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TMHS 67: 5 Helth & Performance Tips for Entrepreneurs (& Anyone Interested in High Performance Overall)

Whether you consider yourself an entrepreneur or not, there are facets of your life that you need to run the lead on. You may be the CEO of a major organization, or the CEO of your house and kids. The word entrepreneur comes from the French word entreprende which means ‘to undertake’. When you undertake the responsibility of being the boss, it’s essential that you know how to keep your health and energy up to par.

Many entrepreneurs don’t do well because they don’t feel well. Many more entrepreneurs have no idea about the profits and impact they’re leaving on the table because they don’t have the energy to move on opportunities when they present themselves. As a matter of fact, they are missing on opportunities left and right because they can’t even see them in the first place!

There is a story of a man walking along who was always frustrated, irritated, and in poor health. He tripped over something sticking up out of the ground, and cursed at it as he stumbled to catch his balance. He never looked down, just continued on in his agitation and frustration on how life would not cut him a break.

There was another man who was considered an optimist walking along. He was in good health, happy, and tended to look for the best in things. He went walking down the same path as the frustrated man and tripped over the same thing sticking up out of the ground. He caught his balance, looked down to see what it was, and it was a piece of gold that had been wedged into the earth. He exclaimed, “This is my lucky day!”, and reached down, dug the piece of gold out, and went on about his day.

This story illustrates that the world is what it is. And depending on your own unique perception, you’ll either see abundant opportunities or you’ll continue to see problems everywhere you go. Both are existing simultaneously, but it’s up to you to support yourself in seeing the good, because no one else is going to do it for you.

There is a huge wave of executives and entrepreneurs that are shifting their focus to self-care so that they can show up better in their business and lives. They understand that their energy and focus can make the difference between them and the next person who can out hustle them, out produce them, and out think them because their health is lagging.

They understand that they need to be on top of their game to see the opportunities surrounding them. This is your opportunity, today, to find out some of the secrets of some of the most productive people in the world. What things are they doing to keep stress in check? What things are they doing to keep their energy levels high? What things are they utilizing to perform at their very best. You’re about to learn that and more right now!

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How reviewing and relistening to empowering messages can change your brain.
  • What it really means to be an entrepreneur.
  • What mental switch you need to flip on to go from working at a job to being an entrepreneur (this is life-changing!)
  • The 5 health and performance tips for entrepreneurs (and anyone interested in high performance).
  • Why many businesses are implementing stress management programs for employees.
  • How meditation improves your focus (the scientific proof).
  • Stress management practices you can use to radically reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  • The #1 source of health insurance that you need (this is critical!)
  • Why you need to have plenty of living food in your diet.
  • Why inactivity is an even stronger indicator for illnesses than cigarette smoking.
  • The impact that sitting has on joint mobility, insulin sensitivity, and cardiovascular health.
  • Health tips for entrepreneurs to be more active during the day.
  • How your work environment can be destroying your health.
  • 2 quick tips to improve the air quality in your workspace.
  • How your self-image and self-talk can impact your performance.
  • How technology and being an entrepreneur can make you lose touch in relationships.
  • 3 simple ways that you can improve relationships and connection while working.

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  1. Solid Article. Just what I needed. Found your blog/podcast from Pat Flynn at SPI. You’re now on my top podcasts to listen to during my morning and afternoon workouts.

    1. Craig, that’s so awesome! Happy that I get to workout with you my man. A whole lot of greatness is in store!

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  4. Hey Shawn

    I reached over to you through Pat’s podcast. Amazing interview with Pat, which lead me to this interview.

    You got tons of valuable information. bought your book and started reading. mind blowing new information with your scientifically proven research.

    my producitity is already increased by following the few technqies i.e. sunlighttt and caffeine curfew.

    thanks for great content. I will follow you.


  5. Loved this episode, first one I’ve listened to. I love thinking about caring for our employees (as a freelancer, it’s just me), thinking about how I need to build that in to what I’m doing for the time when this business is more on the agency level, making sure my employees will have the high standards of health as well.


    1. Nate, that is truly powerful. It’s exciting to think about how successful and enjoyable a business can be when everyone feels good.

  6. Love the reminder to keep our ass-ets working 🙂

    I find Pomodoro Technique to be a great way to organise my working day to fit in with these tips. It forces a 5-minute break every half hour – perfect for destressin or, to do some quick exercise, or call a friend…

  7. Excellent episode. Truly enjoying your podcast. I’ve learned so much and made some changes in my lifestyle. Keep up the great work.

    1. Will do, and thank you! I just had a peek at your site and your pictures are beautiful. 🙂

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  11. LOVED this episode. Extremely helpful. Also, was nice to listen to as I look out the window and get some administrative stuff done : ) thank you, so glad I found you.

    1. Thank you, Leah, I’m so glad you found me as well 🙂
      Much more greatness is on the way!


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