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TMHS 794: How Other People Impact Your Biochemistry and Health

TMHS 208: The One Minute Workout with Dr. Martin Gibala

Saying that this will change your life is an understatement. What we were taught about conventional exercise is running people into the ground (literally) and our society isn’t any healthier as a result of it.

Today you’re going to get the truth about the most important form of exercise for human health and fitness. It’s so effective that it’s almost unbelievable. So unbelievable, in fact, that I had to hunt down the world’s foremost expert on the subject to have him break it down for us. And he didn’t pull any punches!

You’re about to find out what The One Minute Workout is all about. Plus, you’re going to discover how Dr. Martin Gibala can get you fitter and healthier 10 times faster than any traditional program ever could. This eye-opening episode is loaded with insights, so click play, take good notes, and enjoy!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The surprising history of interval training.
  • How to do Wingates to radically boost your fitness levels.
  • How to actually increase the number of mitochondria (energy “power plants”) you have in your cells.
  • Why one minute of hard exercise can get you the same benefits as 150 minutes of conventional steady state cardio (this is mind-blowing!).
  • The truth about your VO2 Max and why it’s important.
  • The little known impact that HIIT has on your aerobic fitness.
  • How HIIT influences muscle fiber recruitment.
  • The surprising benefits of interval walking.
  • How many days a week you should incorporate HIIT.
  • Whether or not you should do HIIT and resistance training on the same day.
  • What exercise snacking is.
  • Whether or not interval training is safe for people with heart conditions.
  • The best way to warm up for your training session.
  • The very best ways to do HIIT for maximum results.


Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  2. I love your programs. I find myself going on ‘rabbit trails’ to listen to programs you have listed in the show notes 🙂
    I am so glad you had Jade Teta on. I am learning so much about metabolism from his own programs too.
    Have you heard of Take Shape For Life & what do you think about it?


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