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TMHS 095: Lose The Wheat, Lose The Weight – Wheat Belly With Dr. William Davis

How can something so soft, so comforting, and so unsuspecting be the cause of many of the health problems running rampant in our society today? And if our ancestors ate bread, and built civilizations on it without consequence, then how can it be bad for us now?

All of these questions and more are about to be answered in this interview with the author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling book Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis.

Wheat, though a staple in our modern life, has grown in use and variation without assumption. Wheat has gone “Hollywood” and expanded out from the bread game into thousands of cereals, every baked good imaginable (I was a fan of Wheat's appearance in the Hostess Ding Dong myself), and countless other items have featured wheat in a supporting roll (like medications, beauty products, and even supplements, just to name a few). Truly, wheat is everywhere.

So, when did wheat begin showing signs that its ego got too big and it was now causing massive harm? Well, the research dates as far back as 10,000 years when the birthing of agriculture took hold. Humans began staying in one place, monocropping (mainly wheat), and genetic manipulation of wheat first peeks out its lightly toasted face.

With this shift to monocropping and agriculture came startling evidence in human remains. More degenerative bone diseases, a smaller physical stature, as well as evidence of other chronic illnesses like cancer were on the rise.

Now, things were still not nearly as volatile as today because whole foods were still the basis of the diet. Unlike the heavily processed frankenfoods of today. You wouldn't have seen a Cinnabon, a box of Frosted Mini-Wheats, or a double-stuffed crust deep dish pizza anywhere in sight. Wheat has gone from a bit of a problem, to a flat out flagrant food pyramid bully.

You're going to be shocked when you find out just how wheat is contributing to weight gain, hormone problems, and even autoimmune diseases. Today you're going to learn important information that will likely change your life forever.

Time to find out how to rise above the Wheat Belly, supercharge your energy, and live a longer, healthier life.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • What the #1 antioxidant food is (by a long shot!)
  • How healthcare has turned diseases into profit and procedure opportunities.
  • What originally compelled Dr. William Davis to pull wheat out of his patient's diets.
  • How a non-celiac patient completed cured her ulcerative colitis by following Dr. Davis' advice.
  • What type of relationship you should have with your doctor (this is critical!)
  • How high blood sugar can lead to a myriad of diseases.
  • How a protein found in wheat called gliadin can lead to autoimmune diseases.
  • What compounds found in wheat amplify your appetite and cause you to overeat.
  • How wheat germ agglutinin can block the function of your satiety hormone leptin.
  • Where the term obesogens come from (the perfect foods to make you fat).
  • Why wheat can make you store fat faster than pure table sugar (this is shocking!)
  • Why learned helplessness can prevent you from losing weight no matter what you do.
  • How modern day wheat has been mutated (this is NOT what your ancestors ate!)
  • How wheat helps create extremely inflammatory visceral fat.
  • Why wheat and related grains can lead to estrogen-related health problems (from fibroid tumors to man-boobs).
  • Why kicking the wheat habit can lead to drug-like withdrawal symptoms.
  • How you can quickly reverse health issues by following a few simple Wheat Belly tips.
  • How gluten-free foods can make you just as fat and unhealthy as their gluten containing big brothers.
  • Why 90 percent of the population is experiencing gut damage from wheat and don't even know it.

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