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What’s REALLY The Best Drinking Water?

The best drinking water for the human body has been the focus of a huge debate. This informative video shares information on the municipal tap water system and the ineffectiveness of water filters. You’ll also learn about the process of hydration and aquaporins, as well as valuable information on bottled water, well water, and living spring water.

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  1. where should I order water from or get water from? what filter would you recommend?

  2. Great info! What would you recommend for those of us living in a metropolitan area? Any current water filter systems that are worth the investment?

  3. Hey Shawn.

    What do you keep your spring water in? And how many ‘bottles’ would you need for the average week of recommended daily consumption for just yourself.

    I’m going to go to a spring but need to know this first haha

  4. Thanks for the info the search for local springs is on. Would you suggest also filtering that water? Thanks!

  5. Great information Shawn. I live in Los Angeles and I’m considering getting home delivery service from arrowhead. Do you think there may be a better solution that would be practical for a household that consumes a couple gallons of water a day or do you think this would be the way to go? Thanks!


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