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TMHS 096: Fasting, Feasting, And The Wild Diet With Abel James

All diets are not created equal. Every day, billions of people all over the world are partaking in one form of diet or another. Many out of conscious effort. Many out of necessity.

No matter what your particular diet beliefs are, there are some specific tenets that are now well known to contribute to the health and function of the human body. If food and diet were as simple as getting certain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and other nutrients, then someone would have come up with an effective pill for that a long time ago. But that’s not the real story of diet and food.

Food is something far beyond the nutrients (or lack thereof) that you are getting from it. Real food, itself, is a source of infinite intelligence that knows how to interact with the human body in a way that no pill never can. Even deeper, food is about family, food is about emotion, food is about relationships, foods is about social acceptance. If you want to know the real value of diet and food, then Abel James is the man to talk to.

On today’s episode we are going to dive into the misconceptions surrounding diets, and hone in on what is truly important. We are going to uncover what The Wild Diet really is, and why it’s important to have at least a portion of your own daily diet be on the wild side.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What immunomodulators are (and why you need them).
  • How healthy, thin people are able to feast and not get fat (keyword is healthy!)
  • A quick, easy win almost anyone can achieve at breakfast time.
  • How fasting impacts your metabolism (this might shock you!)
  • Why health and nutrition is actually a lot easier than people think.
  • What sneaky marketing tactics food companies use to promote foods as “healthy” (I guarantee you’ve been a victim of this.)
  • How to create your dinner plate using The Wild Diet principles.
  • Why plant foods are so very important in your diet.
  • Simple tips to ensure you’re eating healthier food more often.
  • How food impacts us on a deeper level (emotionally, mentally, spiritually – with science to back it up!)

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  2. If you do IF, would taking a fiber supplement (with flaxseed, chia and psyllium husks) and a greens supplement (with many types of greens including wheat grass) lessen the affects of the fasting cycle with my morning glass of green tea lemon and honey? Or should you suppress taking anything of that sort during fasting times?

  3. Shawn, Love your show… seriously. Two questions: 1. Where can we find “pasture raised” sausage? I’ve had mixed results with grass fed beef. I made a roast that was awful (and I’m usually a very good cook) and steaks that were not great, but burgers and tacos have been pretty good. I’d like to try a grass fed/pasture raised sausage. 2. I’m not an iTunes person. How can I leave you a 5 star review otherwise?

    1. Matt, thank you so much. I truly appreciate that. As for the sausage, I simply get them from Whole Foods Market or a farmer’s market. I’ve only heard great things about people switching over to grass fed, natural meats for things like roast and steaks. I’m here at Paleo f(x) this weekend and had some wonderful flank steak at the speaker dinner last night. Not sure how that happened for you, but the only thing I’d say is to follow some really good recipes from sites like or

      1. I am also interested in the answer to this question. What are the limits to “fasting”. I’ve heard bone broth is okay as well as bulletproof coffee but can we still take supplements and fiber?

  4. Loved this conversation between the 3 of you, so many great take aways. Totally relate to the “Food is Love” comment. My granny passed away many years ago now, but the memory of her food lives on, totally related to that!

    I was walking the dogs this morning while listening to the show, when I got home, I picked a cart full of tomatoes (my wife cooks with them in our restaurant), at the end of the podcast Abel was talking about getting closer to the source of our food…at that point I was rummaging through all the tomatoes I just picked looking for the reddest, juiciest ones to fry with my bacon, farm eggs, and the spinach I just picked, I had to chuckle at that moment :).

    This was my introduction to Abel so thanks for connecting me to a very cool dude, really appreciate the work that you and Jade do, you’re awesome.

  5. I have yet to listen to this show but you mentioning loving cereal is something I can totally relate to. Also leads me to a question. I make a homemade “cereal” made from shaved almonds, walnut and pecan pieces, dried banana chips (very small amount overall), and unsweetened coconut. I add Almond milk with a little Hemp Force for a delicious bowl of “cereal”. Would you considered this a healthy alternative to commercial cereals? I’m at the point where I can do without cereal altogether but really enjoy this recipe feeling like cereal is back for me! Thanks in adance for your feedback.

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    I may have used it before and that is the reason I am being told it is invalid.


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