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TMHS 769: The Surprising Truth About Menopause & Lifestyle Changes for Menopause Symptoms – with Dr. Lisa Mosconi

TMHS 160: 7 Ways To Supercharge Your Breakfast

Breakfast. It’s a word that conjures up an array of emotions for many of us.

It’s tied to getting ready for school or work. It’s tied to time with the family or catching up on the news. It’s tied eating some of our favorite foods or loading up on our nutrition.  But most of all it’s tied to the possibility of a new day.

A conversation in the timeless treatise Winnie the Pooh goes like this:

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh,” said Piglet at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”

“What’s for breakfast?” said Pooh. “What do you say, Piglet?”

“I say, I wonder what exciting is going to happen today?” said Piglet.

Pooh nodded thoughtfully. “It’s the same thing,” he said.”

In many ways Pooh was right (although he was an avid “foodie” long before it was a thing). Breakfast and a new day go hand-in-hand. So, shouldn’t we strive to make that meal as inspirational as possible?

Today’s episode is all about the 7 ways to supercharge your breakfast. You’re going to be equipped with simple tips use can use to start your day off right for the rest of your life.

Each day is an opportunity, and these 7 tips are going to help you stack the conditions in your favor to make sure that your days are full of health, energy, happiness, and success.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The #1 way to connect with other people.
  • The truth about breakfast (is it really the most important meal of the day?).
  • How your first meal impacts your body.
  • What causes overeating the vast majority of the time.
  • Why dietary fats are critical for your brain and nervous system.
  • How Omega 3 fatty acids impact cancer cells.
  • Which foods provide a great source of healthy fats for breakfast.
  • What your microbiome is.
  • Why breakfast is the perfect time to take care of your microbiome.
  • The relationship between breakfast and nutrient deficiency.
  • What type of breakfast was clinically proven to provide more energy throughout the day.
  • How a low carb diet can depress thyroid function.
  • Why you need to carb as needed.


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  1. Hey Shawn, I love love love your podcast! Found you on the urn you’re happy podcast with Lori harder. I just ordered the Organify packs with your code, but it didn’t say anything about getting your book for free. Is this still valid? Please let me know. Love and happiness, Christina

  2. Coupon code for organifi is still not working for me. Any suggestions?

  3. Listed to the podcast while driving. Now trying to remember all the things to include in breakfast. I figure a casserole is the easiest way to get most of them in. What am I forgetting? Avocado or coconut milk for fat, eggs for protein, kale and spinach for green veggies, mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers for other vegetables, a little sweet potato. Perhaps some berries with lemon on the side. I think that covers 6/7 things from the podcast. What is the 7th? PS: just replaced the light bulbs in my bedroom lamps with red led lights after listening to the podcast on sleep tips.

  4. Your show is life-changing for me. I love your content. This episode was fantastic! The code is working. I can’t wait to get my free copy of Sleep Smarter with my new Organifi. I already own the Kindle version but now with the hard copy I can re-read without exposure to blue light and also I can share it with others. Great life-altering book for sure. You are incredible Shawn. Thanks for you do for us.

  5. Hey Shawn, absolutely loving the podcast! Just wanted to let you know, the Promo Code is not working. The site says the code is not valid when I enter it. Please let me know if & when this is fixed, would love to try the product and get your book as a bonus! Thanks for all you & Jade do 🙂

    1. Hi Paulina! Thanks for letting us know. We have fixed the code. Try it now 🙂

  6. Is the organifi coupon code still active or did I miss out? Haha

    Thank you for this killer episode!

    1. Thank you Dean! Yep the coupon code (modelhealth) is working now.. Give it a try!

  7. Hey Shawn! Great show – as always! I just tried to order the Organifi using the code modelhealth and their website says the coupon code is not valid. Any insight?


    1. Hi Dawn, thanks for letting us know.. yep, the code is working now. Cheers to Green Juice!

  8. Man…I can still feel the juice of life and laughter coursing through my veins as my biz brother Eddie Aguilar and I got the chance to hang with you at the AZ book signing. To watch you so deeply and personally connect with each individual during the Q and A as well as the book signing…it was awe inspiring. Keep up those smooth grooves of success Shawn. God bless!


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