TMHS 080: Protect Your Sex Hormones! 10 Ways To Boost Testosterone Naturally (Essentials For Men’s AND Women’s Health)

Experts call it “estrogen pollution”. We are living in an era where we are bombarded with estrogenic compounds, and the health effects are extremely disturbing.

This is a problem for all of us. Both men and women have estrogen receptors. These receptors are present throughout our entire bodies, from our brains to our reproductive organs. If your body is in balance, then you are producing the correct amount of estrogen endogenously (within yourself) and it’s fitting nice and snug into those receptor sites and life is good.

The problem is, our exposure to xenoestrogens (foreign estrogens from outside of yourself) are at an all-time high today. These xenoestrogens can fit right into the receptor sites for estrogen in your body and “turn on” programs that more estrogen will encourage.

For men this could mean lowered sex drive, accumulation of fat on the butt and hips, gynecomastia (man-boobs), shrinking of the reproductive organs, and many other red alerts.

For women this could lead to estrogen dominance which encourages cancers of the breasts, ovaries, and other reproductive organs, fibroid tumors, depression, decreased sex drive, and very difficult to get-rid-of body fat.

How is all of this possible with just one hormone being off? Well, it’s because your hormones control EVERYTHING about your physiology and how every cell in your body communicates with each other. It’s a pretty important role, and if just one set of hormones is off, then every other hormone will be out-of-sync accordingly.

In steps testosterone.

Testosterone is commonly known as the “male hormone”, but that description is far too general. Every human being on the planet is dependent upon the proper function of testosterone. Yes, women have a lower percentage of testosterone than men, but it’s critical for many of the essential processes in a woman’s life. You’re going to learn about all of them today.

To help yourself be the strongest, fittest, healthiest, happiest person you can possibly be, then you’ve got to understand the role of testosterone and how to avoid exposure to the xenoestrogens we’re subjected to in our world today.

Today you’re going to learn how to boost testosterone naturally, protect yourself from dysfunctions with your sex hormones, and a whole lot more.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why there’s a “testosterone crisis” today.
  • Where testosterone is produced in the body (male vs. female).
  • How testosterone impacts a developing fetus (this is incredible!)
  • What testosterone is responsible for in your body.
  • How your sex hormones impact your personality.
  • How testosterone actually gets created in your body.
  • What Leydig Cells are and why they’re important.
  • The dangerous (and scary) side effects of having low testosterone.
  • Common things that can lower your testosterone levels.
  • How a vasectomy can impact testosterone levels.
  • The shocking relationship between cholesterol and your sex hormones.
  • How aromatization can steal your precious testosterone.
  • 5 supplements that can block aromatization.
  • Why dietary fat is critical to testosterone production (and your overall health).
  • How bottled water could be increasing your estrogen levels.
  • What foods and food additives can disrupt your sex hormones.
  • 8 natural testosterone boosting supplements (this is a must know info!)
  • How selenium can improve hormone function and protect against cancer.
  • 10 ways to naturally boost your testosterone!
  • What form of exercise is proven to boost your testosterone level.
  • Whether or not sex will raise or lower your testosterone (in men and women).
  • How to boost your testosterone by 20% in just two minutes (do this now!)
  • The amazing way that sleep impacts your testosterone.
  • How to assist your body in eliminating excess estrogen (and block reabsorption).

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Shawn Stevenson: Welcome to The Model Health Show, this is fitness and nutrition expert, Shawn Stevenson, here with my cohost and producer, the amazing Jade Harrell. What’s up Jade?

Jade:   What’s up Shawn?

Shawn:  How are you doing today?

Jade:   Man, what an intro you just made. I am fantastonishing!

Shawn:  Fantastonishing? Break that down for me, what is that?

Jade:   Fantastically astonishing or astonishingly fantastic.

Shawn: Either way, I like it. It’s like the reversible cap. You get two different styles in one cap. Awesome, awesome. Well, glad to hear that. And everybody, thank you so much for tuning in. We’ve got an amazing show for you today. Today we’re going to be talking about how to boost your sex hormones.

Jade:   Well, we’ll take that.

Shawn:  In particular, we’re going to be talking about how to boost testosterone naturally. Testosterone is important for men and women.

Jade:   I was just going to say, is this for the guys today?

Shawn:  Yeah, it’s a far deeper thing than just about sex. It’s really about a lot of other important and fundamental things for us to be healthy and fit long term. Testosterone is a big player in that so we’re going to talk all about that. I’m also going to be wrapping the show up by sharing with you ten ways to boost your testosterone naturally.

Jade:   Okay.

Shawn:  And many of these things are the price of free. You know, my favorite price. So, stay tuned for that but first let’s give a shout out to our show sponsor, Head over to for 10% all your health and human performance supplements. If you don’t know by now you’ve got to get the Hemp FORCE. Hemp protein is the most bioavailable protein for the human body. If you’re going to be somebody who’s operating at a high level, working out, getting your train on, getting your body together, you need some high-quality protein and hemp is the way to go. You are not going to be dealing with all the nefarious, kind of sketchy stuff as you move up the food chain.

You’re dealing with, what did that cow eat that I’m drinking. Of course, if you get whey protein it’s going to be from 5,000 cows.

Jade:   And I’m just saying, they are not keeping food diaries, okay.

Shawn:  Exactly. So all of those immunological factors can potentially cause an autoimmune response in your body. I’m not saying that for all whey proteins but the standard stuff out there is not the best so we’re going to cut away that whole pathway and get onto something of a higher quality, that good plant-based protein so you’re not going to be worrying about toxins working their way up the food chain. It will be lower toxicity. Also, it’s organic too so you’re not dealing with pesticides, fungicides. It’s estrogenic compounds, by the way, since we’re talking about building testosterone.

These things, when you’re dealing with pesticides can actually hurt your test. So we’re going to call testosterone, we’re going to shorten it today and call it test.

Jade:   Test, we’re going to call it test.

Shawn:  So definitely get your hands on some Hemp FORCE protein. We love the vanilla acai and the choco maca. Both flavors are incredible.

Jade:   Yes they are.

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Jade:   I love it.

Shawn:  Also, with the news clinical studies today showing its impact on oxygenating your blood, boosting stamina, improving your insulin sensitivity which means less belly fat, it’s really powerful stuff. We’re talking about cordyceps mushroom and that’s the basis of the SHROOM Tech formula so those are two incredible things. They’ve got a lot more so head over there and check them out, for 10% off.

Now let’s get into the iTunes review of the week.

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          “I heard an interview of Shawn on the Smart Passive Income podcast. I was so glad I started listening. I bought his Sleep Smarter book twice, one for me and the other for my daughter. I’ve been enjoying his podcast from the first one. There is so much good information that I can’t stop listening.”

Shawn:  Wow, that is incredible.

