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TMHS 44: Chiropractic Health & Wellness – Why Chiropractic Help Is Great For Far More Than Back Pain

In this episode of The Model Health Show we’re discussing the many benefits of chiropractic care. The field of chiropractic has been around for over 100 years as a safe, reliable form of patient diagnosis, treatment and prevention. It has grown rapidly in public awareness and appreciation in the last decade, and today we’re going to shine a spotlight on why that is.

Many people are surprised to hear that several of the world’s elite athletes have a doctor of chiropractic in their corner at all times. Numerous professional sports teams have a chiropractor on staff to help ensure the health and wellness of the players. Maybe it might be obvious for athletic injury or trauma, but chiropractors care for their patients far beyond back problems.

As you’ll find out in today’s show, chiropractic care can treat and even reverse chronic issues that conventional medicine often struggles with. Whether or not you’re experienced in chiropractic care, you’re going to learn a lot from this show, and hopefully have your health improved as a result of it.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What the real purpose of chiropractic is.
  • How chiropractic care actually works (this is profound!)
  • How stem cells work to regenerate tissues.
  • Why the internal environment of the body is critical in the healing process.
  • Why it’s better to treat the person than to treat conditions.
  • Why chiropractic tends to focus more on educating patients than treating symptoms.
  • How your spine and nervous system are intimately connected.
  • What subluxations are and what can cause them.
  • How chiropractic adjustments influence your major organs (heart, lungs, kidneys, etc).
  • How Superman slowly lost his life (serious ah-ha moment here!)
  • The secret of how one of the most popular blood pressure medications is made.
  • Why chiropractic adjustments are important even when you’re not in pain.

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