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Benefits of Magnesium

Please don’t make the mistake of thinking that your magnesium levels are high enough. If there’s one mineral that can make the biggest difference in your health and well-being, it’s this one.

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical processes in our bodies that we know about. From maintaining muscle and nerve function, to brain health, to building bones, to supporting the immune system. A magnesium deficiency can spell DISASTER for you if you’re not careful.

You need to know the truth about getting your magnesium levels up, and this exclusive video is giving you all the inside info you need.

Click play above and enjoy.

And here’s where you can find the only Pharmaceutical Grade Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate that’s instantly absorbable through your skin on contact:

Ease Magnesium From Activation Products

Sleep better, feel better, live longer!


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  2. Hi Shawn,

    I am looking for some advice. My sister is unable to breastfeed her 3 month year old baby. I am looking for the most natural baby milk formula, I have spent alot of time looking but can’t seem to find a product that’s clean from all toxic ingredients. I found a few on thrive market but they still have soy products and sunflower oil( which I know is not good). Can you advise me on a product?

    Ps.Absolutely love your work, you are changing my life one episode at a time!

  3. I am taking sodium valporate escitopram diazapan quetipine for gad I want to start taking magnesium chloride hexydrate spray is it safe with antidepressants as I want to try something new


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