Jade:   That worked.

Shawn:  That’s incredible. Spreading the love.

Jade:   Yes.

Shawn:  The LUV. I love it. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for leaving that review and everybody thanks for heading over to iTunes and leaving reviews for the show. That means so much. It makes my day every single time I open those up and check them so thank you so much.

So now let’s go ahead and dive into the topic of the day. Today we’re going to be talking about boosting your hormones, your sex hormones naturally. And, in particular, we’re really going to be focusing on testosterone. It’s a testosterone epidemic out there. There’s a crisis happening with people having low testosterone levels. Kids, college age students…

Jade:   No.

Shawn:  With testosterone levels that are in the basement. You know, it’s crazy. And it’s because today we’re exposed to a lot of estrogenic compounds and estrogenic practices that we all need to be aware of. And Dr. Sara Gottfried, who we had on the show recently, she said in her practice that she finds that you can balance most hormone issues 95% of the time without needing pharmaceuticals. And this is the basis of this show. We’re going to be talking about some of the underlying issues and some of the things we can do naturally to fortify these sex hormones.

By the way, definitely check out that episode to get more of an all encompassing understanding of what’s going on with your hormones because there are a lot of other hormones at play here. You know, the cortisol, the thyroid hormone, all of those are important. But today, again, we’re just going to focus in on the sex hormone, testosterone. We will give people a lot of strategies to boost their test and we’re going to take it from there.

So the first thing we want to talk about, you know how we do it here, we’re going to talk about what is testosterone in the first place.

Jade:   We’ve got to define it. And if it’s such a widespread problem, this is…we need to know.

Shawn:  So testosterone is essentially a steroid hormone. It’s part of an androgen group. The androgen groups are essentially known as the male hormones. This is what makes men more masculine and also helps to facilitate a lot of other functions in females as well.

Testosterone is secreted primarily by the testicles of males and the ovaries of females. But a small amount is secreted from the adrenal glands as well. Okay, so now that we’ve gotten a little bit of a definition let’s talk about what testosterone does.

So, testosterone really, the most important, fundamental thing is that before birth it determines whether or not a baby will develop into a boy or a girl.

Jade:   How about that.

Shawn:  Now a lot of people don’t realize this but we all start off as girls. We all start off in the womb…

Jade:   Who runs the world, girls, who runs the world, girls.

Shawn:  Cue Beyoncé. We all start off in the womb with the female template.

Jade:   How about that.

Shawn:  So basically, after the egg gets fertilized, the sperm and egg meet, there are different phases, the zygote, fetus, and this whole thing. But there comes a point where there’s a big shed of testosterone from the mother to the fetus that results in the dropping down of the testicles. Basically, for women, the ovaries kind of stay up there. For guys, they drop down and become the testicles.

Jade:   That is so amazing.

Shawn: Isn’t that crazy?

Jade: It is crazy. So they’re the same thing, just an innie and an outie.

Shawn:  Exactly! And one of them is more dangerous. Out in the world you’ve got to protect them. It’s a whole different ballgame.

Jade:   Which goes back to that valuable womb.

Shawn:  And also, this is the sprouting or the birth of the penis as well due to that. And, of course, the different chromosome is determined by the father but the testosterone level in the mother is also important in how big these things get or how much testosterone the baby is going to have.

So it all kind of sets your template early in life as to what your genetic disposition is going to be. However, with that said, genes only play a certain percentage of the role in your testosterone because you have a lot of influence in your testosterone levels in what you do in your day to day life.

Just to make that kind of short and sweet and to end it right there because we could talk about that the entire show, is that testosterone is literally what makes you a male when you’re developing.

Jade:   Sure, but then it continues to be an influence throughout your lifetime, that we have some more control over.

Shawn:  Exactly. And in adult males, their level of testosterone is about seven to eight times greater than adult females.

Jade:   Really?

Shawn:  Now there are different degrees of that depending on where they are in the day, depending on a lot of different factors, because it can be as great as 20 times as much. But still, I want to make the point that women have testosterone too and it’s very, very important for your health and longevity.

So testosterone is also important regulating the sex drive in men and women. It’s important for starting and maintaining the development of male sex characteristics including emotional and physical strength, the body shape, hairiness, deepness of the voice, and even the way you smell, your odor. Odor.

It also governs sperm production and quality. It governs your ability to perform during sexual intercourse. Testosterone also plays a role in developing your creativity, intellect, and by the way, this is all backed by clinical studies. So it has a role in developing your creativity, your intellect, your thought patterns, your drive, your assertiveness. We all know this, men and women, as well as the ability to propose new ideas and to carry them out to their conclusion. So that’s that quality of drive. Are you a driver? Testosterone does play a role in that because you can only talk yourself up so much. But are you following through? Your testosterone levels could be an influencing player in that.

Jade:   That’s very interesting. High five to testosterone for all that.

Shawn:  Right. Also, testosterone plays a role in bone maturation and bone density. Also, your muscle mass. This is captain obvious here. A lot of people know that one. Protein synthesis. So your body actually building things, breaking down proteins and making it into other stuff. That is so critical. You are a protein being. Testosterone plays a role in this.

It is also a regulator of cognitive and physical energy. So, like your brain health. We’re also going to talk about some of the negative things if you don’t have optimal testosterone levels. Testosterone is also responsible for acute stress response. So, how are you under stress. How are you reacting? Are you going to be more driven to get things done, to accomplish that goal even when stress shows up, or are you going to retreat? Your testosterone does have a huge impact on that.

So now that you know a little bit about what testosterone does in your body and in your friends’ body, your partner, mother, father, brother, everybody that you know, it’s impacting them. Now that you understand a little bit about what it does I’m going to share with you the process of how it’s actually created. Now you’ve got to get your science pants on. Get your pocket protector. No, we’re not going to make it too complicated. But I am going to take you through the biochemical process here.

The first thing is that it’s rooted in your hypothalamus which is the master gland in your brain.

Jade:   That’s right.

Shawn:  So your brain is controlling this whole show, always, that’s what it really boils down to. So the hypothalamus releases a substance the pituitary gland, which used to be known as the master gland, has a lot of important factors in producing your anabolic hormones, controlling a lot of stuff in your body. But the hypothalamus releases a substance to the pituitary gland called gonadotropin-releasing hormone. This causes the pituitary to produce to other hormones; follicle stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. Collectively, these are known as the gonadotropins, gonad.

Jade:   Gonads, um hm.

Shawn:  Got it. So the luteinizing hormone is released into the blood stream and this is where it travels to the ovaries or, we’re going to focus on the male testes here. It travels to the male testes and triggers the production of testosterone from the cholesterol in your body.

Jade:   Really? That’s back to the cholesterol show.

