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TMHS 12: Treating Back Pain, Degenerative Disc Disease & “Incurable” Diseases

In this episode of The Model Health Show we go in-depth on one of the leading causes for missed work days and doctor visits in our society: Chronic back pain. 

This topic is really significant for me because chronic back pain totally destroyed my life at one point. Not having any idea of what went wrong or what to do about it, I sought out the help of medical professionals that were supposed to have the skills to help me.

With the medical practitioners focus on treating symptoms, rather than root causes, my situation went from bad, to worse, to extremely worse.

Today I’m going to share with you exactly what happened. I’m going to share with you how I went from being broken down with “the spine of an 80-year old” to completely reversing my symptoms, regenerating my spinal tissues, and dedicating my life to help others. 

If you’re ever diagnosed with an “incurable” illness, please understand that this diagnosis does not have the final say about you.

Often times the word “incurable” gets tossed around because the practitioner doesn’t know how to fix it personally. There’s also this other term called “spontaneous remission” that gets tossed around when they can’t explain how you got better. Today I’m going to share with you how to get better.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why conventional medical treatment for disease is yielding such poor results.
  • My story and the debilitating disease that threatened my livelihood.
  • What important questions you need to ask when faced with an injury or illness.
  • One of the most negative qualities about fast food that most people don’t know about.
  • How to strengthen your ability to make the right decisions (with your health and life).
  • Why the “raw materials” of your spine are so important.
  • What your body will do if it’s ever deficient in calcium (this is crazy!)
  • What the spinal disc are made of (it changes as you age).
  • Why hydration is critical to the health of your spine.
  • What common foods and practices will leach calcium from your spine.
  • Why you want to AVOID calcium supplements.
  • How back pain can originate from several different places.
  • What lower cross syndrome is and how to fix it.
  • The impact that sitting for long periods has on your hip flexors (and back pain).
  • What the #1 exercise for your abdominal muscles is (and how to do it RIGHT).
  • Why lower back pain may not actual be caused by your back.
  • What simple tools you can use to relax muscles, recover from injury, and self-adjust your spine.
  • Why the treadmill is not ideal if you have back problems.
  • The most important exercise for building a strong back.
  • What mental/emotional issues to address when dealing with back problems.
  • What foods to eat if you have back problems (spine healthy foods).
  • The 5 essential tips to eliminate back pain.

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  1. What top 5 food/ drinks would help heal my disc’s? I know aloe Vera what else would you recommend

  2. Thankyou SO much Shawn! I have had lower back pain (SI Joint) on and off for about 18 months tried lots of things seeing a chiroprator helped and also walking in barefoot shoes. Recently joined a gym ( for older people!) but attempted a deadlift too soon and it flared up again causing more sleep loss. I am so determined and fired up to beat this! This podcast is like finding the whole box full of jigsaw pieces at last it makes so much sense. Ive just ordered your sleep book as well as this is another big problem i have with periodic limb movement and rubbish sleep quality. I am SO excited to have these great tools to unlock my full health 🙂


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