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TMHS 3: The Truth About Breast Cancer – Share this with Every Woman You Know!

In this episode of The Model Health Show we get into a serious conversation about breast cancer, the treatments, prevention, and underlying causes. Most of the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer aren’t given the courtesy of actually knowing how the cancer in their body was created. This show is going to shine a whole new light on that.

If you’re life has been impacted by breast cancer, or any type of cancer for that matter, then this show is going to have a huge influence on you for many years to come. Not only do we take an in-depth look at the underlying causes of cancer, but we also get into specifics about reversing cancer and preventing cancer in the first place.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why breast cancer rates have skyrocketed in the last few decades.
  • What percentage of breast cancers are actually due to genetic mutations (this will shock you!)
  • How the function of your immune system is intimately related to cancer.
  • The 6 critical distinctions to understand about how cancer is created and how it operates.
  • Where the actual cancer mutations originate in your body.
  • What actually controls whether or not a cancer gene gets expressed.
  • How your cellular “sewage system” functions and the role in plays in cancer prevention.
  • What nutrient source cancer cells feed on (over than 30 times more than normal cells).
  • What proven carcinogens (cancer causing agents) are elevating your cancer risk.
  • How estrogen plays a key role in causing OR protecting against cancer.
  • The 7 uncompromising things that need to be done to prevent and reverse cancer.
  • Why genetically modified foods and food additives need to be avoided.
  • What dehydration does to your DNA (and gene expression).
  • What specific nutrients have been clinically proven to prevent and reverse cancer.
  • The truth about the BRCA1 gene and its role in creating cancer.
  • How chronic stress effects your body and contributes to cancer development.
  • Action steps to take if you’ve been diagnosed or are concerned about cancer prevention.

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