Shawn:  Yes, very, very early on. I think it was our first official episode we talked about that and how important cholesterol is for your health vitality.  So, we’re not going to focus on that part right now. But the follicle stimulating hormone is doing a similar process as the luteinizing hormone in interacting with the testes.

Now when the luteinizing hormones actually reach the testes it’s influencing the activity of cells called leydig cells.  This is where the cholesterol is gradually changed and transformed into testosterone. It happens with these leydig cells.

You’re going to hear this again, the leydig cells are very, very important in this whole situation.

Once the testosterone is produced and released into the blood stream it is mostly bound to a special carrier compound that’s called sex hormone-bonding globulin.

Jade:   Well that’s very self explanatory.

Shawn:  We’ll just call it SHBG.

Jade:   Okay. I think it’s sexy BG.

Shawn:  Now SHBG is produced by the liver.

Jade:   Not at all! By the liver?

Shawn: You know we recently did a show dedicated to the roles the liver plays on your hormone health, on your ability to lose fat, on your ability to avoid diseases. We’ll put that in the show notes as well. But again, this kind of goes  back and you see that common thing that nothing operates in a vacuum.

Jade:   Exactly.

Shawn:  Every single organ and cell in your body matters. They are all communicating with each other.

Jade:   There are no silos.

Shawn:  SHBG, the sex hormone-binding globulin produced by the liver plays an important role in the amount of free testosterone that’s circulating in your body. There’s a difference between your testosterone numbers you might get from a panel and your actual free testosterone that your body can use to do all the cool stuff you want it to. So the more sex hormone-binding globulin there is the less unbound, active testosterone is able to move in the blood stream and into the cells where it’s needed.

There is kind of an inverse relationship here. So, as sex hormone-binding globulin levels go up and fall so do the testosterone levels. But they are reversed. So they are inversely related.

With that said, the liver health is critical here. Because if your liver is out of sorts so is this process. So it’s very, very important. Again, head back and check out that show because we did an entire show dedicated to having your liver functioning at its optimal level just like a super hero liver, like your liver will literally sprout a cape, so check that out.

Jade:  No capes.

Shawn:  Now, with such a complex chain of events that we just kind of covered there, it’s kind of complex but I try to make it as simple as possible. But the bottom line is a lot of stuff can go wrong because it’s such a complex chain of events. So this is why we want to focus on things that can avoid messing this process up and shift our attention to things that can definitely support the processing going the right way.

Jade:   That’s right, the support system.

Shawn:  Now here’s what low testosterone can mean for your. According to clinical studies, men whose testosterone levels are slightly above average are less likely to have high blood pressure, less likely to experience a heart attack, and less likely to be obese.

Jade:   Give that man some testosterone then.

Shawn:  Low testosterone means increased heart disease, increased osteoporosis, diabetes, brain aging. This is seen in the research, accelerated brain aging form low testosterone, and shorter life span. Now, infertility and poor reproductive health also mean more belly fat and total body fat compared to your lean muscle mass, less muscle growth from the strength training you’re doing. So, if you’re out there busting it and working out and training and not really getting the results it might be something to consider that your testosterone might be low.

Also, obviously, poorer athletic performance. So, your athletic performance will suffer because you don’t have that drive, you don’t have that extra gear. You also have slower recovery from your intense training. And, the headline here is that you’ll have a greater risk of cancer when testosterone levels are low.

So, let’s talk about some of the things that can lower the testosterone. First, we’ll start with some of the obvious stuff. The testes can be damaged, especially leydig cells, during sports or other physical trauma. So, if any guy out there, which pretty much all of us have had that experience of getting nailed in the balls and it’s like…

Jade:   Does it really hurt like that? I mean, it hurts like that?

Shawn:  It feels like somebody is choking you out. It’s so crazy how it’s connected.  It’s pretty bad.

Jade:   Well, if the testicles are…

Shawn:  You are doing the hands like….


Jade:   Maybe I should change the shape. Well, if the testicles are similar to our ovaries except that yours are exposed to dangerous environmental factors and trauma then the only thing I can equate the pain that you are describing to is maybe our monthly cramping that happens.

Shawn:  You know, the thing is, if you look into this you really can’t find a comparison.

Jade:   There’s not, huh? Men are from Mars, women are from Venus?

Shawn: Right. We will never really understand, because we have not gone through it.

Jade:   Sure.

Shawn:  And you guys can’t really understand what it’s like for us as well.

Jade:   And there’s no language to…

Shawn:  Nobody’s pain is more important.

Jade:   No, no-no-no. Who would even bring up childbirth and all that stuff. We wouldn’t even go there.

Shawn:  Let’s not get into a debate.

Jade:   There’s no need.


Shawn:  So I want people to understand that physical trauma can definitely hinder your testosterone level production for sure. So, kids out there who are playing sports, collegiate sports, professional athletes, we’ve got some professional athletes who listen to the show, make sure that you wear the protection, okay. Jade just tapped a cup. It was a Styrofoam cup. I don’t know where that came from. But, anyway, protect yourself.

Jade:   Yes, protect yourself.

Shawn:  Also, radiation treatment or chemotherapy has been shown, clinically proven, to have negative effects on the leydig cells. There we are again about the leydig cells. Vasectomy may damage the leydig cells and lead to early andropause and low testosterone levels. Several studies have shown this. So you’ve got to be careful when we’re making that decision about getting the vasectomy, getting the little clippie clippie so we don’t have any more babies, because you could be potentially lowering your testosterone levels.

Jade:   Right, try another way.

Shawn:  Yeah. We’ve actually talked about some natural birth control methods on the show with Sara Gottfried.

Jade:   We did.

Shawn:  But this is again, understanding we want to things as natural as possible. Surgery should be far down the line as an option for you because every surgery is a traumatic even for the human body. Your body is not designed to be cut into so just understand that.

Jade:   We are finding more and more just how much trauma affects our well being.

Shawn:  But, again, it’s not saying that if you’ve had that procedure that you’re not okay. It’s just something to be aware of. So now, low cholesterol is another thing that will inherently lower your testosterone. Low cholesterol is also associated with homicide, suicide, and depression. This is according to Dr. Daniel Amen. So, individuals with lower cholesterol tend to be the individuals who partake in those particular things that we just talked about, homicide, more cases of homicide, suicide, and depression. So low cholesterol is a huge issue.

By the way, in the show notes we’ll put the show where we really dove into the topic of cholesterol. But, cholesterol, just to really hit this point again, is that cholesterol is the seed of your sex hormones. Without it they cannot be built. We’ve really been trained in our modern society, just the last couple of decades, is that cholesterol is this huge enemy.

Jade:   We’ve got to be so concerned about high cholesterol that we’re not necessarily taking into account what low cholesterol would amount to.

