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TMHS 439: 7 Scary Good Messages To Remind You How Powerful You Are

With the uncertainty we’ve all been facing lately, 2020 can feel downright scary. But that doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. Because no matter what’s going on in the world, we all still have potential for growth, happiness, success, and love. Outside conditions don’t hold dominion over your life—only you hold that kind of power.

In this scary good compilation episode, seven experts take an unflinching look at fear. You’ll learn that a little bit of fear is a good thing—it keeps us safe—but living your life in fear isn’t. Our guests cover everything from tuning out fear-mongering to letting go of limiting beliefs so that you can harness the power of fear and change your life for the better.

Making decisions from a place of fear isn’t serving any of us. Instead, I hope this episode helps you open the door to a world where everything that happens to us, the good and especially the bad, is an opportunity for transformation. A lot of scary stuff happened in 2020, but this year is also offering us the unmistakable opportunity to affect change in our own lives and even the world. And when you think about it that way, 2020 might not feel so scary after all.

In this episode you’ll discover:

  • Why 2020 is an opportunity for great change, despite its turbulence.
  • What it means that the earth has been vibrating at a higher frequency over the last 30 years.
  • How fear can be valuable.
  • Why fear-mongering is such an effective business model to get our attention.
  • What an expectation hangover is and how it can lead to healing.
  • Why uncertainty can throw us into chaos.
  • How the questions we ask ourselves dictate our focus.
  • What it means to find the dominant question in your life.
  • Why our brains keep information out to protect us—and how to recalibrate what you allow in.
  • That it’s important to accept terrible things will happen in our lives.
  • How attaching meaning to painful experiences can help us move forward.
  • Why limiting beliefs are like driving with the emergency brake on.
  • How the hormones of stress paralyze creativity. 


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Shawn Stevenson: They're present, the accessibility is there, but where is our attention? And so I want to put this together and to provide to you today seven scary good, scary good messages to remind you of how powerful you are to affect change in your life. It doesn't matter, truly, and I want you to understand this, this is real, it doesn't matter which political candidate is in office, it doesn't matter what's going on with the economics of the land right now, it doesn't matter what's going on with the health construct, you still have power to affect change in your own life, and even in the world at large, you are that powerful, truly, because people probably half the country is going to be upset that this person is in office, half of the country is going to be happy about it, but in truth, we determine the destiny of our own lives. Of course, there are grander ramifications of those things, but regardless of the political candidate, it's up to us as the people, it's up to us. It's up to you and me to change and to affect change the way that we want in the world. We can't just pass this off to four more years of whatever it is or four years of this and that, it's not about that.

It's about what we do on a day-to-day basis. And understanding that, truly, from this day forward, we can as a community, cultivate more happiness, success, altruism in our own lives and our families. Start to raise up our children to be better people so that we're no longer deciding between the lesser of evils, and instead, starting to decide from the greater of goods. We have the opportunity to do that right now, but we have to be reminded, it's okay, all of us, the greats, the most successful of all time to people that we write the stories about, they're good at remembering, but all of us can use a reminder of how powerful we are. So really excited about this episode and to bring these messages to you, because truly, this is the first time this year, in 2020, I've been just so just focused, dedicated on this mission for the past... It's been almost 20 years, 19 years in the field of health and wellness that I didn't really realize until this year, until thanks to 2020 for giving me the opportunity to see this and to truly understand where I'm coming from you just don't see this level of impact.

You don't see this level of success. I'm the first person in my family to graduate from college. I'm the first person in my family to be able to overcome the tremendous amount of obstacles and achieve just a level of health and sovereignty within my own body, everybody around me, every single family member was battling with a chronic health issue. I grew up in that, I was a part of it. I had chronic health issues myself, chronic asthma, I'm hospitalized every year, which was actually low-key fun, because they had a Nintendo there so I didn't mind, but I had the inhalers. I see the movies were the person... They got the inhaler. It might be a James Bond villain. He's super cut-throat, but then his...

He's got that, boy, I was that. I was hardcore, but...

