencies, and even obesity.

The athletes we admire as a society often train for hours a day, yet the foods they recommend are mostly consumed by people with a sedentary lifestyle and, even worse, young children.

Mike has ushered in a brand new approach to fitness and nutrition that’s based on earth-grown nutrients and real food. His athletes dominate their sport and also dominate the headlines (maybe you’ve heard of Rowdy Ronda Rousey?), which is making the rest of the world take note in a major way and making The Dolce Diet become a household name.

Mike’s approach and passion are helping us to move out of the junk food and supplement dark ages and into the golden age of real food and true longevity. Find out what Mike’s tried-and-true approach to nutrition and exercise is, and the incredible story of how this legendary trainer got his start in the first place.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What unique achievements Mike Dolce brings to MMA and why his mission is far bigger than the world of athletics.
  • The incredible story of what inspired Mike to get into health and fitness in the first place.
  • What Mike’s foundational approach to nutrition is.
  • What category of food is extremely difficult to overeat.
  • Whether or not counting calories is vital to your success.
  • How food manufacturer’s have been able to override our body’s natural satiety mechanism and make us eat more (this is crazy!)
  • Why The Dolce Diet puts such a large focus on longevity.
  • Why Mike cuts weight right alongside his athlete’s (this puts him in a league of his own!)
  • What the Mike Dolce Breakfast Bowl is and why it’s so popular.
  • Why being warm and friendly is a conscious part of Mike’s health practice.
  • What specific benchmarks everyone should strive to achieve in their exercise.
  • Why Mike does “progressive overload” and how it can work to improve your performance.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Hello Shawn heard you at sista Strut I’m a advocate of health solutions it’s always a pleasure seeing others grow in the field much needed. Take a look at my website would like to connect 314.740.3285 cell

  2. Amazing podcast as usuall!!! Question. I noticed that there arent any vegetables in the mike dolce breakfast bowl?? Also should we start eating all that sugar first thing in the morning? Keep up the live changin podcasts. Dont know what I would do without it. Thanks 🙂

    1. Mike, great question. And that’s exactly why it’s not called The Shawn Stevenson Breakfast Bowl lol. I’d probably lean more on the side of staying lower carb and more non-starchy veggies in the morning for most people, but Mike is brilliant and he’s providing people with a lot of nutrition in these bowls that they wouldn’t normally get. Plus, adding in the dietary fats that he has in the bowl helps to blunt the potential big glucose spike… the coconut, the hemp seeds, the almond butter, the chia seeds… I think the breakfast bowl is a great option, especially for athletes who could use a bit more carbs AND a lot more nutrition.

  3. This episode was amazing! I’m a huge Mike Dolce fan & I love his views on training + nutrition. Shawn you have completely transformed my outlook in regards to both fitness & nutrition. I find myself referencing you & using principals you advocate when I’m working & building plans for my clients. I just have one question I hope you can answer for me. I know that you advocate not having grains as a part of your diet which I totally agree with except I’m finding it difficult to end the relationship I currently have with my oatmeal! I’ve listened to almost all of your episodes and I never hear you speak on this food. I was hoping you could help shed some light on this for me that way I had more information on this because as it stands right now this is the only grain food I currently consume & it just so happens my diet includes 2+ cups a day. Thanks buddy keep it up you are influencing people more then you even know.

    Best Regards,
    Remington James

    1. First of all, Remington, man, you’ve got the coolest name ever. Secondly, as far as the oats, I have mentioned oatmeal a couple of times on the show, more in regards to spiking blood sugar in the early part of the day (as that’s the time most people eat it). This is another place to really listen to your body and intuition. You can easily find gluten free oats, though there may be other lectin-like compounds found in oats, oats may be a really nice fit in some people’s overall diet. Plus, if you’re healthy, and you’re doing a lot of stuff right, having a couple cups of oats in the mix shouldn’t be a problem.

      Hope that helps to answer your question. Thanks so much for being a part of the team and sharing your voice. Much more greatness is on the way!


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