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TMHS 621: How Your Brain Health Controls Your Mental Health – with Dr. Daniel Amen

TMHS 126: How To Build Better Relationships & Be A Good Dad with Larry Hagner

Our relationships have the greatest impact on our quality of life. And learning how to build and cultivate great relationships is more important than ever today.

We now live in the most distracted society in human history. So much going on, non-stop information coming at us, and always something to do. Creating great relationships isn’t a given today, it’s a skill you need to work on. That’s why this episode is so important.

Today you’re going to learn some powerful insights about connecting with the most important people in your life. And if you have kids (or plan on having kids) you’re in for a real treat.

Larry Hagner is a bestselling author and founder of The Good Dad Project. He’s here today to share some of his best insights for connecting with the people who matter most to you. I guarantee you that some of these tips will impact your life forever. They really are that valuable!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What two major benefits being a parent brings that are often overlooked.
  • Why ADHD has become a greater issue in our culture.
  • How Larry’s childhood gave him a huge firsthand experience of the importance of a father.
  • How being a better parent leads to being a better person.
  • Why we tend to attract the same type of people in our lives.
  • What drove Larry to create The Good Dad Project.
  • Why guys tend to repress their concerns and struggles.
  • Why it would be ridiculously valuable for women to know what’s going on inside a man’s mind.
  • The #1 thing every father wishes they had more of.
  • Why we need to “prep” before seeing our family after our work day.
  • What tips you can use to change your state so that you be your best with your kids.
  • How to instantly create more connection with your spouse or significant other.
  • Why it’s so valuable to have one-on-one time with your children.
  • What incredible tips you can use to create memorable experiences for your kids.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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