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TMHS 149: Why Great Sleep Is The Ultimate Fat Burner

Today is a very, very special day! My new book Sleep Smarter is now available nationwide and we couldn’t be more excited.

The excitement and joy is so high because we are bringing one of the most vital, yet overlooked components of health and well-being to the hearts of the masses. From brain function, to heart health, to fat loss, the quality of your sleep impacts it all. And as you’ll discover in Sleep Smarter, not only is sleep a major player in the way you look and feel, it just might be the #1 thing influencing the results you see in the mirror each day.

This special launch day episode dives specifically into this topic to uncover why sleep is the ultimate fat burner. Today you’re going to be equipped with some huge takeaways that will last you a lifetime and support you on your mission of being the healthiest, fittest version of yourself.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why fat loss is all about hormone function.
  • How dieters were able to lose 55 percent more body fat with one simple lifestyle change.
  • What your two major types of body fat are.
  • Why belly fat is very hormonally active.
  • What major mistake can double the amount of visceral fat you’re carrying.
  • Why proximity is extremely powerful for changing your health and happiness.
  • How your body changes from exercise during sleep.
  • What enzymes are and how they work to improve your health.
  • What anabolism is and how sleep relates to it.
  • Why we can “get away” with eating a lot more junk food when we’re younger.
  • How sleep intimately relates to aging.
  • Which key fat loss hormones are largely secreted during sleep.
  • How sleep deprivation can cause you to eat more calories.
  • What happens to your brain’s energy supply when you’re sleep deprived.
  • Why balancing cortisol is critical to healthy sleep and fat loss.
  • What surprising ways sleep and exercise influence one another.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Hey Shawn…great content as always!! I’ve been telling people about the importance of sleep as well….and they don’t get it! Everything you mentioned in this episode validates my argument.

    The end of the shoelaces are called “aglets”.

    Thanks for all you and Jade do for the health community!


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  3. Hi Shawn,

    It was a pleasure meeting both you and your wife at your book signing event in LA.
    I didn’t know the venue would be so intimate that everybody had a chance to talk to you in person. You were just as informative and real in person!

    In the midst of launching my online Kimchi course, I finally had a chance to read your updated Sleep Smarter book this weekend. I was thrilled to find out that there are a lot more updated contents in the book than the first one you published.

    I especially love chapter 7, talking about gut health and sleep. I’ll stick to my 40 Lbs a year kimchi eating to have all that good probiotics to sleep smart =)

    Congratulations again on the updated “Sleep Smarter”.


    Your virtual student Sun aka Hungry Gopher


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