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TMHS 153: Stop Calorie-Counting & Yo-Yo Dieting, & Gain Nutritional Serenity with Jonathan Bailor

The first time I tried to lose weight it was by drinking Slim-Fast shakes. The marketing said, “Have a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and then have a sensible dinner.”

I gulped down that sludge of artificial nutrition, followed the plan, and the pounds started coming off. I was happy that it was working. But my victory was short lived.

Being on that plan, and focusing on calories rather than nutrition, left me with a ferocious appetite that would see me overeat at the end of the day… and then a snack… and another snack… until my willpower just couldn’t take it anymore. Drinking that can of liquid denial was leaving me nutrient deficient, anxious, and ultimately blocking my weight loss efforts.

You see, it didn’t matter that I was a good person. It didn’t matter that I really wanted to lose weight. It didn’t matter that I tried really hard. Not a single one of those things matter because if my goal is one way, but my plan is taking me in the opposite direction, I’m ultimately going to end up somewhere that I don’t want to be.

Really great, smart people fall victim to clever marketing all the time, especially in the weight loss arena. It’s something so visceral, and so desirable for all of us to feel comfortable in our own skin that we’ll cut corners and buy into the next new fad diet without giving it a second thought.

We try, we fail, but we don’t really seem to learn the lesson in this dirty dieting dance. But today that’s all about to change.

Our guest on this episode is the New York Times bestselling author of The Calorie Myth, Jonathan Bailor. He’s on today to drop some serious knowledge bombs when it comes to our mindset and beliefs around losing weight. After checking out this episode, make sure to check the links below for access to his past appearances on the show and special admission to his free half-day masterclass.

Our weight loss battles do not have to be fought alone. True, no one else can do your push-ups for you, but good friends and mentors who really care can guide the way, keep you accountable, and help you change your mind so that you can truly change your body.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why basing your diet around calorie counting can set you up for failure.
  • What nutritional serenity is.
  • Why obesity in not an effort problem.
  • How drinking gasoline can give you a huge understanding of how calories work (crazy, but you’ll see why!).
  • How type 1 diabetes makes you starve to death.
  • Why understanding your goals is critical to the weight loss approach you take.
  • What important weight loss lesson you can learn from Oprah Winfrey.
  • Why calories matter, yet you might want to stop calorie counting and do this instead.
  • Why “slowing down the problem” is not a real solution.
  • What the 3 biggest economic burdens are in our world today (this is shocking!).

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  1. WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! What an amazing show this was! Such perspective. What a powerful message!


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