Shawn:  Cholesterol is actually such an important nutrient that your body produces some of it on its own every single day just to keep you alive. But, getting dietary cholesterol in there is very, very helpful for your body to be able to produce these sex hormones that we’re talking about so your body doesn’t have to kind of stress and strain to produce as much as you really need if you’re going to be performing at a high level, especially if you’re doing a lot of intense exercise, activities, you’ve got a busy schedule, stress. You need to have some supplementation through eating whole real foods that have some natural cholesterol built in there. That’s all good. That’s one of the things that you need to be a healthy individual.

It’s also important for your brain function because the stuff that Dr. Amen was talking about was the result of a degraded brain. Your brain down regulated due to a deficiency of cholesterol. So we’ve got to really change the game here and understand that cholesterol is not the enemy. Inflammation is the enemy. That’s what can cause cholesterol to be problematic, the inflammation, the fire within.

Of course, we’ve talked a lot about inflammation on past shows. So let’s keep it moving, another huge thing to consider with your testosterone production and function is this process called aromatization. We’ve got to spend some time here because aromatization, basically that’s when your testosterone is getting stolen. This is when you’re producing testosterone but it’s getting converted into estrogen.

Jade:   It can transform.

Shawn:  Right, yes, absolutely. And it’s transformed through this process called aromatization. What this really roots in is a hormone we’ve talked a lot about which is insulin. When people hear insulin we tend to think of diabetes. But insulin is critical for all of our health and well being. However, it’s when it kind of gets out of whack that it can become a problem. Insulin is your body’s number one fat storing hormone. It can cause a lot of problems that can spell disaster for your manhood or womanhood if insulin is a problem.

But for our intents and purposes today, insulin up regulates the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in men. Insulin, listen. Everybody listen. Everybody write this one down. Insulin up regulates the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in men. It does the opposite in women, okay.

There are some generalities here. There are definitely some variations of this but overall this is the case. Insulin up regulates the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in men. So I want everybody to think about it like this, insulin equals fat storage which equals increased aromatization. Here’s why this is going on, according to hormone expert, Dr. Joseph Mazzei, the conversion of testosterone to estrogen occurs most readily in fat because the fat cells have a high level of the aromatase enzymes. Unfortunately, in people with excess fat, and especially abdominal fat, this production of estrogen from testosterone occurs at an abnormally high rate.

Jade:   Oh my.

Shawn:  Now this starts a vicious cycle here because more aromatization equals more belly fat. And, more belly fat equals more aromatization. So this whole conversion is really the result of the predominance of fat cells. If you’ve got a lot of body fat you’re going to be having more of this aromatization going on so we need that to be a point of focus to get the body fat down if we’re going to keep our precious testosterone, especially for the guys.

So what I want to share now are five specific supplements that can actually help to block this aromatization process to just kind of give you a little bit of an edge to break the vicious cycle. We need to focus more on overall health, vitality, eating real food, being a healthy individual versus taking supplements. But, this is something that can give you that little one percent edge to help get the process going along.

Number one, I’m calling this a supplement because it’s a root of many of the supplements. But, you want to think about this as a supplement to block aromatization – cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables contain a significant amount of something called indole-3 carbinol, or I3C. It’s a potent phytonutrient that has been shown to have significant antioxidant and anticarcinogenic effects.

Jade:   There you go.

Shawn:  Okay, it’s an excellent aromatase inhibitor, the root source of indole-3 carbinol, so cruciferous vegetables. Think about it daily as your supplement to help block aromatization. This is why broccoli is the crowned king of vegetables. The body-building community has been all over broccoli for a long time. This also includes cauliflower, collards, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale. There’s a whole wide variety of these things you can get in your diet on a daily basis.

The number two supplement is the actual indole-3 carbinol or I3C itself. This can be found in supplement form. There are several peer-reviewed studies out there that show its effectiveness as an aromatase inhibitor and an anti-cancer compound. Aromatization, there are many medications out there that actually address this for cancer treatments so it is very, very important stuff there.

Number three is chrysin. Chrysin is a flavonol extract from the passion flower, passion flower.  You can get the passion flower supplement, passion flower extract, but in particular, we’re talking about this flavonoid, chrysin. In a study completed by the University of Minnesota chrysin was found to be the most effective natural aromatase inhibitor tested. It even equaled the potency of aromatase-inhibiting drugs.

Jade:   There you go.

Shawn:  So there you have it.  Number four is diindolylmethane or DIM for short. DIM is actually created from its precursor I3C, indole-3 carbinol.  Both are derived from the cruciferous vegetable family but they have different phytonutrient qualities. The main thing to know about DIM is that it’s found to be more stable, more consistent that I3C. I’m not saying that it’s more potent, but it’s more consistent and it appears to yield the most consistent results in all of the different studies.

So that’s four of them. Number five is resveratrol. This is a flavonoid found, to some degree, in the skin and sees of red grapes. This is why people say that drinking red wine in moderation is supposed to be so healthy because of the resveratrol. Now resveratrol is now found easily in supplement form as well so that you can avoid any of the negative effects of drinking alcohol, especially en masse. Plus it has a wide array of protective benefits as well so resveratrol is another great aromatase inhibitor to look into.

So those are five things that can kind of address the aromatase factor. Now let’s talk about some of the other things that can wreck your test. Low-fat diets, huge, huge issue here. Another reason we’re seeing this epidemic, this crisis of low testosterone. A lot of things we’re going to be talking about, even cholesterol, is usually coupled with fat. Fat is important as an insulator for all of the cells in your body. A lot of these important nutrients are fat soluble that help as precursors to building your sex hormones and on and on and on.

So in our modern society we’ve really been trained with this idea that fats are bad so we’ve had this revolution of low-fat diets that took place where they’ve taken the fat out of things and added, because fat makes stuff taste kind of good, so they add more sugar in because sugar is not bad, it’s the fat. In fact, it’s the opposite way around. And, in fact, fats are critical for your brain health, your nervous system function, insulating both of those, protecting your brain, protecting your nervous system. We need that in our world today. 

If your nervous system is just kind of frail and out there and open and exposed stuff is going to be setting you off all the time. You’re not going to be a happy camper. Where did this whole happy camper thing come from anyway?

Jade:   Maybe it had to do with testosterone.

Shawn:  Right, maybe when you go camping you get a test boost.

Jade:  There you go, especially if you brought your buddy.

Shawn:  My trip, pitching a tent.

Jade:   Pitching a tent.

Shawn:  What?

Jade:   Pitching a fit.

Shawn:  I just solved…

Jade:   You did the happy camper thing.

Shawn:  Scooby-Doo, Mystery Machine right there.

Jade:   That’s it.

Shawn:  Camping, pitching a tent, high testosterone. Put it all together. If you don’t get that rewind it and listen again.

Jade:   Right Reddy (In Scooby-Doo voice).

