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TMHS 155: The Perfect Day Formula How to Own the Day & Control Your Life with Craig Ballantyne

Have you ever had a perfect day?

It’s a day where everything seems to be in your favor. You accomplish all of the things you want. You feel happy and fulfilled. And you go to bed at night wishing that everyday can be just like this.

Aaaaah… It’s a day that has that new car smell. It’s feeling like you have the Midas touch. It’s when life is just flat out awesome.

So, why can’t we have more perfect days like that? Well, the obvious answer is because a lot of crap happens in our life, and it can take our wish of a perfect day and throw it right into the garbage disposal.

The less obvious answer is because we forfeited having our perfect day because we didn’t know the simple, proven steps to create it. The breaking news flash today is that we CAN construct more perfect days. But we have to decide to stop spending our days playing the game of crap-dodgeball that life is flinging at us. We have to be proactive and activate The Perfect Day Formula. And you’re about to meet just the man to help you do it.

Craig Ballantyne has long been admired in the fitness industry for helping people with busy lives and little time to achieve the physical results they want. In recent years he’s shifted his focus to helping people achieve the life they want, and not just the body they want (but you can still have that too). 🙂

He’s here today to share the ins and outs of The Perfect Day Formula to help you 1) identify what a perfect day means to you 2) implement simple strategies to help you create your perfect day and 3) execute on accomplishing what you want! This is a powerful episode to say the least, so tune in, take good notes, and grab these keys to creating your perfect day.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What inspired Craig to create one of the most successful fitness programs of all-time.
  • Why it’s important to decide who you want to help.
  • What triggered Craig to shift his focus from fitness to personal development.
  • What The Perfect Day Formula is.
  • Why most of our days can tend to lack noticeable results and progress.
  • How the 3-C Formula works.
  • One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they first wake up in the morning.
  • Why creating strict rules for yourself actually give you a lot more freedom.
  • What the 5 Pillars of Personal Transformation are (this is important!).
  • How planning and preparation set apart the people who succeed from those who don’t.
  • How professional accountability and social support differ (and why they are crucial to success!).
  • Why you must find a meaningful incentive.
  • What “The Big Deadline” is.
  • What some of the common underlying causes of anxiety are.
  • How to break away from unhealthy ideas of perfection.
  • What Craig’s biggest mistake has been in his career.
  • One simple thing you can do to begin creating your perfect day more often.


Items mentioned in this episode include:

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