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TMHS 81: Tips for Dining Out at Restaurants, Family Get Togethers & How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

The word ‘restaurant’ is derived from the French word restaurer which means to restore. It was originally used in France in the 16th century to describe a thick, inexpensive soup sold by street vendors that were storied to restore your health.

Fast forward to today… The word restaurant now means that I’m probably going to end up bloated and questioning why I ate so much.

Most of the restaurants in the U.S. are geared towards having a party in your mouth by any means necessary. If that means extra sugar, so be it! Extra trans fats and rancid oils, bring it on! Little bits of nutrition, but big chunks of chemicals, additives, and preservatives, let’s go! They want your business, which is fine, but the way they go about doing it is far from the concern of restoring your health.

Is this all restaurants? Of course not, but until the recent wave of more health conscious cooking, most restaurants were operating in the nutritional dark ages.

Fortunately, today we have access to so many amazing restaurants and various food options. Today’s episode is going to help you navigate the world of restaurant dining so that you can go out to eat, have a good time, and feel like fit, sexy beast when you leave there.

Speaking of navigating, holiday get togethers can be one of the roughest health terrains to maneuver. Making it through the holidays without packing on the extra pounds would be like seeing a double rainbow, buying a winning lottery ticket, or seeing Flava Flav win Dancing with the Stars. Hey, anything can happen, but it’s not very likely!

So what do we do when the holiday pies are stacked against us? You’re actually going to be surprised at how easy this is if you have the right strategies in your hands. You are going to be able to enjoy the holiday, eat the amazing foods that you love, and still come out looking great at the end.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why chocolate is actually one of the healthiest foods you can find.
  • 8 healthy tips for dining out at restaurants.
  • What new shift has taken place with restaurants all over the country.
  • How to use the “Pick 3” strategy to eat healthily at restaurants.
  • What beverage mistake can cause you to store more fat during your meal.
  • Why you need to focus on hormones more than calorie consumption.
  • Whether you should or shouldn’t consume beverages with your meals.
  • What the best appetizer at a restaurants is.
  • What hormone will help you to feel more satiated during your meal.
  • How to INSTANTLY upgrade the quality of your meals (keep some of these with you!)
  • What digestive supplement I keep with me at all times.
  • The best strategy for dealing with desserts when dining out.
  • The mistake people make when trying to “work off” the food they’ve eaten.
  • 5 holiday health tips to help you maintain your vitality and fitness.
  • How to defend yourself against overeating later in the day.
  • The very best foods to eat for breakfast.
  • Why self-control may not be the best strategy for making healthy choices during holidays.
  • How humans have three different brains in one.
  • How to easily create healthier versions of your favorite holiday foods.

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