(laughter and more Scooby-Doo dog talking)

Shawn: Low-fat diets. That wrecks your testosterone. Plastics, BPA, bisphenolA. This is called a xenoestrogen.

Jade:   Another estrogen.

Shawn: Xenoestrogens can be attached to your estrogen receptor cites and really screw up your endocrine system. These are estrogens in the environment that we’re exposed to. So make sure that you’re not getting those frail really crappy plastic bottles and getting your water in that because water is a solvent. It is the universal solvent. You’re drinking estrogen tea. You’re drinking plastic tea when you have that stuff because plastics photodegrade.  They don’t biodegrade, light breaks them down. So if they are sitting on a store shelf you are definitely consuming some of that and it is, in fact, attaching to your estrogen receptor sites and screwing up your testosterone as well. So be careful with the plastics. So this is our food, our water, just plastics all around us. We just need to be more aware of this.

Nicotine. That’s another thing that can screw up your testosterone so beware of that.

Jade:  Before and after sex.

Shawn:  And we’re not going to dive to much into this. We could do a show topic on this maybe in the future, but marijuana.

Jade:   What?

Shawn:  Marijuana is, in fact, a very, very strong phytoestrogen.

Jade:   Isn’t that something.

Shawn:  This is why you feel more connected, more calm, love.

Jade:   I wouldn’t know.

Shawn:  I’m just saying. I’ve seen your t-shirts with Bob Marley on them.

Marijuana and also stress. It is huge, huge here in depressing your testosterone. We’re going to come back and talk about that in a moment. We talked about pesticides, pesticide-laced foods. So, if you’re eating conventionally-grown stuff the chances are you are consuming pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides, herbicides, -cide means to kill.

Jade:   It does.

Shawn:  Most of them are estrogenic or neurogenic.

Jade:   Right.

Shawn:  So it has to do something to disrupt the reproductive cycle of the pest.

Jade:   Or the rodent.

Shawn:  Or you! Soy, it is a very, very strong phytonutrient plant. And even if people aren’t eating soy you might be eating animals that are eating soy.

Jade:   More than likely you are.

Shawn:  So their tissues are going to have more of these compounds that are going to lead to a higher rate of estrogen in your own body. It’s not you are what you eat. You are what you eat ate.

Jade:   Yes.

Shawn:  Remember that always.  Factory-farm animals are not a good idea. If you are going to eat animal foods you want to make sure they are raised eating the natural diet for that animal. Cows eat grass. They don’t have hands. The last I checked they have hooves. They can’t shuck corn. They cannot go and pick soybeans. So make sure the animal foods you are consuming are eating the right diet. That is so important.

Lastly here I am going to talk a little bit about the high sugar, what we replaced fats with in the standard American diet, the SAD diet.

Jade:   Sad!

Shawn:  There’s a study funded by the National Institute of Health and the American Diabetes Association. The study found that men who had normal insulin health had a 25% decrease in testosterone after ingesting a sugary drink. Just one sugary drink.

Jade:   Wow, one sugary drink did that.

Shawn:  The testosterone remained low for two hours and nearly 80 percent of the men had their testosterone drop to levels that would be considered clinically testosterone deficient. One sugary drink. There you have it right there. This is just a snapshot of what sugar can do to your testosterone. So if we wanted to get our testosterone levels up into optimal places we have to avoid these ridiculous sugar drenched foods and beverages. It’s just crazy that we even consume that stuff in the first place.

Jade:   Drop the pop.

Shawn:  So now I want to touch really quickly on some healthy hormone supplements and then we’re going to go ahead and get into the ten ways to naturally boost your testosterone after this. So I’m just going to bullet point these, things to look into if you’re concerned about/want to optimize your testosterone have a look at these things, just do a little consultation with Dr.

Google, check it out and see if they vibe with you and then give them a shot if it really speaks to you.

The first one, maca. Maca has become hugely popular. This is a cruciferous vegetable. It grows at the top of the Andes where nothing else grows, grass doesn’t even grow. We want to consume these type of foods because they are survivors, they are thrivers. These are adaptogens. These help you to adapt to extreme conditions. So maca, and what it does for the human body as far as testosterone is concerned, it’s an endocrine system regulator.

Jade:   Great.

Shawn:  So, some of the theories that it kind of sorts out your entire endocrine system. Now, with that said, maca is really promoted as being an aphrodisiac.

Jade:   Well, let me tell it.

Shawn:  For some people that’s the case. For others not so much.

Jade:   Not so much.

Shawn:  It just depends on you, it depends on what type, it depends on how much you take. I’ve seen people go Scarface, at the end of that scene when he’s doing all that cocaine, on maca. They are just sucking down maca and straight up pass out. I’ve seen people have so much maca that they literally fall asleep. So, it just depends on you and depends on how much you take.

Jade:  Sure, know yourself.

Shawn:  Another one is cordyceps. We talked about that with the SHROOM Tech. In one study the stimulatory effects of cordyceps was shown on testosterone production in mouse leydig cells. So the leydig cells again. This was in vivo and in vitro showing the stimulatory effects of cordyceps on testosterone. So you can potentially boost your testosterone with cordyceps. Again, it’s not that this is targeting that. These things have been used for thousands of years.

They have a resonance with the human body as tonics.

Jade:   For multiple reasons, this is just an extra advantage.

Shawn:  Exactly. A little cherry on top, right?  So that’s another one. Shilajit. One recent study, and we talked about this on our seven fat-loss herbs episode which we’ll put in the show notes, in one recent study it was shown that supplementation with shilajit resulted in a 23.5 percent increase in serum testosterone levels. Now the participants were quasi-infertile males but this is something to consider for all people, for anyone, because they got this boost when they were infertile so it’s doing something, something positive. People will even ask me how to spell that, it’s shilajit.

Jade:   I tried many versions.

Shawn:  It’s one of those words we like to say, shilajit, fluffy.

Jade:   That’s right, that’s right.

Shawn:  Shilajit is known as the destroyer of weakness, that’s what the name means, conqueror of mountains, the destroyer of weakness. So, with all of this said about these supplements, historically they would be found in formulas, different things interacting, phytonutrient combining happening to give you more of an edge. Onnit actually has a testosterone-boosting formula. It’s called T+, total strength plus performance. This is something I use every day pretty much. It’s also my pre-workout along with the SHROOM Tech.

Jade:   You can do them together. So that was going to be one of my questions. So, if you named this bullet list, and sometimes we get ambitious or want to incorporate the right things and we may say, hey I’m going to put all of these in my pantry so if you’ve got this formula from Onnit they’ve combined things but what should we be concerned of, aware of, with combining the things you just listed and using them in concert with one another.