Hit that, so that experience. Having an arthritic condition in my spine in my teens and 20s, it makes no sense. I had no idea how much power I had to affect change in my own life, and most importantly, for this message to affect change in the world around me, and it wasn't until 2020 that I truly, I was able to sit with it and to understand all the clinical work, all the miles, all the travel, all the speaking events, all the hours and research. Just in the past 12 months alone, I've read over a 1000 peer-reviewed studies, and these studies are not tasty, delicious, romantic reads. A lot of this stuff is just arduous, your eyes sweating just going through a lot of data where folks who are in a certain paradigm are writing in this kind of scholarly fashion to look smart, and taking that, and making that into something that is approachable and understandable for everyday folks who really need the information, because what's coming forward right now, and one of these important truth is that when you have very sound peer-reviewed evidence that can transform the entire healthcare system, and it might be based on a particular food or way of eating, it takes on average about 17 years from it to go from study and proven effectiveness to actually being employed and taught in clinical practice. We don't have that kind of time in the words of the poet, Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time for that." We need it now.

We can have access now, we don't have to wait. And so what I truly understood this year was my ability, as we all have, but I understood it for the first time, my ability to change the world. We, each and every one of us has the ability to literally change the entire world. That's the power of an idea, and I got that truly, because in 2016, I had the audacity to publish a book, and what I had to go through just to get that book out when it was a niche idea, it was something... I was kind of, if you're in the know, you might talk about it, but it's very cookie-cutter around it like you need to sleep, you need to get eight hours of sleep, but I created something because of what I saw this gap in health information. Being a nutritionist and seeing folks on incredible nutrition protocols and movement protocols, but if they're not sleeping well, they were not getting the results, and so I felt it was an integrity that I have to talk about this, I have to figure it out for the people I was working with. And then once I saw the results of folks struggling for years with their blood sugar and they're on Metformin, that finally their blood sugar is normalized, naturally.

Somebody's been struggling with their weight for years, sometimes decades, and finally, when we get their nutrition dialed in, they're movement practices and their sleep, unless we got their sleep dialed-in, finally, their weight start to come off. I had to share this information, and so to get that on bookstore shelves, this niche idea by me, having the audacity to do that, to put the time and energy into creating that and getting out and spreading the word about it, but in a way that makes sense, that takes something... This kind of niche idea, a sleep... Sleep, it sounds boring until it comes from the lips of somebody who's passionate about it, until it comes from the lips of somebody who's seen it first-hand, impact the lives of countless people, and when it comes from the lips of somebody who can make it approachable and understandable for the average person to just to be like, "All this sounds... " Like, "I want that. I'm trying to make sweet love to sleep too." Making it attractive. Because the science exists, I was shocked. I was absolutely shocked at the level of data that existed that nobody knew about. The fact that there's more 400 times more melatonin in the gut, in the human gut than in the pineal gland.

When I went to college, I was taught that melatonin's produced in the pineal gland, end of story, the end. That was it. Chapter one, melatonin is produced in pineal glands, the end. Whoa. No, no, no, no, 400 times more melatonin in your gut. This brings to the paradigm how much food matters, the health of our gut, and that's just one chapter, there's 21 clinically proven strategies in this book, and it changed the world. That book has now been read by hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of thousands people. It's translated into 20 different languages. It's in bookstores and libraries all over the world, because I said, "Yes, it's the power of an idea." I changed the world. We all can do that. We all have that power. Where, I come from, if you saw it on paper, I would not be the person that's capable of doing that, but I did it, and I want to remind you of how powerful you are to effect change in your own life and the entire world. We need that right now. We need you right now. And taking that a step further, like I said, I'm a nutritionist, my passion is food, that was the bridge for me to get from that place of disease, from the place of disorder to a level of health and wellness and happiness, and being able to pay it forward and to serve and to impact the lives of millions and millions of people. Food was my bridge, because food isn't just food, it's information, and it truly does... It changes you from the inside out.

Whether it's low quality food or the best of possible, we get to decide, but most people have no idea that it's an option and so I made it a mandate that this was the time, right now, to put that into book form, because there's a virility to books, there is a shareability and a power to books that is still unmatched. And so my new book Eat Smarter is coming out very, very soon. And I've been working the past two years on it, and it's so funny how it's coming out right now, when we need it most. As a powerful statement that there's nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, and this is the idea that needs to be brought forward because we're taking people, finally, for the first time, I know all the guys, I know the guys who work in the field of nutrition, the integrative medicine, the physicians, the nutrition, I know them. But never before, in book form has somebody taken people behind the scenes and showed them exactly how their metabolism works, all the different enzymes involved and hormones involved, the mitochondria involved, how does it all work to actually burn fat?

