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807: Shrink Your Fat Cells & Fix Your Metabolism – With Dr. Benjamin Bikman

TMHS 032: Why Cutting Calories Will Never Work For Long-Term Weight Loss, Anti-Aging Medicine, and How Stress Makes You Fat

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re diving deep into the world of sustainable weight loss. Have you ever wondered “how” your body actually gains weight? What’s going on in your body that actually makes this process happen? Well, today we’re going to break this down in simple way that everyone can use to their advantage.

We’re also going to discuss the leading anti-aging research to see how it relates to weight loss as well. There are so many critical angles that are being overlooked in the discussion of weight loss, and that’s what this series leading up to New Year, New Body 2014 is all about (make sure to get registered for the live event if you haven’t already). To wrap things up we’re going to cover a subject that’s in a lot of people’s blind spot keeping them tired, overweight, and depressed: STRESS. This is an action-packed new episode, so buckle your seatbelt and let’s get to it!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • A subconscious reason why people lose weight then gain it all back again.
  • Why you can “get away” with eating junk food as a kid but you can’t when you get older.
  • How to get your body back after pregnancy (the truth about it).
  • The built in “biological clock” we have that can tell us how long we’ll live.
  • Things that are PROVEN to shorten the life of your DNA and end your life faster.
  • What recent discovery can literally make your DNA print out younger versions of you.
  • The most important information about what causes weight gain that you’ll ever here!
  • Why cutting calories to lose weight does NOT work long-term.
  • Why the calories on food labels don’t tell you the whole story.
  • How hormones control the impact that calories have on your body.
  • Why haphazardly cutting calories can damage your metabolism and make you gain more weight long-term.
  • How your thinking influences your cell’s behavior.
  • Why eating MORE food could solve your weight loss problems.
  • What food categories you need to focus on to encourage long-term weight loss.
  • What the benefits of dietary fats really are (get ready for a big ah-ha! moment).
  • The part of your brain that’s actually responsible for the calories you take in.
  • What gland in your body is responsible for producing the “youth hormone“.
  • How stress impacts your endocrine system and makes you gain weight.


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