Shawn:  First, to make it clear, I was using SHROOM Tech for a while before I started using the T+. I was using this as a test, especially knowing that I was going to be doing this show. I found it just wonderful. I feel wonderful with it. By the way, chances are when we are using natural sources and the T+ formula is from earth-grown nutrients. It might have some stuff on there that sounds unfamiliar to you but they are plant based.

Let me share some of the things with you. One of the things is beta alanine, different studies showing how that can help to boost your testosterone. Longjack, it is a flowering plan and is native to Indonesia and Malaysia. It is referred to as bitter charm.

Jade:   It was fine with longjack, I guess, but here we go. Right.

Shawn:  Now longjack has actually been shown to help the body restore optimal levels of testosterone in aging males. So it actually has studies to back it up. There are several other things in there, BCAA (branched-chain amino acids), are critical for the production of testosterone and the maintenance of your testosterone. So you’ve got all that there. Not just the branched-chain amino supplement but something that’s going to give you an even better edge as far as producing these anabolic hormones.

You’ve got a test for yourself. This might be the bee’s knees for you in that combination. Or just one or something else. This is why we share multiple options here. But it’s something I really enjoy for sure. So you can check out the T+ formula at

Another supplement you might want to look at is zinc. I, of course, like to go to food sources first. A 1996 study showed that young men with normal testosterone status who avoided getting zinc in their diets for five months experienced a dramatic drop in their total testosterone of more than 50 percent.

Jade:   That’s an influence.

Shawn:  And then, giving it back to them fixed the problem.

Jade:   Well, there you go.

Shawn:  So this is another one of those things that’s involved. It’s a precursor involved in the transformation of cholesterol into testosterone and also liver health as well. So make sure you are getting your zinc and the biggest wellknown source, and it’s also an aphrodisiac according to the lore, is oysters. So eat some oysters. But also you can get some plant sources. Pumpkin seeds are another great source. Just do a little Googling and find food sources, top ten foods for zinc or something like that.

Quercetin is another one that can be effective for boosting your testosterone. You can find that in cabbage and a bunch of other stuff.

Citrus is great. Selenium, this one is critical. Selenium is one of those important precursor compounds to the development and maintenance of your testosterone. Just 100 grams of Brazil nuts, which is my favorite go-to source for selenium, provides about 3,485 percent of your recommended daily intake of selenium.

You don’t need that much. As a matter of fact, in our culture if some is good then more is better so we just overdo it. You don’t need that much because too much of anything can be bad for you. So 100 grams is equal to a big handful. But I would just say two to four Brazil nuts a day is right on point for where you want to be. This is great for both men and women. There is a lot of anti cancer. Selenium might be one of the most important anti-cancer compounds out there that we know about. It’s very, very important to make sure you are getting your good source of selenium.

Vitamin A is also important to testosterone development and maintenance. This is going to be found in spirulina, which we have talked about multiple times on the show. Then, some of the more common places, sweet potatoes, cod liver oil, fish oil. Those are the supplements that we actually study when looking at vitamin A and testosterone with cod liver oil and fish oil.

Now, let’s go ahead and dive into the ten ways to naturally boost your testosterone. You guys ready?

Jade:   Drum roll, please.

Shawn:  Number one is sunlight, vitamin D. A team of scientists in Austria examined the blood of 2,300 Western men. Only 11 percent of them had sufficient vitamin D levels in their blood. It was shown that the more vitamin D the men had in their blood the higher their testosterone levels and the concentration of free testosterone was in their body. I can go on and on about so many different studies.

A study that came out the end of last year found that men who were deficient in vitamin D had much lower free testosterone and higher estrogen. Also, if you check out Tim Ferriss’ book, The Four-Hour Body, he says supplementing up to

10,000 IU a day could be ideal to boost your testosterone level. He’s a pretty extreme character doing a lot of human testing and human guinea pig type studies he has done on himself. But there’s a lot to back it up as well, especially with the vitamin D supplementation. But, ideally, you want to get the sunlight. What’s been shown is that you can boost your testosterone significantly by getting sun on the larger parts of your body, your chest and back in particular. But also, the greatest increase, percentage wise, in testosterone can be from getting sun directly on the bits and kibbles.

Jade:   Well look at that.

Shawn:  Your beans and franks. Getting it on the testicles.

Jade:   Yes! Warm the buns, toast them.

Shawn:  If you’ve got neighbors who it’s not going to really work for that’s something you’ve got to consider maybe doing a different way but I’m just  giving you the data here. Sunlight on the testicles directly can boost your testosterone even more so than getting it on your other body parts.

Jade:   So let the sunshine in.

Shawn:  That’s tip number one to naturally boost your testosterone, get more sunlight.  Tip number two is to lift heavy weights. This is the well-known one. This is known across the board so we’re not going to spend a lot of time here, but heavy lifts. We’re talking about doing heavy lifting here. So, especially the compound lifts, the dead lifts, the squats, overhead press, bench press. These are going to trigger your body to secrete the most anabolic hormones. So these lifts are critical to secreting testosterone. So the dead lift, squats, bench press, and overhead press, and anything that you’re putting a heavy load on your body.

So this isn’t going to be the thing where you’re doing like three sets of 15, we’re talking like five sets of three, five sets of one, five by five, ten by one, so doing heavier lifting, lower reps to get the greatest secretion of testosterone. By the way, I’m saying those lifts versus curls. We’re not talking about doing curls baby. That’s not going to get you there with the testosterone secretion.

Another thing to add to the mix when we’re talking about exercise is hit training. So doing high-intensity intervals can also trigger your body to secrete more testosterone, not the long-distance type running that can actually demolish your testosterone because of all of the stress hormones that you are producing, which we are going to talk about in just a moment.

Cortisol is another one of those polar opposites, enemies, of your testosterone production. Long, slow jogging for whatever amount of time, for an hour or whatever the case may be, is very catabolic exercise. You want to shift to more anabolic type exercise where you are going full out for a small time period and then rest, then go full out and do it again. This can support and trigger the secretion of more testosterone.

Number three on our ten ways to naturally boost testosterone is sex.

Jade:   There you go.

Shawn:  Orgasm does not actually affect testosterone levels in the blood in an acute sense. So, just the short-term secretion, because a lot of guys are actually concerned that there is a lot of information out there, even movies saying you can’t do it when you are training for your event because you are going to depress your drive because our drive is related to our testosterone. But there is not really much data to back that up. There was an interesting study done in China to understand this relationship.

What they found was abstaining from sex or abstaining from ejaculation,  because there’s a difference between having sex and going to completion, abstaining from sex for six days had no impact on serum testosterone levels. But then, on the seventh day, all of the sudden they peaked. Then it rapidly declined on the eighth day. This has something to do with your hormone cycles.

Jade:   Yeah, life cycles.

Shawn:  But this is just saying it’s okay to have sex. As a matter of fact, it’s encouraged because sexual arousal itself is a boost in your testosterone.

