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TMHS 794: How Other People Impact Your Biochemistry and Health

TMHS 113: Family Fitness Ideas For Better Health, Happiness, And Connection

Mahatma Gandhi’s epic quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world,” begins in your own home.

Our family, friends, and (most importantly) our children are mimicking and modeling us more than we know.

Science has proven that we are, in fact, a direct product of our environment. You can set up an environment that cultivates healthy automatically as a side effect. Or, on the flip side, you can unconsciously be setting up an environment that breeds low energy, obesity, and poor health if you’re not careful.

Today’s show is all about how to set things up in your life so that your family has the health, fitness, and vitality that they deserve. There are lots of fun ideas and insights here, so click play, enjoy, and put a few things into action!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why we all need to get plenty of “nutritious movement”.
  • The shocking amount of time that the average person spends sitting.
  • The functions that mirror neurons have in our brains.
  • What intuition really is.
  • Why most people workout despite having kids.
  • How parents end up compromising their health in order to facilitate their kid’s activities.
  • 9 different family fitness ideas that you can easily add in to your lives.
  • How playground workouts can be fun for kids AND parents.
  • How to utilize your local gym as your kids get older.
  • What my 14-year old son has to say about growing up witnessing my focus on health.
  • How “coopertition” works to improve the connection with your family fitness habits.
  • 4 critical tips for involving your kids in family fitness.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Do you provide PDF files of your podcasts? Sometimes there is a particular thing I want to go back to, if I had the script in writing, I could search for it. For example, I’m looking for information on a study that was about interpreting the intention of someone – I think it was about drinking from a cup or putting it away? Without seeing it actually happened. Was that on your show? Or am I can confusing you with another podcast?

    1. Wren, how could you confuse me with another podcast! lol. Yep, that was on my show that you heard that. We were providing transcripts of the shows for a while but not enough people were taking advantage of them to justify the cost. Guess you’re just going to have to pause and write it down the old fashioned way! lol. We may circle back around to doing that again in the future though 🙂


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