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TMHS 106: Use Smart Paleo Principles To Instantly Boost Your Productivity

Peter Block said, “Why do anything if it is not going to be great?” Each and every day, many of us wake up, going through the motions, and have unknowingly selected a life of mediocrity.

Getting to (and through) the things we want in our life is a product of knowing how to manage ourselves. It’s not about managing time. Time is just going to happen… You can’t do anything about time. You can’t “manage” it. But, what you can do is manage yourself, and by doing so you’ll get more done than you ever thought possible.

That’s what this episode is all about.

If you want a great life, you’re going to need to accomplish more than you are right now. It’s the nature of the world we live in. Getting things done, being productive, it’s the language of success in the environment we are a part of.

Though we are living in new times, it’s actually the past where you’ll find the greatest tools to utilize your mind, body, and energy to achieve more than you ever have.

Your paleolithic ancestors had a few things mastered that we have appeared to lose sight of. Your brain, even though it can operate a smart phone at the speed of light, is not much different (if at all) than your paleo relatives. Some of the most powerful things you’re about to learn are how to leverage the way your brain is actually wired up, how to put successful activities on automatic, and how to eliminate the distractions that trip so many of us up.

After listening, remember that you can get access to the video and slides from this episode, plus my productivity checklist right here. This episode was inspired by my recent presentation at Paleo f(x), so I hope you enjoy it and takeaway lots of value to create better days and a better life from this day forward.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why being highly productive is so difficult in our world today.
  • The #1 thing you need to do starting RIGHT NOW to radically increase your productivity.
  • Why specialization was once critical to the survival of humanity.
  • How myelin in your brain works to make you more or less efficient.
  • The shocking truth about multitasking.
  • How to utilize chunking to improve the way your brain works to get more done.
  • How to get more done in your day by working LESS.
  • What practice great athletes to great surgeons use to improve their results.
  • How repetition actually works to strengthen your brain.
  • Why rest and recreation is so important to productivity.
  • What major differences in stress our ancestors had from what we experience today (this is powerful!)
  • What one of the core causes of anxiety is.
  • What your overall stress load consists of.
  • How to decrease your stress hormones by 20 percent in less than two minutes.
  • How to make your work look and feel more like play.
  • Why sleep is such a huge determinant of your productivity.
  • Why you might want to reconsider breakfast if you want to perform at a higher level.
  • 4 tips to help you get the most out of intermittent fasting.

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  1. Hi Shawn! As usuall a great show. How would you recomend eating if you wourkout in the morning and want to try intermitted fasting or just feel awesome? 😉 Is fasting between 4pm-8pm a good choice or does this not work in line with hormones and sleeping cycles etc. (Because as I’ve understood it’s the best to feast at night, so I wonder if eating your last meal at 4pm is a bit early perhaps?)

  2. Shawn- what was the name of the tea you drink at the end of your podcast on working smarter, and what is the specific reason why you drink that one? I would like to try it w the english toffee stevia and some coconut oil. Thank you!- Natalia

    1. Hi Natalia, the teas that I typically have are Yerba Mate, Pau D’arco, Pu Erh, or Rooibos. 🙂

  3. Also… I love the note in the beginning about the two needs to grow and contribute. Its a reminder that for everything I receive that my growth from that is lacking until I have the capacity to share

  4. Hiiii
    Thank you guys for this episode! It offers a lot of direction to questions I’ve had about my diet and daily practices over the last few years…
    In my early 20s I worked over nights in a warehouse… I’d wake up in the morning, and before eating or doing anything else, I’d run my dogs outside and follow up with something to get me outside and recover from my night (like gardening or hiking.) On days that my schedule permitted, I’d get in some training before going in to an often high stress (mentally and physically, lwork environment. I can’t say it wasn’t fun at times, there were walkie talkies and ladders to climb (sometimes I’d pretend I was in an ancient cliff dwelling civilization) and production numbers to give my mind and body a sort of play ground… even though at times I felt absolutely drained, I usually felt te strongest and sharpest that I had ever been. and usually, I’d get my main meal in at night. Since I’ve navigated away from the job and routine I’ve been looking for ways to find the right balance, with sleep.. Activity… Motivation… Even the way I interact with people and the routines of those who surround me. I had received a lot of criticism from family and health professionals about working nights and the toll of eating and sleeping rhythms, especially when it came to the topic of irregularity with my fem cycle. Yes in some ways they are right… But sometimes there are things that come naturally and feel right and the topics discussed in this episode helped me pin a few specifics that were beneficial and I think can help me restore and thrive. Also… I had never heard of English toffee stevia so… Looking forward to trying some of that sweetness. Any way… That was maybe long winded, but thanks again!


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