Jade:   Cool.

Shawn:  So it works both ways, just the arousal boosts your testosterone and testosterone can be boosted from your arousal.

Jade:   That works.

Shawn:  I hope that makes sense.

Jade:   It’s not a vicious cycle, it’s a vibrant cycle.

Shawn:  It’s a vibrant, virtuous…

Jade:   Vivacious.

Shawn:  Vivacious cycle. By the way, there was a 1992 study that examined four couples on days that they did and did not have sexual activity. They found that the testosterone levels increased on nights after sexual activity and did not on nights where there was no intercourse. So I’m just putting that out there.

Jade:   I think we’ll run our own tests.

Shawn:  Right, right, exactly. So test it for yourself. See if it works for you. So testosterone and sex, you get the thumbs up, you get the green light. So that’s number three.

Number four is body position. This one is super powerful. The way that you position your body, the way that you stand, the way that you sit, the way that you present yourself can literally spike or decrease your testosterone. There’s a wonderful Ted talk on this by Amy Cuddy, which we will put in the show notes, of her clinical background and really looking at the research and showing how this is very true.

So science mostly looks at it as our emotions really changing our physiology, but it’s the other way as well, our physiology can change our emotions and our feelings and our hormones. So when you’re standing in a power position, she demonstrated the Wonder Woman position or Superman position with your hands on your hips really open wide and broad, this is what animals do who have the highest testosterone, the Alpha male. They really open themselves up. They’ve got their neck exposed. That’s a very, very vulnerable space and if you have the confidence to expose that, testosterone is going up. And here’s what the research actually showed, just two minutes in a power position where you are open, expanded with your hands behind your head if your sitting, really opened up wide with your arms stretched across chairs, just two minutes in the power position boosted testosterone by 20 percent, just changing your physiology.

Jade:   Oh wow!

Shawn:  Changing your physiology, a 20 percent spike in your testosterone levels. Now also, on the other hand, your cortisol levels go down 25 percent when you change your position and get into a power pose as it is called. Definitely check out that video in the show notes to see more about which power positions and what they look like.

Now, on the other side, when you look closer at this data, and I really dove in and looked at this stuff because it was so interesting to see that our physiology and body position could change these things, if you are in a low power position where you’re slumped forward, head down, folded up, maybe hugging yourself, maybe your hand is on your face kind of leaned over, a low power position where you’re close off will actually lower your testosterone by 15 percent and boost your cortisol by 10 percent.

Really start to be aware, even right now, what position are you in as you are listening to this. If you are standing, what position are you in. Can you straighten out and stand tall. You are immediately going to have a shift in what your hormones are doing. If you are driving can you put your shoulders back, head up? Change your position, start to create a habit of getting yourself into more powerful positions because it does, in fact, have a huge impact on your physiology and, in particular, your testosterone.

Number five on our ten ways to boost your testosterone is sleep. Get your sleep on. Your vitamin S. It is critical. There are two vitamin S’s, sleep and sex.

Jade:   And they are both good for testosterone.

Shawn:  Both of them are good for testosterone. So number five is sleep. A recent study funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute found that testosterone levels dropped significantly in men who don’t get enough sleep. This was equivalent to aging ten to 15 years. They had testosterone levels of somebody who was 15 years older than them consistently.

Sleep is serious business. We know well about this here in this community because I have a best-selling book. I wrote the book on sleep and how to actually optimize your sleep because of the huge impact that it has on your physical health, your performance, your appearance. It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing. But here we don’t really harp on getting a certain amount of hours of sleep, you need to optimize the sleep you are getting. So if you don’t have Sleep Smarter we’ll put it in the show notes or definitely head over to and grab your copy. It’s an essential for sure because you are getting so much leverage, not just with your testosterone health but so many other factors of your life. So make sure you have the sleep down then.

Jade:   And give a review while you are there.

Shawn:  That would be awesome if you did that too.  Number six on our list of ten ways to naturally boost testosterone is to eat more fat. Research shows that a diet with less than 40 percent of energy coming from fat, that being mainly from animal sources, i.e., saturated fat, leads to a decrease in testosterone levels. So research shows that a diet with less than 40 percent of energy coming from fat led to decreased testosterone levels. That’s a lot, that ratio, 40 percent. That’s a big ratio. It’s a big jump for a lot of people to start getting more fat in. But the bottom line is to just get more fat in. Don’t worry about the ratios and percentages. Just eat real food, focus on getting more healthy fats into your diet. You’re going to see a benefit to your hormone health by doing that.

Number seven on our list is to take an ice bath or cold shower, contrast showers too.

Jade:   Get out of here.

Shawn:  Hot and cold. I know this sounds crazy, it’s not something I’m attracted to, not into this, but the data shows that taking ice baths do, in fact, boost your testosterone. Again, you can look at Timothy Ferriss’ work, The Four-Hour Body, and he indicates through his research that intermittent cold exposure results in higher levels of lutein-stimulating hormone and testosterone. So there you have it, basically getting the boys cold for a little time can actually heat things up later. It’s really a process of thermogenesis, how your body is responding to that stressor to come back better as part of the hypothesis there. But, if you are an adventurous type person you can start taking these cold baths. What it does on a more superficial level too, one of the things is that it’s been shown to lower your body fat as well.

Jade:   Another form of hit training, high intensity temperature.

Shawn:  Exactly. There you have it, exactly. So that’s number seven.  Number eight on our list of natural ways to boost your testosterone levels is intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is basically where you take a certain time period each day and your are fasting, you are not eating. So, a common way is to not eat from the time you wake up until maybe 2 o’clock in the afternoon, you eat from the hours of 2 p.m. until 10 p.m.  That’s your window of eating. The rest of the time you are fasting.

We will do a show dedicated to this sooner than later, for sure, to really dive into all the different components, but intermittent fasting boosts testosterone by increasing the expression of satiety hormones including insulin, leptin, adiponectin, and glucagon-like peptide-1 and so many other things which are all known to potentiate healthy hormone action, increased libido, and prevent agerelated testosterone decline. So, intermittent fasting can boost the levels of those healthy hormones that do all that magic. So this is one of the things that helps protect the testosterone you already do have. So intermittent fasts can be helpful.

By the way though, if your hormones are crazy pants right now, they are not optimized, they are not healthy right now, intermittent fasting is not something recommended. This is something you can add to the table once your body is in balance and you have some hormone happiness happening already. Then you can add that to the mix. But it’s not recommended if you are not already in a good state with your hormones.

Jade:   Hormone harmony.

