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TMHS 143: How The Quality Of Your Sleep Impacts The Health Of Your Relationships

When you’re sleep deprived, you’re not yourself. No… I mean really not yourself.

There’s a big impact on your brain, hormones, and we’ll just say “emotional stability” that a lack of sleep can play. So much so that top researchers have dove in to discover just how socially messed up poor sleep can make us.

Today you’re about to discover how your sleep impacts the health of your relationships in ways that you could never have imagined. Even though some of the research is a little unsettling (and a whole lot surprising), it really shouldn’t come as that big of a shock to us. We all know that other people (but not you, of course) who can get grumpy, irritable, and even out-right mean when they are tired. Other people (but not you, of course) can end up being unreasonable, argue for no reason, and even act more negative and pessimistic when they’re sleep deprived.

We’ve all seen it, but we may not have caught it because we weren’t paying attention to the details surrounding the situation (namely that the person is tired). And even though it isn’t you who would normally become the big bad wolf when you’re tired, this is a wake up call to see just how you may have done some things and said some things in the heat of a sleepy stupor that really were not in your normal character. Why does this matter so much? Well, our relationships are everything. From our relationships at work, to our relationships with family, to our most intimate romantic relationships, our health and our sleep quality play a big part of them every day.

Today you’re going to find out what’s going on behind the scene, plus some insights to make sure you’re showing up as your best self in the relationships that matter most.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • What part of the brain is responsible for the aggregation of negative emotions.
  • How your brain works to stop you from saying or doing all of the crazy things you might think up.
  • How sleep deprivation handicaps your ability to see from another person’s point of view.
  • Why lack of sleep is clinically proven to make you overly emotional.
  • What causes your brain to react to negative images (even when they are not a real threat).
  • How sleep deprivation changes the way you react to perceived criticism.
  • The surprising impact that sleep deprivation has on positive emotions.
  • How your quality of sleep impacts your intimate relationship.
  • Why arguments become much more likely when you’re tired (this is funny, but true!).
  • What sleep “quality” really means.
  • Why lack of sleep can be a major problem for important jobs in the workforce.
  • Why your partner’s sleep quality can disrupt your health and happiness as well.
  • What simple solutions you can use to reduce snoring problems.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. I have fallen in love with your podcasts. I have fallen in love with all the information about sleep that you have been sharing. It was really important to me and I definitely have tried to focus on quality versus quantity.
    I am mom of a 1 year old. I commute an hour to work. I am a wife. I am trying to find a balance with all my responsibilities and making sure that I get sleep.
    But I have a challenge for you. Can you address how to help new moms and dads who are lacking sleep. How do we keep our sanity when we are trying to get our babies on a sleep schedule? How do we get our sleep when babies/toddlers get sick? How do we ensure that babies are getting quality sleep so moms and dads can get quality sleep?
    Please help. I find this was the biggest struggle for me. Some nights my baby does well and some nights he needs me more. The baby won’t go to daddy in the middle of the night so it is all on me.
    I find that exercise is my only form of stress relief but in order to get it done, I have to get up at 3 am. Then I get to bed by about 8:30 pm. I know not great but quality over quantity now!!
    Please help me and other moms get more sleep…

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  3. Shawn, come back to tune in this morning and boom – you’ve used another of our images! It’s a sign, I’m convinced! But what is the universe trying to tell me? Many things probably, but to keep tuning into you and Jade is definitely. Love you guys all the way from Cork, Ireland. Mwah!

    1. Anna, that just made my day even better! Love the synchronicities… keep following those signs! 🙂


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