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807: Shrink Your Fat Cells & Fix Your Metabolism – With Dr. Benjamin Bikman

TMHS 74: 5 Tips to Overcome any Obstacle You’re Faced With – Get Better Health, Finances, Relationships and More

True wisdom is learning to become friendly with obstacles. Challenges, problems, and unexpected obstacles are all inherent in the development of a human being.

We can choose to tussle with them a bit, complain about them constantly, or we can find a way to break through them. Consistently looking for the challenge, and knowing that you have everything you need within you to overcome it, is part of long-term happiness and fulfillment.

The reality is that many people retreat when they are faced with challenges they think are beyond them. Tail between the legs, white flag; the whole nine yards to show they have given up. We have to come to a conclusion at some point that the challenges in our lives aren’t there to break us, they are actually there to develop us in ways that we never knew were possible before.

You have gifts, talents, capacities, skills, ideas, and so much more that are dormant within you unless you have the right stimulus to bring them out. Why come up with an idea to improve the quality of your life if everything is all comfy and cozy? That idea wouldn’t be needed… It needs a spark. And that spark usually shows up dressed in obstacle pants. Hey, do these new obstacle pants make me look fat?

Don’t answer that…

On today’s show you’re going to get a high-powered degree on overcoming obstacles and challenges that show up in your life. With what you learn today, you’ll be better prepared to create unstoppable health, abundant finances, and powerful relationships for many years to come.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the “invisible barrier” is and how it can block our progress.
  • Why chewing your food is so important to digestion (even liquids!)
  • What 6 missing resources we often attribute to our failures.
  • Six powerful stories that demonstrate the do’s and don’ts of overcoming obstacles in life.
  • Why creativity is crucial to solving most problems.
  • How resourcefulness can be used in place of resources to achieve your goals.
  • Why we need to learn to put ourselves first (and why it’s the least selfish thing you can do!)
  • What learned helplessness is and how to break out of it.
  • Why humans are actually hard-wired to look for problems.
  • How knowing “why” something works can anchor it into your life.
  • The 2 ways that we can condition our brains to make lasting change.
  • 5 tips to overcome any obstacle you’re faced with.
  • What habits actually are (this is powerful!)
  • What a huge recent challenge meant to me (and why we get to choose our meaning.)
  • What you can do to center yourself and get back on track.
  • How to use accountability to breakthrough obstacles.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Hi Shawn,

    Yes, the podcast episode finally showed up this morning! 🙂 Will let you know if there are issues again.

    Hi Emily, hope the issue is also resolved for you.


  2. This podcast episode didn’t show up in the iTunes podcast app! I knew you won’t miss a show for no reason and I found it here! 🙂 Thank you for all the great shows!

    1. iTunes did the same to me, but only with Shawn’s podcast. I keep checking it to see what’s going on, an explanation, or what, but you’re the only other one I know of who’s had the same issue. Glad I could find it outside of iTunes!

    2. Justin, I’ve been over, under, around, in it, and through it with iTunes recently lol! So happy you checked over here for the episode (so fittingly titled overcoming obstacles). The issue with the feed is likely resolved for you, so please check your iTunes subscriptions for my show and you should see episode 74 (this one) there. Episodes 75 and 76 are coming soon, so I want to make sure that everything is back online for you to receive them. Please let me know after you check, and have an amazing day!

  3. In this episode, rewarding yourself is mentioned as a way to keep on track. My problem is that I can think of no good way to reward myself. Either I can do it whenever I want anyway, or it would take something away from another goal that I want to accomplish. For instance, you mentioned food rewards not usually being good because it would take away from your fitness goals, well spending a day at the spa would take away from my financial goals, as well as my goals for a long term project I’m working on because it would take time away from that. I just don’t see how any reward I can think of wouldn’t also hurt me in another way. Suggestions? Comments?

    1. JJ, for every action there is a consequence. This is a law of nature. The only thing that we need to realize is that “consequence” doesn’t have to mean something bad.

      Any and all things that would inspire you to take an action you need to take are applicable rewards. You simply have to have the awareness to not do yourself TRUE harm in them. A wonderful meal is a worthy reward… I buffet at Pizza Hut is not (I went to one when I was a kid… best time ever… minus the food coma i had afterwards lol)

      Massage is great. It’s an investment if you frame it correctly in your own mind. Plus, you don’t always have to pay for it if you’ve got a homie-lover-friend in your life.

      Thanks for sharing, and I hope that helps!


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