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TMHS 72: The Truth About Birth Control, Balancing Stress & The Hormone Cure with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Hormones are everywhere. They are in and around us. They give us life. They generate communication between every cell in our body. They are essential in creating order… and they can also create some pretty epic chaos if we’re not careful.

Much like a misinterpreted communication between people, abnormal hormone function can cause your body to “fight” within itself. Now, I don’t know about you, but I subscribe to a low drama diet, and I’d much rather have a civil environment within my body.

I don’t want hormonal back-slaps happening. I want to feel good. I want to feel empowered and healthy, and understanding the role of hormones is the ultimate key to having this manifest in my life.

So the question is: How do hormones get out of balance, and what are the things we need to know to get them back on track?

There is no better person on the planet to answer these questions than Dr. Sara Gottfried.

This brilliant Harvard/MIT-trained physician is a superstar when it comes to helping you identify your hormonal issues and helping you create a strategy to fix them.

What really impresses me about Dr. Gottfried is the wide range of options that she brings to the table. No cookie-cutter hormone tricks here. She knows well that we all have cookies of many different shapes and sizes 🙂

As a matter of fact, the shape and size of our own cookie can change from time-to-time. One day we can be a nice gluten-free angel shaped cookie, and the next day we can be a full-on monster cookie with green frosting and extra gluten sprinkled on top.

Helping you to navigate this hormonal terrain is what her work is all about. You’re about to uncover just how powerful hormones are, and how to stack the conditions in your favor to have the health you really deserve.

In this episode she says some absolutely profound things that will likely stay with you for the rest of your life. The amazing part about it is that she makes it simple. She doesn’t over complicate things to sound like a genius (although she is), instead she breaks things down to the real world level that we all live in, and provides solutions that we can all apply to live a healthier, happier life.

This show is loaded with powerful gems, so I recommend you take good notes, or after listening you can grab the free transcript right here and highlight your favorite parts. Now, let’s get to it. Viva la hormones!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How The Hormone Cure was created out of Sara’s own quiet desperation (that so many women are going through).
  • What hormones are and what they do in your body.
  • How hormones impact calories.
  • What 3 hormones determine women’s health and men’s health the most.
  • What parts of your brain influence your production of cortisol.
  • How we can manufacture stress even when we’re not in danger.
  • Why high cortisol production comes at the expense of other important hormones.
  • How to identify some of the key symptoms of cortisol and thyroid problems.
  • The shocking percentage of people with estrogen dominance and what it causes.
  • Why having a hormone panel done is not always the best method for diagnosis.
  • What incredible resource you can use to uncover hormone imbalances.
  • What effective supplement for reducing high cortisol you can find at most health food stores.
  • How to naturally reverse depression by utilizing the “girlfriend” factor.
  • How your sleep impacts your hormones (and why you might be “tired and wired“).
  • Why you need to fill your thyroid “nutrient gaps”.
  • How to safely detoxify your thyroid and other organs.
  • How sex influences symptoms of estrogen dominance.
  • What 2 powerful supplements can help to reverse estrogen dominance.
  • What circadian congruence is and why it’s critical for your health.
  • Why the birth control pill can be devastating for your hormones.
  • Natural birth control methods that are far safer than birth control pills.
  • What tends to cause PMS and what to do about it (these tips are life-changing!)
  • How men’s testosterone can get “stolen” and how to stop this from happening.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Thank you for sharing such wonderful information. I am listening to each and every podcast in order so I don’t miss anything. Can you please tell me what the herb was that she recommended? I like to listen to you while i workout and drive so I can’t take notes 🙁

  2. I’ve been sharing this podcast (and especially this episode) to all the family and friends I possibly can! Thank you for your amazing comprehensive explanations. Shawn, jade, you are wonderful people.

  3. This was so informative and so easy to understand. I feel like I can relate to so many of the symptoms. Great podcast!

  4. This was a fantastic podcast! Thank you so much. I’m definitely going to buy Dr Sara’s book. I was nodding my head throughout and recognising lots of symptoms that doctors had told me were normal. I spent 21 years taking the pill and came off it 2 years ago and developed symptoms including acne that I’ve not been able to shake. Now I know it’s all hormonal.

  5. Shawn, this episode was so great. I knew there was a hormonal imbalance going on with me. So many truths as I listened today. And the sucky thing was I told my doctor of these symptoms and they said it was normal! Why the heck are we forced to pay for medical care that isn’t care? Thank goodness there ARE doctors and experts like you to inform the public with no charge, incredible giving and genuine care.

  6. I WISH I had known this information a decade ago before I let my doctor talk me into a hysterectomy. She and I both knew the issues were hormone-related, but the only solutions she gave me was to “manage” my symptoms with medication or have surgery. Wow. When I know better, I do better, and I am choosing to let my food be my medicine.

  7. Fantastic podcast today. And thank you for the free hormone test that Dr. Sara provides on her website. So I’m not really going crazy, it’s just hormonal imbalance!

    1. You are definitely not crazy! As a matter of fact, you are AMAZING and I honor you for taking action to take good care of yourself 🙂


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