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TMHS 63: Why You Need to Detox, Bulletproof Your Kidneys & Sleep for Success with Sheleana Jennings

Everyday the vast majority of your body’s energy is used to digest, assimilate, and eliminate the resources you consume. The resources I’m speaking of are the foods you eat, the liquids you drink, and the air that you breathe.

Today, we only experience a fraction of our body’s true potential energy. So much of our energy is being tied up in digesting food that our bodies are unable to do the deeper house cleaning that we truly need.

Your body’s first priority is to handle the food that’s coming into it because that’s your cellular frontline. What comes in your mouth can take you out of this life fast, so your immune system and other support must be present in your gut and on guard at all times.

Add to that the fact that today we have endless meals being thrown in there and we’ve got a serious energy siphoning happening.

Most of us don’t know the art and science of eating lightly or fasting for even a short time period. For many of us, breakfast is being pushed through by lunch, is pushed through by dinner, is pushed through by dessert, is pushed through by breakfast… and on and on and on.

Our bodies never get a break.

Our internal organs are constantly processing food and the resulting metabolic waste products.

Can your body handle this burden? Well, yes (in the short-term.) Was it designed to deal with the toxicity of our modern world? In the immortal words on the philosopher Bart Simpson, “No way man!”

Being exposed to abnormal amounts of dangerous compounds is now common in our world today. Even if you’re eating organic, radioactive fallout has been seen in our water, air, and soil, so truly, no food chain is free of contamination. For example, only days after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, higher levels of radioactive cesium-137 was found in tuna caught off the California coast. Even dairy products on the west coast were showing traces of radiation from the event.

The reality is, our world is very different from the one we have evolved to live in. More pollution, more radiation, and poorer food, water, and air quality means we have a serious issue at hand. Should we throw up our arms and run away? Unless you’ve got a spaceship or know Richard Branson (who does have a spaceship) where the heck are you going to go? Knowing what you are dealing with, and knowing that you’ve got to adapt, the better question to ask is: What are you going to do about this?

I’m a big advocate of knowing how to assist your body in the natural processes of detoxification. Today I’ve got an incredible resource in this mission for you that will bring you lots of value for many years to come. My guest is Sheleana Jennings from and they have some of the best cleansing and rejuvenation programs out there. The hundreds of thousands of people following their work should be an indicator, but I’ll let you hear it for yourself. 🙂

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How a young person can develop painful kidney stones.
  • How to “hear” the communication your body is giving you about what you need.
  • What detoxification actually is.
  • Why detoxing doesn’t necessarily mean fasting.
  • Why learning the skill of detoxification is important in our world today.
  • How waste products and toxins can build up in our tissues.
  • Why your liver and kidneys are so vital in detoxification.
  • How to cleanse your kidneys and how to eliminate kidney stones (pain-free).
  • What things you should juice to detoxify and heal your kidneys.
  • What pain, discomfort, and low energy are indicating in your body.
  • What your 4 major detoxification channels are.
  • What you need to do first before considering hormone therapy.
  • 3 simple detox tips that you can use daily to stay vibrant and healthy.
  • How sleep relates to detoxification.

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  2. I heard Sheleana mention something called Glutathione a few times on the show – can you please provide some more insight into what that is – is it primarily for treatment of the kidney stones or general wellbeing and detoxification.

  3. This is timely, Shawn. I’ve been looking into different cleanses and there seems to be a lot of conflicting advice out there. I’ll be listening to this podcast tomorrow on iTunes. Thanks for all you’re doing!

  4. Great show, thank you! I enjoyed a big glass of lemon mint water after this:)

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  6. Fantastic interview with Sheleana!! She’s awesome!! Another great tip for Kidney stones is juiced lemon for quick relief and really helps break up the stones!

  7. Great addition, Amanda! Thank you 🙂

    I sent a special note about the use of lemon juice in gentle daily cleansing to my email subscribers today with this podcast. You are so on the money. The atoms in the lemon are producing an electrically negative charge which gives it its natural cleaning/balancing ability.

    Thanks so much for mentioning this again!


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