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TMHS 791: Eat Like This To Boost Your Energy, Prevent Disease, & Live Longer! – With Dr. Casey Means

TMHS 060: Improve Your Skin Naturally, Clear Up Acne, And 7 Tips To Have The Best Skin Ever!

Have you ever heard the saying, “First impressions last a lifetime”? Whether it’s true or not, we make snap judgements about people upon meeting them for the first time. It’s built into us as an evolutionary advantage to be critical, recognize patterns, and to observe the health and safety of those around us.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, we are judging and being judged with each and every person that we meet. And the very first thing that people see when in close contact with us is the health (or lack thereof) of our skin.

Our skin is a symbol of vitality. It is the outermost representation of what’s going on with our overall health. On the surface level we want clear, radiant skin to be more attractive to the world around us. On a deeper level our skin can be an indicator of potential (or even chronic) health problems. Our skin isn’t just something superficial to look at, it’s one of of best resources for monitoring our internal health and well-being.

Today you’re going to learn about your skin in an intimate and fun way. You’re going to learn things about your skin that you’ve never heard before, and you’re going to appreciate and care for your skin in a whole new way because of it. It’s time to love the skin you’re in and take action to have the best skin health possible. The compliments you get will be nice, but the overall vitality you get will be even nicer.

  • What your skin can indicate about your health.
  • Why we unconsciously make judgements about someone’s appearance.
  • What your skin is actually responsible for (what your skin does will surprise you!)
  • How your skin develops.
  • Why stress impacts your skin health.
  • Why we have different layers of skin.
  • What role your skin has in detoxification.
  • How your skin interacts with sunlight and other light sources.
  • What internal organs are responsible for your skin’s appearance (must know info!)
  • What our 4 major eliminatory organs are.
  • How your brain impacts the function of your skin.
  • 7 tips to have the best skin ever!
  • An amazing skin transformation story from eliminating ONE irritating food.
  • What glycation is and why you do NOT want this happening with your skin.
  • Why dairy products are so addictive.
  • Why you need to be careful about “natural” sweeteners if you have skin problems.
  • How wheat can damage your skin, waistline, and immune system.
  • Why skin care products and soaps can be the cause of your skin problems.
  • Why dietary fats are so important for your skin’s health.
  • How to ensure you’re getting enough water to hydrate your skin.
  • How to get a foot makeover (funny, but true).
  • What food products lead to wrinkles and liver spots.
  • The secret to using olive oil to improve your skin health.
  • Why skin brushing really does work to improve your skin naturally.
  • What important sun safety tips you need to know for your skin.
  • Where to find the healthy skin foods (the best of the best!)
  • What causes oily skin (and what to do about it).
  • The #1 cause of cellulite (this is far beyond the outer appearance).
  • How to eliminate cellulite naturally.

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  1. Shawn, I’m in love with your work. Listening to you and Jade is such a joy! Listen. I NEED you to do a podcast on rosacea and broken capillaries. I’m struggling with this in my twenties and I feel utterly hopeless because there’s “no cure” for it. I don’t believe that at all. I refuse to accept it. So, I want your expert advice on this! Especially since I’m a Zumba instructor and don’t want to give up my long cardio because dancing is my joy (I know, I know). Any recommendations would be exceptional. Thanks!

  2. Engaging and humorous Hosts. Thanks for the information and educative contents. Value all through. shout out to’Vicki secrets’… luv from the UK

  3. Hahah you guys really put barnyard in the show notes!!! Thanks for making me laugh AND keeping my diet on track. I listen to you guys in the car and it keeps me from the drive thru and makes me crave healthy food!

  4. Hey Shawn!

    Loved the skin episode, but I have a question! What is your face care routine? You mentioned you should not wash your face every day because it depletes the natural oils and I want to know more about that! I’m confused about face care and would love to know your routine or what you think for females who wear makeup!

    Thanks 🙂

  5. And thank you 🙂 Working on the no wheat (especially since your wheat belly interview) and reg. sugar… would that include fruit sugars (ie mango, dates, etc) or just refined/processed sugars? THANKS!

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  7. Would it be possible to start putting out transcripts along with the podcasts?

  8. Great show shawn, I heard about you through the art of charm podcast. Literally yesterday I was think about how to improve my sleep and downloaded a sleep tracker to help collect some data. Then I hear about what you do. So crazy how we attract things into our circle.

  9. Excellent show…of course.

    After all the great info and insights you gave, I particularly appreciate your message near the end of the podcast: No matter how dimply or smooth or saggy or firm–we are beautiful.
    Thank you for touching the hearts of your listeners, Shawn.


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