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TMHS 309: How To Deal With Failure, Cultivating Work Ethic, & Why It’s Time To Man Up – With Guest Bedros Keuilian

By Shawn Stevenson | 09/18/2018

The greatest obstacle you’ll ever meet is not some arbitrary external factor. More often than not, we are held back by thoughts and beliefs that are within us. We all live with self-sabotaging tendencies, limiting beliefs, and the affinity to play small rather than embracing the discomfort that accompanies growth. This is why mediocrity is…

TMHS 308: Transforming Your Body, Mind, & The Health Coaching Industry – With Guest Cynthia Garcia

By Shawn Stevenson | 09/11/2018

After transforming my own health, I became feverishly passionate about helping as many people as I could to do the same thing. Over the past 17 years, I’m beyond grateful to say, I’ve been able to positively impact the lives of millions of people. But the road to get there has been a curvaceous one.…

TMHS 307: 12 Tips For Conquering Distraction And Getting More Done

By Shawn Stevenson | 09/04/2018

A huge factor in your ability to achieve your goals lies in your capacity to focus and concentrate. Especially in our culture of persistent push notifications and constantly-updated newsfeeds, it’s important that we learn how to set limits with our technology. But our devices and apps are only part of the equation. Whether it’s the…

TMHS 306: Coconuts, Kettlebells, & Breaking The Wagon Mentality – With Guest Noelle Tarr

By Shawn Stevenson | 09/02/2018

Changing the conversation around diet is no easy feat. Our society is appearance-obsessed, always looking for the next quick fix, and constantly immersed in a toxic diet culture. Too many people fall prey to this system, but there’s a better, more-sustainable approach. For many of us, the solution to finding peace with food isn’t found…

TMHS 305: The Science Of Flavor & The Dorito Effect – With Guest Mark Schatzker

By Shawn Stevenson | 08/28/2018

It’s no secret that food-based illnesses have become deeply ingrained in our culture. From the obesity epidemic to an uptick in food addiction, it’s clear that somewhere along the way we’ve lost touch with how to form healthy relationships with food. Unlike many other health problems, finding a solution to these issues isn’t clear. Traditional…

TMHS 304: Maximizing Fitness To Stand Out In Hollywood & The Baseline Of Happiness – With Guest Tom Hopper

By Shawn Stevenson | 08/21/2018

In my experience, when you transform your life and achieve a greater level of fitness, many people assume it’s due to a strict (and unrealistic) regimen. They imagine hours upon hours logged at the gym, and tiny portions of boring, bland meals on repeat. But anyone who’s maintained a healthy lifestyle long-term knows that there’s…

TMHS 303: Demolish Your Limitations & Detox Your Life – With Guest Drew Canole

By Shawn Stevenson | 08/14/2018

In the age of social media, we’ve become accustomed to seeing everyone’s highlight reel and comparing ourselves to fluffed up, often unrealistic standards. Many of us are plagued by a constant state of doubting our self-worth and feeling like we’re not enough. But what could you achieve if you simply slowed your scroll, took a…

TMHS 302: 10 Tips To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence

By Shawn Stevenson | 08/07/2018

Have you ever reacted poorly based on raw emotions, and then later regretted it? Or have you ever impulsively eaten something that didn’t align with your goals—based on emotion alone? Emotional intelligence is our ability to identify, evaluate, control, and express our emotions. It allows us to recognize and understand our own feelings, as well…

TMHS 301: Get Yourself In Position To Win: Hard Work, Consistency, & Longevity – With Guest Ozzie Smith

By Shawn Stevenson | 08/05/2018

Have you ever made a huge New Year’s Resolution, and then crashed and burned because the challenge was too overwhelming? I’m all for dreaming big, but if your method for reaching your goals isn’t realistic, you’re just setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. But what would happen if you simply committed to getting 1%…

TMHS 300: 300th Episode Celebration! My Top 10 Favorite Moments

By Shawn Stevenson | 07/31/2018

Becoming empowered is a process of gaining knowledge, and then putting it into action. When I started my career in the health field, my intent was to empower people with the tools to help them reach their goals—whether that be losing body fat or reversing disease. I’ve been fortunate enough to serve countless people in…