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TMHS 791: Eat Like This To Boost Your Energy, Prevent Disease, & Live Longer! – With Dr. Casey Means

TMHS 55: Why We Age, What Makes You Age Faster, & How To Stay Younger, Longer

Have you ever wondered why you look radically different from when you were a 1-year old baby? I mean, what happened?! Was this big ‘ol body really contained within that little body? Today you’re going to find out how we actually age, and demystify most of the taboo subject of aging.

We’re also going to discuss, in-depth, what can actually accelerate your aging process, and cause you to decline in function much sooner than you are genetically wired to. Plus, we’re going to get into the good stuff and talk about the latest anti-aging research. You’re going to learn newly discovered secrets that actually hold the key to possibly turning back the clock and revealing a younger, healthier version of you. Get ready, because this is powerful!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How specific structures within your body can tell you how long you’re going to live.
  • Why your DNA is able to “print out” different copies of you (this is a MUST KNOW!)
  • What the Hayflick Limit is and how it impacts the life of your cells.
  • Why your cells are exactly like a community of people.
  • How long human beings are genetically wired to live.
  • How humans are like Transformers (yes, the alien robots).
  • 7 things that are proven to damage your DNA/ telomeres and age you faster.
  • What controversial sweetener can shorten your life span.
  • What dangerous oil has been banned in cities across the U.S.
  • An important question to ask yourself before you choose what foods to eat.
  • How food manufacturers make people addicted to their products.
  • The impact that smoking and toxic fumes has on your life span.
  • How your hydration levels impact your DNA.
  • The shocking connection between sleep deprivation and aging.
  • A little known diet that has a deep correlation with longevity.
  • Why stem cells are important in the longevity equation.
  • What food can stimulate stem cell mobilization.
  • Why minerals and trace minerals are required to reverse the aging process.
  • Why our system of chemistry taught in school is incomplete and even misleading.
  • The ancient herb that contains the only compound PROVEN to reverse aging.
  • How the right form of exercise can delay aging and keep you young.


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  1. Great show Shawn and Jade very well coved . May i make a guest request if that would be ok. I was thinking that a great pair of guest for the show would be Sara Gottfried and Pedram Shojai. I think that the vibe beween the four of you would be great and the topics they look into was be along your line of thinking and looking at health and wellness.

    Thanks for the great shows
    All the best Steve

  2. hi Shawn!
    i really enjoyed this podcast. i use astragalus tincture in water, and just bought some spiralina powder. in your opinion can i mix the two together in water? is the tincture beneficial?
    please accept my thanks for all the cutting edge info; you kill it!

  3. At 10:05 in the podcast you mentioned that we “know now that humans are genetically wired to live to be 120 years”. This made me smile. Genesis 6:3 says the same thing. I do hope to live somewhere close to my potential.

    Thanks for the information you share. Good stuff.


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