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TMHS 444: How To Navigate Negative Emotions & Thrive Through Adversity - With Dr. Susan David

TMHS 061: 7 Fat Loss Herbs That Really Work (And Supplement Mistakes To Avoid!)

Whenever you hear “billion dollar industry” your ears should perk up automatically.

With the supplement industry banking billions of dollars each year, there are more and more products hitting the store shelves all the time. More money in play, and more unregulated claims, means someone is usually getting screwed along the way. That somebody is you, the consumer.

So, which fat loss herbs really work? And how do they stack up to the other lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, and exercise? Today you're going to find out the surprising truth about these 7 fat loss herbs, plus critical supplement information that will help you make better decisions for a lifetime.

In this episode you'll discover:

  • Why most fat loss herbs don't actually work.
  • The medicinal herb clinically shown to block your body from producing more fat.
  • How caffeine works in burning fat (this is must know information!)
  • Why your unique metabolism determines how caffeine will work for you.
  • Why some sources of coffee can be dangerous for your health.
  • Which proven performance enhancing herb can improve your insulin sensitivity.
  • How to make a potent fat loss elixir.
  • What adaptogens are and why they're important.
  • How everyone in our modern society is bombarded with estrogenic compounds.
  • Why testosterone is important for both men and women.
  • Why it may not matter as much if you “eat local” in our world today.
  • Which historic fat burning herb improves insulin sensitivity and blocks cells from completing the fat storage process.
  • Which fat loss herb in your spice cabinet is proven to regulated blood sugar, lower LDL cholesterol, and normalize glucose metabolism.
  • How a prized compound found in cayenne pepper can actually shrink your fat tissues.
  • What “thermogenesis” is and how it impacts weight loss.
  • Why “biopotentiators” can radically improve the benefits of other nutrients.
  • How hCG really works (get your umbrella ready!)
  • Why calorie restriction can damage your hormones (for in-depth info on this click here.)
  • What the major pieces of a fat loss lifestyle are.

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