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TMHS 769: The Surprising Truth About Menopause & Lifestyle Changes for Menopause Symptoms – with Dr. Lisa Mosconi

TMHS 134: How To Avoid Holiday Weight Gain FOREVER

Is it possible to eat amazing food, enjoy time with friends and family, and not pack on the pounds this holiday season?

That’s what today’s episode is all about! Not only is it possible, but it’s highly probable once you put these tools and insights into place. You’ll be able to avoid holiday weight gain this year and every year after with a few simple shifts in how you do things.

During the show we’re covering the top 5 causes of holiday weight gain and how to see them coming from a mile away. A lot of healthy holiday tips forget the fact that it is the holiday and a time to relax and have some fun. So, instead of taking the fun out of the holiday, you can use these tips to enjoy yourself without seeing any depressing news on the scale afterward.

And be sure to follow this up with the value-packed holiday episode we did below in the resources (marked in red). Happy Holidays!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What surprising function your kidneys are responsible for.
  • The 5 biggest causes of holiday weight gain
  • How peer pressure relates to our food choices.
  • A great way to let your family know you’ve changed the way you’re eating (without offending them).
  • Why it’s important to understand your own psychology during the holiday season.
  • How stress impacts holiday weight gain.
  • Why producing cortisol is an evolutionary advantage.
  • What type of foods can give you an instant shot of serotonin.
  • Why sticking to your normal daily routine is important during the holiday.
  • How exercise can be especially helpful during the holidays.
  • Smart holiday exercise tips you can implement right away.
  • What reason rapper Ice Cube would give for holiday weight gain.
  • The #1 nutrition tip for the holiday season! (Make sure you do THIS!)
  • How poor sleep during the holiday leads to falling off the wagon.
  • Why there’s a weird evolutionary pull to go gift “hunting” during the holiday season.
  • What cool, energizing family traditions you can create with your loved ones.
  • An easy, doable tip to help you avoid grabbing every holiday treat you see.

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  1. “I’m trying to get some nutrition in here, but you keep eating cookies” – oh my, Shawn, that is such a powerful thing to remember!

  2. Shawn, you know you better let your wife have that pancake, lol. Another great show, definitely hit on some great strategies that I plan on using. My number one thing will be to work out extra for whatever “treats” I plan on having. I’m sure that thought alone will keep me in control!!!! Happy Holidays to Shawn and Jade

  3. Shawn & Jade,

    ALWAYS love the powerful and energetic dynamic you both bring to the show!

    This episode is so apropos to my current living situation. I’m temporarily living with my grandparents during the week and you know how they love feeding their grandbabies all that comfort food 😛

    While I adore my grandparents and am SO appreciative of their hospitality, their meal choices are just not in alignment with my lifestyle. Even though I prep my own meals in advance, they still always offer their food and I feel guilty for turning it down. At times, I found myself accepting their offers but then sneakily throwing it out to avoid hurting their feelings.

    Truly appreciate your suggestion to invite your family INTO your box and express that you’re coming from a loving place when making decisions for your health.

    Wishing you and your Model crew a happy + healthy holiday season :-}

  4. Hi Shawn,
    You just made my day….again:-)
    This pod cast came right in time for my 50 minutes drive to work this morging.
    I sent you an email (and fb message) about my newest addiction: TMHS and how I listened to all your episodes in just 30 days! And now…..Help, I have to wait a whole week for a new episode.
    Thank you shawn for your valuable podcast, the depths and scientific analysis of every topic and thank you for having me crave for more;-)

    I hope you have the time to answer some question I sent in my email/fb message.
    Please keep up the good work and I will wain impatiently for your next episode.

    1. Zora, first of all, I lOVE your name! With our latest child, was a girl we were going to name her Zora. True story! Had a beautiful little boy though. 🙂

      Wow, this message really put a big smile on my face… I love how you dove in like a true champion and consumed the shows… And now it’s lovely (and a little funny how you put it lol) that you have to anticipate patiently the new episodes coming out. What I would recommend is to go back and listen to your favorite episodes again. You’ll be listening with new ears, and I guarantee you’ll pick up something new each time. If I happened to miss the question you posted (I get quite a few messages these days!) please be sure to follow up and post it again for me. I appreciate you so much!



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