TMHS 229: The Myth Of Fat-Burning Foods & Why Stress Makes Us Fat – With Dr. Jade Teta

You’ve seen the headlines… Ads telling you to just “Eat these 5 fat burning foods” and you’ll be able to achieve miraculous things. You’ll drop 10 pounds in two weeks, lose several inches off your waist, and even get your own reality show on VH1. Ok, I added the last one in, but you get the picture.

If eating certain fat-burning foods could cure our body fat problems, then why are we not seeing an epidemic of fit people flooding the streets? If there were fat-burning foods that really did as advertised, they would be in such high demand that people would stand in lines around the block just like they do when the new iPhones come out (but this time it’ll be called “The iPhat”).

The reality is, fat-burning foods are a bit of a misnomer. Food (the good, the bad, and the ugly) doesn’t make you burn or store less fat based on the food alone. There are many complex things going on behind the scenes that only a few people can give us the real skinny on. One of those people is Dr. Jade Teta. And he’s here today to share how certain foods might be mistaken for fat-burning foods, how stress can add to your waistline no matter how good your diet is, plus a whole lot more. Just click play, listen in, and enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Important tools to help injury proof your body.
  • Why it’s easy to overly focus on exercise and not so much on nutrition.
  • Why there’s a heavily believed myth of fat-burning foods.
  • How certain foods can appear to have more metabolic benefits than others.
  • What causes us to overeat specific foods.
  • Which factors cause foods to impact people differently.
  • The 4 types of foods that will ensure you’re satisfied and nourished.
  • How the properties of water can teach you to create the best nutrition plan for yourself.
  • Why our metabolism is a stress barometer.
  • The #1 stressor that affects our metabolism (this is huge!).
  • Where the command center of our metabolism actually is.
  • How stress perception plays a major role in our health.
  • Why going from couch potato to fitness enthusiast can backfire.
  • Practical things you can implement to lower stress and heal your metabolism.
  • The 4 major keys to effective fat-burning exercise (don’t miss this one!).

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  • Lee Sun Dobbins
    9 Jul 2017, 6:04 am

    Just finished listening to the podcast episode with Jade Teta. In honor of TMHS Jade, this episode is supfectination – the supremely perfect combination! I happened to listen to it while I was taking a long leisurely walk through a very green wooded neighborhood street at 0600 on a Sunday so it was very peaceful. It hit home and gave me so many great take aways. I have been a follower of Jade Teta and the Metabolic Effect for months so I always love listening to him put out his knowledge. And I came upon Shawn from the Fat Burning Man Podcast with Abel James and I immediately started listening to TMHS. This is in my top 3 podcasts for sure. I love seeing your new content. Thank you for always bringing authentic, researched, applicable knowledge to us. You have a forever listener in me!

    • Shawn
      11 Jul 2017, 7:08 pm

      Thank you so much for the love and feedback. Jade Teta is the Man for sure 🙂

  • Karim Baraka
    19 Jul 2017, 2:59 am

    Hi Shawn!
    Im a new listner that originate frome Algeria and grew in Sweden Stockolm but live/work in Oslo Norway as a personal trainer.
    I really like your show alot and your cohost! 🙂
    I resently listend to two of your episodes where you talked abaout adding grounded flaxseed to the diet and i have a question about that. Did you know that grounded flaxseed is band from bing sold in Sweden because of the toxic gas that is releeses when digested.
    The gas is called Hydrogen Cyanide, they still dont know how much grounded flaxseed you can eat without it being harmful to the body and was wondering if you know anything more about this, or maybe you talked about this in your resent shows if you have can you refer me to that episode?

    A lot of love frome Karim in Oslo!!:)

  • Kristine Džigure
    3 Sep 2017, 1:03 am

    Thank You all for this amazing podcast. I am a mother of a newborn, my first baby, and first couple of months were pretty stressful and sleepless, which made me to overeat and not feel too good. I was beating myself up for not being strong enough to keep a clean diet for myself and my baby, because I am breastfeeding, and what I eat effects my baby as well, which again just added stress to the pot, but now listening to this podcast (and many other podcasts on TMHS, which I love) I see that no amount of willpower can stand against big levels of stress and that made me be more compassionate towards myself. By accepting myself more and giving myself a break I started to eat better and take better care. It just all ties in together. But to wrap it up I love listening to your podcasts while playing with my baby plus it is probably affecting my baby’s brain i a positive way. Win Win 🙂