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TMHS 4: Help Me Sleep! 21 Ways to Cure Your Sleep Problems Part 1

In this episode we go in-depth on specific strategies to help you sleep. It’s been reported that nearly 50% of our society has problems sleeping, so this is a HUGE topic to cover.

It’s a huge issue, but most people with sleep problems aren’t talking about it. They just get used to not having energy, feeling foggy headed, and dragging themselves through the day.

Most of us are unaware that poor sleep quality is linked to weight gain, diabetes, memory loss, depression, and even cancer.

Lack of sleep is serious business, so if you’re not sleeping well then this show is going to be a lifesaver.

One of the first things that my clients report to me, whether they came in for a heart condition, weight loss, or something else, is that they are sleeping better. The quality of your sleep is a big determinant of your health and vitality. And if you’re not sleeping well then you’re not healing well.

In my popular article on the topic of sleep I covered 21 powerful tips to help you get the best sleep ever. We’re about to take that list to another level with this special 3-part series kicking off today with part-1.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why there’s a proven link between poor sleep quality and obesity.
  • Why being in an “anabolic state” is important and how sleep makes it happen.
  • How sunlight influences your hormones to help you sleep better.
  • What hazardous spectrum of light from your electronic devices is giving you major sleep problems.
  • A free app for your electronic devices that can protect your sleep hormone cycles.
  • Why the *half-life” of caffeine can be wrecking your sleep.
  • What thermoregulation is and why your body does it.
  • What the perfect room temperature for getting the best sleep is.
  • How you can get more rejuvenating effects of sleep by going to bed at this specific time.
  • Why creating a sleep cycle is so beneficial and how to do it.

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