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801: 10 Fitness Secrets Every Busy Parent Needs to Know

TMHS 131: My Story Of Healing: The Soul And Science Of Transforming Your Health

This is my story. There was a time when I didn’t think that my story mattered. There was a time when I didn’t think that I mattered… Today I’m sharing the story of how I was able to breakthrough mind, body, and spirit, and how you can too.

Many things that I’m sharing in this episode I haven’t shared publicly before. It wasn’t the easiest thing to talk about at some points, but if anyone can glean some wisdom or insight from it then I’d do it all over again 100 times.

I ask that you share this episode with someone you care about who may be in a place of struggle. Whether it’s with their health, their relationship, their finances, or anything else, I truly feel that this will be a much needed gift to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Enjoy, take care, and talk soon.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why your genetic expression is heavily influenced by your lifestyle.
  • How my diet choices were deeply ingrained at a young age.
  • Why young kids are in a kind of hypnotic trance.
  • What caused me to break my hip when I was 15 years old.
  • What disease diagnosis nearly destroyed my life.
  • Why food matters far more than conventional medicine admits.
  • What my lifestyle was like after my diagnosis (it wasn’t pretty!)
  • The conventional medical treatments I used.
  • Why hitting rockbottom was a great thing for me.
  • What my biggest catalyst for changing my health was.
  • What my initial nutrition changes were and how they impacted my health.
  • How stem cells played a huge role in my recovery.
  • What the different types of stem cells are and how they work.
  • What special things need to be present for stem cells to function.
  • powerful correspondence I had with a friend who was dealing with a challenging health issue.
  • Why movement is so critical to healing.
  • The surprising impact that getting healthier had on my relationships.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Years ago I had an injury to my atlas/axis and it’s weak on my right side. Are there any exercises I can do to avoid forward head posture?

  2. Shawn thank you for your podcast. I’ve implemented several thinks form your podcasts. I especially benefited from your water master class. Thanks!
    I share your message with others but I find if they aren’t ready to receive it nothing will happen.

    You mentioned that you started your recovery 2 1/2 years after you went down hill.

    I injured my lower back 25 years ago. Is it too late to recover?

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  4. Thanks for the great podcast Shawn. I have been chronically ill for 14 years now. I understood you are also not coming from a wealthy background, so how can you afford eating like this especially with a family? I can barelyafford to eat like this by myself…I can work a little from home and I spend everything I have on supplements and food which I do not mind but there are times when I am out of money at the 15th of the month….

  5. Shawn,
    Thank you so much for your story, it provides me hope in my own struggles. Do you have any resources you can direct me to in terms of biotoxin illness and overcoming the genetic suitability to it?

    Thank you for all you do!

  6. Hi Shawn!,

    What a great show! Thank you for putting it all out there and sharing so much of your life experiences with your me. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable.

    I too was a major candy junkie (and still have a bit of a sweet tooth) and didn’t eat well until I hit my 30s. At 35, I herniated a disc in my neck as the result of an accident. My x-rays revealed that I had cervical spinal stenosis and some degeneration. I went through a lot of PT which also included having my spine stretched in some crazy, mid evil-like stretching apparatus. I really thought they were going to pull my head right off my body. 🙂

    I gave up running at the recommendation of two doctors. It’s been almost 10 years since the accident and diagnosis. Despite having a fairly stiff neck most of the time, I still work out at least 3x per week, compete in aquabike events, and teach indoor cycling.

    If there are things I can do to improve my spinal health, I’m in 100%! I look forward to learning more about my stem cells and how I can help them, help me.

    Thanks again for sharing your expertise and producing yet another informative, life changing podcast.

    Warm regards,


    1. Liz, thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story with me. I truly do admire how you haven’t taken this sitting down and you are still very active despite what happened. Right now it’s just about stacking the conditions in your favor. Adding in some of the additional small things that jump out at you during the show may do wonders in combination with what you are already doing.

  7. Hey Shawn!
    First and foremost, I absolutely love and dig your podcast. Your info is unmatched …comparing to Benton, Asprey, Michaels , Starrett, Elrod, Ferriss, Howes…. .and more …. all of you have incredible info and I listen to all but yours has the IT factor. And as an avid lover of health that reaches the mind, body, spirit, soul levels and as a physical therapist… your info adds depth to my daily life as a human and as a DPT. So thank you!

    This episode really affected me due to hearing the struggle you had in getting the correct care for your lumbar spine and DDD/ herniated discs. I have my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and see many patients struggling w this same diagnosis. I wanted to send you some info and links on a specific theory and mode of PT that is backed by research and years of study. It goes back to this PT named Robin Mckenzie who discovered that there are particular positions and directional preferences for the spine that help to decompress the nerves from the affects of bulging and herniated discs. This is not traction, which is only temporary. Robin discovered this big system by mistake; treating patients….having someone come in and lie prone on his stomach in extreme extension. I wont go into that story; but maybe you can look that up….it is fascinating!!

    Anyhow…wanted to send you some resources for you and your listeners and anyone in your personal life that may encounter this because unfortunately with our lifestyles; this happens often.

    The books: Treat Your Own Back and Treat your Own Neck– by Robin Mckenzie
    website: — this website will allow people to find PTs that are trained in this system/ method …so that they get the correct care for DDD and disc issues.

    Also your info on MOVING AND WALKING for these patients….. in particular… (for all really) is also so key! I completely agree and give that to my patients once we centralize that peripheral nerve pain in their leg (s).

    Anyways…hope you are open to this and thank you again for all the good work you do! Keep doin the thang!

    1. Summer, I love you! Thank you so much for this message and adding to the conversation as well. You have no idea how much I appreciate you taking the time to connect and share. I’ll definitely look into this more and DEFINITELY keep delivering the good stuff. 😉


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