Shawn:  That’s number eight. Number nine on our list of ten ways to naturally boost testosterone is to assist the liver and colon with cleaning the estrogen out. So when your body is breaking down this bad estrogen, kind of bumping the xenoestrogens from the soy and the chemicals in our society, the pesticides, fungicides, when all of that stuff is getting secreted and released back into your blood stream again from your fat cells it can get reabsorbed if you’re not creating the pathways and assisting your body in getting it out. This is why exercise, exorcism…the word exercise is derived from the word exorcism. Exercise is so important with getting the stuff out of your body. That’s why moving that lymphatic system is important. But also another pathway is through your colon.

Your liver is going to assist in everything, by the way, if you don’t know that. So make sure you are assisting your liver and colon in getting this stuff, the nefarious stuff, out of your system by eating real food, not gumming up the system, so you are not backed up. And, of course, make sure you are eating plenty of plant fibers, plenty of plant-based materials to help to kind of sweep through there. But not too much, you don’t want to go from eating 20 grams of fiber a day to eating 200 grams. You don’t need to do that.

Jade:   Strip your whole system down.

Shawn:  Right. That can actually hurt you. But, making sure that your colon is clean and healthy so you have very good bathroom etiquette using the squatty potty, we talked about that in a previous show, I will put that in the show notes.

Jade:   It’s transformative.

Shawn:  It’s critical to be in the right position to empty out the colon because the puborectalis muscle will be cut off if you are not in the right position. So, good hygiene there using the bathroom, assisting your liver. We did a whole show dedicated to that so we are not going to cover that here. But these are two areas to really look at if you want to get your testosterone levels optimized. These two organs, your liver and colon have to be healthy and working at a high level.

Jade:   And hydrated.

Shawn:  And, of course, you just said it! Hydration is critical to flushing everything out. It’s just obvious. Now, let’s get to number ten here.

Jade:   The big number ten.

Shawn:  Number ten on our list of ten natural ways to boost your testosterone is to lose belly fat.

Jade:   Well, there you go.

Shawn:  Lose the belly fat. If you’re concerned about your testosterone levels the aromatization is mostly happening due to the belly fat. By the way, belly fat are fat cells, period, especially the omentum fat, the visceral fat surrounding the waistline has its own hormones. So when you have that fat it actually starts to function as its own organ. Most of the hormones that are producing are antitestosterone. So, really optimize your nutrition, get your sleep on, get highquality sleep, spend more time in stages three and four sleep, not sleeping more, but more in stages three and four, getting hydrated, moving your body every day, just like a normal human being which your genes expect you to do, all of these things in an intelligent way are going to come together to help get that belly off of you.

This is all stuff we talk about here in the show. I hope this has been extremely valuable for you. We’ve gone through it here with you boosting your testosterone. This is important for men and women. Of course, the guys are going to be especially interested in this because if your testosterone starts to go down you are going to have a depression of what’s known as your secondary sex characteristics. So, lighter voice, the development of moobs, or man boobs, can happen, a reduction in your package size, the size of your package can happen. So many negative effects can happen when we are not focused on being more us.

Women need this as well because this is so important for your sex drive, your drive period, your assertiveness, your energy, your strength, your feeling capable is really determined by your hormones.

Jade:   Cape, capable, Wonder Woman. I am in power stance right now.

Shawn:  With those bad bracelets, those big long bracelets she had.

Jade:   Yes, the cuffs.

Shawn:  And the lasso of truth, the truth lasso, wow.

Jade:   Whip them until you make them sing like a bird.

Shawn: So, everybody, thank you so much for tuning in to show today.

Jade:   Thank you for giving us this today.

Shawn:  By the way, we’ve got transcripts now of all of the episodes over on You can get the full transcripts. We have lots of people requesting that. We’ve got hearing impaired individuals who actually check out the show. There are technologies I didn’t even know about, they are like, hey Shawn we really love what you are doing, we need another way to consume this as well. So you can head over there and go to the transcripts as well and be able to highlight anything that really stuck out at you.

Thank you so much for tuning in.  We’re going to continue to keep giving you more value, more power house episodes to help you achieve the level of health that is really possible for you and the health that you deserve. Thank you for tuning in, we’ll talk with you really soon. 

Shawn: And, make sure for more after the show you head over to That’s where you can find the show notes and if you’ve got any questions or comments make sure to let me know. And, please head over to iTunes and give us a five-star rating and let everybody know that our show is awesome and you’re loving it. And I read all the comments so please leave me a comment there and take care everybody. I promise to keep giving more powerful, empowering, great content to help transform your life. Thanks for tuning in.

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  • Talia
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    Hey Shawn, another great podcast 🙂
    I would really appreciate it if you could answer my question about something. I have PKD (polysystic kidney diseae) which I inherited, and I really want to know if eating a certain way will keep my kidneys from failing? There seems to be so many natural and alternative cures for other disease, but nothing about this one.
    Thank you very much.

  • Michael Taylor
    18 Dec 2014, 5:30 pm

    Hey Sean its me again i just turned 23 years old and i found out i have shingles today and i wanted too ask you if you knew anything natural i could take too go about dealing with this.. Doctors wants ibuprofen or what not but i want too keep it natural as possible please any insight from you would be beyond appreciated.. Im one of those people that asks why is this happening too me i try very hard too be as healthy as possible but i think im allergic to nuts and i dnt have the money to get tested my diet pretty damn clean im pretty stressed man but i want to thank you for yoir podcast you put out.. it Reilly means alot too me

  • Michael Taylor
    18 Dec 2014, 6:01 pm

    Sean i have a mental problem with taking any kind of medicine because im scared of the side effects it could cause.. Like i dnt kno where to go or what to say really like doctors jist wanna give you antibiotics which is against life for my acne but i refuse to take it man the possible side effect from it bothers me alot and ibuprofen for my shingles… I dnt want chemicals or any possible dangers in my body i dnt mean to push my problems on u i just look upp too you man and would really appreciate your insight on how too deal with this.. Its an awkward situation too tell a doctor there wrong or whatever

  • Beth
    10 Jan 2015, 10:16 am

    Hi Shawn,

    I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on marijuana. I have trouble with stress and sleeping and have been told that marijuana would help. I am so confused and overwhelmed by all the information for and against it’s use. I’d appreciate hearing your take on the issue.

  • 18 Feb 2017, 11:21 am

    Brilliant podcast, as ever. Learn so much every time I listen. Sometimes I listen to the same show over and over, just for it to sink in.
    As a physical trainer, I am curious to get your take on a couple of questions on testosterone that came to mind. Given it’s importance in the role of muscle-building, what would be your response to those who feel the need to take testosterone supplements to help accelerate the muscle-building process?
    Secondly, too much testosterone for women is said to be the key cause of female infertility. How do you reconcile that with females who want to workout with weights and lift heavy?

  • 10 Sep 2018, 12:18 am

    There are many ways on how we could increase the testosterone count in the body, however, we must be motivated also to do the advice given to ensure that the testosterone in the body will increase.