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TMHS 037: 7 Fitness Fads That Don’t Work (Don’t Waste Your Money!)

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re covering some of the trendy, “hot” products in the fitness world today. Every week dozens of new, interesting fitness and health devices are hitting the market. Many of them claim that they can help you to lose weight and burn fat faster, but does the science really back them up?

We’ve got to have a more discerning and conscious mind when investing our time and money into these new fitness trends. Sure, science is going to uncover better and more efficient ways of getting a better body, but 9 times out of ten it’s still going to come back to the basics: eat real food, do intense exercise a few times a week, and sleep like you’re going to get paid for it.

Healthy diet plans and exercising for fat loss often take a backseat when the newest, hottest fitness trend hits the scene. Can a product that says using it can get you the benefit of 45 minutes of exercise in just 6 minutes be real? Well, we’re about to go deep into that subject matter to find out if any of these things truly stack up.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The psychology used to induce people to buy these trendy weight loss and fitness products.
  • Why the hot new “skinny body wraps” can’t possibly eliminate fat from your body.
  • Why making you hate yourself is a sly, dirty marketing tactic that actually works.
  • How to develop more emotional fitness and not fall for weight loss gimmicks.
  • What the Shake Weight is and why we need parental advisory to watch the infomercial.
  • The honest assessment of the Shake Weight’s ability to influence your hormones.
  • What the vibration plate is and what it’s really effective for.
  • The one common thing that changes people’s bodies when they use weight loss gadgets or supplements.
  • Why “sauna suits” can be dangerous.
  • How sauna suits stress your system the wrong way and decrease your performance.
  • Whether or not saunas are good for weight loss.
  • Why wearing a slimming belt over your waist while exercising can block your muscles from firing.
  • The nasty ingredient found in the “all natural” skinny body wrap cream.
  • How society has led people to believe that they are not good enough.
  • What the #1 exercise for a nice butt really is.
  • What beneficial physical therapy tool has been hyped up to be another fat loss miracle.

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