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THMS 147: 10 Ways Sleep Can Give You A Better Brain

What if you found out that a great night’s sleep could make the difference in closing an important business deal? In showing up as a better parent? Or in performing at a high level in your sport or on stage?

Today you’re going to learn exactly why great sleep is a linchpin for the optimal function of your brain in every way imaginable. We’re going to dive in and break down some of the most fascinating studies to understand how sleep affects your memory, decision making, creativity, and more.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What learning actually is (the simplicity may surprise you!).
  • The 10 ways sleep can give you a better brain.
  • How sleep deeply impacts your memory.
  • How your brain detoxifies itself at night (and why this is critical!)
  • The shocking effect that sleep has on your ability to focus.
  • How great sleep can help you learn faster.
  • Why your ability to make smart decisions is heavily influenced by your sleep quality.
  • How your “intuition” can actually be hacked by manipulation of your subconscious mind.
  • Why your emotional wellness is largely controlled by your sleep quality.
  • How your sleep impacts your hormone production (this is important!).
  • What muscle memory really is (and how sleep affects it).
  • The surprising ways that sleep impacts your creativity.
  • What role dreams play in processing your experiences (valuable info!).
  • How sleep deprivation influences your brain’s main energy source.

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  2. Shawn and Jade I love you!!!! I thought I knew a little something before, now thanks to you Shawn I have so many tools to help my clients on so many levels! I tell them all to download your podcast and START LISTENING NOW!! I am a 52 year old single Mom of four> My purpose is to help other ladies realize we need to take care of the number one person in our lives. Ourselves!! With your help I am able to provide them with such valuable tools that will help them on their journey to wellness. Thank you so much for your gift ! Changing lives and helping others be their best self feels oi very good <3

  3. Shawn and Jade, you make this so much fun to listen to. I find myself laughing aloud at some of your comments ; Barry Bonds having a big chocolate peanut head, peanut butter and lamb sandwich , cheesy puff fingers. Thank you for the great info and belly laughs. The SSbook is awesome. Thanks for having me on your team. See you at one of the book parties .

  4. Thank you for sharing this information, I used to sleep just a few hours at night cause I suffer from insomnia, I was all the time looking for something to help me out to sleep at night, I tried everything, I was already uset to it, but I got to the point that I couldn’t sleep for 34 hours and I wanted to die, I was so tired that I wanted to cry. When a friend of mine saw me in this situation gave me some meditation exercises (I didn’t think it would make big difference so i didn’t try it before) and it actually worked, I was surprised, now I have my bathroom completly transformed into a spa so I can relax when I go before bed and when I’m on bed I do my meditation exercises, it works! so thank you for sharing this information, it made me remember that some changes that im still doing in my life worth the good sleep


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