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799: Why Body Fat, Inflammation, & Disease is Skyrocketing Because of Vegetable Oil – With Dr. Cate Shanahan

TMHS 102: Creating Unstoppable Success And The Miracle Morning – With Hal Elrod

There are four words in the human language that are destroying people’s lives everyday.

To realize what these four words are, we have to first realize that we are not a victim of our circumstances, but rather a victim of our own beliefs that are playing havoc in our minds.

One of the biggest issues with achieving what we want is a misdirected self-confidence.

There is a big difference between a healthy self-assuredness and being closed-minded to something that could change your life. Those four extremely dangerous words in the human language are:

“I already know that.”

The insight about these four dangerous words was one of the most powerful things that bestselling author and renown Success Coach Hal Elrod said to me during our conversation.

He’s speaking of a universal truth that all of us can ignore from time-to-time.

When we feel like we’ve already mastered something, or that we’ve “got it handled”, or that it’s old news and not what we need, we immediately shut ourselves off from the possibility of new growth and success.

The reality is, we may think we already know something, but if we’re not applying it in our lives then it’s really just a theory. It’s not something we truly know.

Knowledge is not power. The application of knowledge is power. So today you’re going to learn how to apply the things you want on a consistent basis to lead you to the life you truly deserve.

Hal is an amazing teacher with an amazing story, and knows firsthand the value of having a daily strategy for success and consistent execution. This can be a real game-changer to say the least. So, grab a notebook, listen in, and find out how creating miracle days begins with creating Miracle Mornings.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • How challenges and setbacks can lead to better results in your life.
  • Why getting your shoes from Payless can eventually make you rich.
  • How Hal survived a devastating car accident where he was pronounced dead for 6 minutes.
  • How Hal’s attitude in the hospital enabled him to walk again when the doctors said it was not going to happen.
  • What the “5-Minute Rule” is and why it’s so effective for getting through challenges.
  • How acceptance of what is can unlock the door to success and happiness.
  • Why you must line up your LC (Life Conditions) and BP (BluePrint) for true life fulfillment.
  • What exercise has to do with success in business and other areas of life.
  • What The Miracle Morning is and how to create your own each day.
  • What the 6 Life SAVERS are.
  • Why some of the most surprising financial success icons attribute their results to meditation.
  • The #1 mistake people make with visualization.
  • A clinically proven way to increase your focus.
  • What blocks most people from real success in their lives.

Items mentioned in this episode include:

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  1. Shawn,
    I found your podcast through Lewis Howes School of Greatness– so happy I did!
    What I sincerely loved about Hal today was his honesty that he reached rock bottom and didn’t have it all. It’s profoundly interesting to look at our society and how we envision success vs. wellness. You can even argue between the two, that a person needs wellness to become successful or to be successful means to live well. It’s a shift among individuals, families, communities, and within the workplace in the US to uphold a person’s wellness as a necessary precursor to “clocking-in.” Clocking into work and life; each other. THANK YOU both for empowering us with the ability to change our mindset to serve. By serving myself I can serve others. I’m learning that the hard way, but nonetheless, I’m so happy to be learning at all. Love & Gratitude–

  2. Just found your podcast recently. I listened to this episode this morning. After having read many of the different self-improvement books out there, the true ah-ha moment came when I heard Hal talk about the 5 minute rule. The 5 minute journal… mind-blowing. I hate writing but I know I can make it happen for at least 5 minutes a day and I’m sure I will grow into the habit to the point where 5 minutes will seem like a small blimp to me. Thanks for the episode!

  3. Hi Shawn,
    Incredible Episode!
    What resonated with me the most was when Hal said “I already know that” but “Am I doing that”. I feel like I need to spend some time thinking about things I know but don’t live by. What needs to be done at all times resides in us.

    Thank you
    Gratitude to both Hal and you.

  4. Annette,

    Thank you so much for being so vulnerable and authentic. The adversity you’ve experienced is definitely extraordinary and would be difficult for anyone to endure. What has helped me embrace and overcome extraordinary adversity is choosing to accept (and be at peace with) EVERYTHING that is out of my control, then maintain a conscious focus on all that I have to be grateful for, and the belief that every experience, good or bad, is an asset if we choose to see it as such.

    Also, it helps me to remember that wherever we are in our lives right now is both temporary, and exactly where we are supposed to be (otherwise we would be somewhere else). So, I encourage you to strive to be at peace with where you are while taking your next step toward where you want to be.

    Although you can’t change the past, you can change everything else. And you are just as worthy, deserving, and capable of creating a happy, healthy, successful life as any other person on earth. I hope that helps!

    With love,
    – Hal

  5. Hello Shawn,
    Thank you so much for such a powerful podcast! This is by far the best one to me due to needing structure with changing and creating positive habits. I’ve been going thru some very personal and emotional issues which has caused me to lose focus and to neglect myself. I have gained weight, stopped exercising and became depressed which had an overlap in every area of my life. I lost my last parent (my mother) in March 2015 and instead of emotionally releasing the loss, became depressed and withdrawn. Prior to that the man that I adored left me without saying goodbye. It felt like my whole world was crashing and I felt abandoned and worthless. I really needed to hear and absorb this message today. At this very moment, I feel like I need to start implementing this Miracle Morning routine. This message has saved my life! Thanks again for giving me hope and direction. You are and will always be my favorite total health/fitness guru!

    1. Annette, there is so mush that I want to say to you, but I’ll make it as simple as this…

      You matter. You matter a lot.

      You deserve to be healthy and happy, and whether you realize it fully or not, some of these changes are opening up space for something new and important. There’s a gift in all of this, and you’ll uncover what it is soon enough by being proactive like this.

      I’m so honored to be a part of your story. Much more good stuff to come 🙂

      You got this!


  6. I appreciate this podcast. It came at the right time like most of your podcasts. I was also feeling irritated by an occurrence in my own life but hearing Hal’s experience made my own experience feel small.. I’m not sure how you do it but opening your emails is almost like opening the bible. Even though I feel like I’m reading something random it usually has something that pertains to my life. Now I just need the faith and courage to apply it.

    1. Jerry, thanks so much for sharing that! Truly powerful stuff. With stories like Hal’s it really helps to put things in perspective of where and who we are right now. Our (most of the time) trivial problems get put into the right light and become a lot more changeable, or acceptable at minimum. Excellent share, Jerry, thank you!

    2. Jerry,

      Thank you for sharing that, and I’m truly grateful that my story helped to give you a new, empowering perspective.

      And comparing Shawn’s emails to the bible is fantastic! Whoever thinks that God stopped sharing his/her word through disciples 2000 years ago doesn’t know Shawn Stevenson! :^)

  7. I woke up this morning grumpy from a business problem yesterday. Put on the Model Health Show during my workout, and…wow. The Five Minute Rule was exactly what I needed to hear! It changed my mindset immediately. I had already been upset much more than five minutes, so my time was up. Awesome episode with Hal. I missed Jade, though! Thanks Shawn!

    1. Vincent, you’re more than welcome. I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear that. What an awesome story! Thank you for being one of the courageous people who put things into action in your life. Much love! Oh, and Jade will be back soon :-).

    2. Vincent, I’m so grateful to hear that!

      The 5-minute Rule has been a game changer for me, so I pay it forward and share it as often as possible.


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