TMHS 213: The 4 Barriers To Break Through When Building Your Body And Your Life

Before you have a physical transformation, you must first have a mental transformation.

All change begins in our mind. So, change your mind and change your life. It sounds pretty simple, right? But trying to change your mind can be like an American Ninja Warrior obstacle course. There are barriers, pitfalls, and outlandish obstacles scattered throughout the process. Real change, lasting change, is really about being prepared to navigate these obstacles. In fact, there may be nothing more important on your path to success than becoming skilled at moving past the curveballs that life throws at you.

In this episode we’re going to detail the 4 barriers to break through when changing your body and your life. Often times these barriers can be hiding in plain sight, sabotaging your progress. Today we’re going to bring these things to light and, most importantly, provide you with tools and insights to blast through these barriers with a vengeance.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why your gut microbiome is very much like a rain forest.
  • Why knowing what to do to be healthy doesn’t matter very much.
  • How putting things off can slow down huge progress in your life.
  • How Lil Jon helped Jade overcome her hesitation (yeaaaaah!).
  • Why our survival needs and lethargy are intimately connected.
  • When you can get a permission slip for laziness.
  • Why it’s important to link your movement and exercise to something bigger.
  • Why time management is a misnomer.
  • How our devices can separate us from someone important.
  • How social media creates a hormonal soup in your brain.
  • The difficult thing that all successful people face (but they consistently defeat it).
  • How our self-esteem controls our performance.
  • 5 vital tips to overcome self-doubt.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  • 23 Apr 2017, 2:19 pm

    I just have to share this little tip. When you were talking about devices and using something other than a phone for an alarm, not using devices first thing in the morning, etc, well, I have figured out something that works pretty well for me. First, I have a Fitbit, so I use that for my alarm, but it’s so tempting to check my Fitbit stats, then see how my accountability partners are doing in our FB group, etc. instead, I downloaded a goal tracker and made it a goal not to use my phone (except for opening my prayer list or a devotional book) before I have had prayer time in the morning. Then after I have had my prayer time, I get to mark off that I met my goal for the day (yes, on my phone), thus giving me a dopamine hit for doing the right thing! And it’s amazing how much easier it is to stay on track after that and save checking into everything for later in the day.

    Love your show(, btw. It’s my favorite podcast to listen to while I run.

    • Shawn
      26 Apr 2017, 12:55 pm

      Lisa, this is SUCH a great share! Amazing how you created that little positive feedback loop.

      Thanks for taking me on the runs with you! 😉