How does the process work? What are the nutrients that actually are essential in making the process happen? What are the things that create clogs... Hormonal clogs in the process? We all deserve to know these things, and this is the first time in book form that is being brought to the world, and that's just one section of the book. One of the most powerful section of the book is how specific foods and nutrients impact our cognitive performance, our ability to literally create memories. There are certain foods and nutrients that make that process happen. Everybody should be able to know this stuff. And to take it a step further, when we're talking about our cognitive function, one of our greatest issues today, one of the greatest issues of our time is our inability to communicate and to connect with other people. There's such disarray, they're such infighting.

And what I put... This was one of the most challenging things for me to do and also one of the most rewarding things because the data exists, demonstrating how certain nutrients and nutrient deficiencies literally disrupt our ability to have empathy and patience, compassion, the ability to communicate. And there are certain deficiencies that even affect our levels of violence, and that's all in there, but most importantly, what we can do about it, what we can do about it. Because it's not just about individual choice, today, we're talking about what we are capable of doing, but it's also us, working to help to rearrange and transform the systems in which we operate, because we need both for massive scale change, which is what is possible right now. This is what 2020 is offering us right now.

I want you, if you've gotten any value from the Model Health Show, this is the thing that I want to ask you to do. I don't ask for much. I'm asking you now to go to and preorder your copy, right now. Pause this and come back to me, go to and preorder the book, and you're also going to get access, immediate access to a special mini course that I put together, it's a $97 mini-course, and this is focused on the 10 foods, 10 of the most clinically proven foods that help to optimize your fat loss hormones, the hormones that are actually engaged in the process of burning fat, these 10 foods are clinically proven to aid in that process. There's no food, that's a magic bullet, but you'll understand in a much deeper and really wonderful way how these foods can aid in that process, and also what are the best ways to get these foods in on a daily basis. So you get access to that mini-course immediately you preorder the book, go to

I need you to do this right now, and I'm going to tell you why. This book is going to be everywhere. It's going to be in Target stores, it's going to be in book stores across the country, access everywhere on the internet, but to be... To have a big idea, transformative book like this, in Target, in America's pastime, in Target stores, it's incredible. And we're also working on Walmart as well, but our ability to get into these places and even more places outside of our paradigm that we're not even thinking about yet, is based on the number of preorders right now so we can really hit it hard when the book comes out. So please, go and do that right now. Go to, and make sure that Eat Smarter is everywhere and I promise you, this book is going to be an absolute game changer for you. It is powerful on so many levels, but what it's really doing is connecting us to food in new and dynamic ways that always existed, but nobody has talked about it before, so I really appreciate that. And again, this is just leaning into the power of an idea. We all have this capacity to affect change in our lives and to affect change in the world at large, and today's episode is about reminding you of that. We've got seven scary good messages to remind you of your power to affect change.

And first up, we've got a message from one of my all-time favorite episodes, one of my all-time favorite people. He's been a great mentor in my life, and he's a best-selling author, creator of, The Life Visioning Process, one of my all-time favorite audio books and programs I listened to it maybe, I don't know, 10, 12 years ago whenever it came out, and I was just... It had such an impact on me, but then he ended up becoming somebody, a friend in my life, and then even how it all happened is nuts, but this is how... Again, it's also environment and what you surround yourself with, we tend to attract, we tend to find ourselves in the presence of those things. So again, it's a really good friend of mine, best-selling author, and the founder of Agape Spiritual Center here in Los Angeles, just an incredible speaker. Oh, my goodness, one of the best speakers on the planet, and his name is Dr. Michael Beckwith, and in this message, he has for you, he's showing you and reminding you why right now is, yes, it's a time of great turbulence, but it's also a time of great opportunity for change, but that change is up to us. So let's jump into this message from the one and only, Dr. Michael Beckwith.

Dr. Michael Beckwith:     There are so many levels to what's happening from the very practical fear that's gripped people's minds, that's the virus of the mind, first of all, is fear, and fear diminishes your perspective, blocks your perception, inhibits wisdom, guidance and direction. So the world has taken a nightmare pill where they're living in the vibration of a worst case scenario and all the things that come with that. From the higher perspective, we're in a deep cleansing. The Earth itself is vibrating at a much higher octave, the Earth is alive. When you look at it from the shamanic mystical vibration domain, the Earth is alive and vibrating high, which means that everything at a lower frequency is being cleansed out. From the scientific point of view, they can measure the vibration of the Earth, it has definitely increased over the last 30 years so from the science and from the mystical shamanic frequency has raised, which means that we're in a great clearing right now. You can see when you look out on the world events, things that would have taken years for us to discover, we now find out the next day, like politicians would tell a lie, you wouldn't know that for five years, they got away with it.

Today, you can see them lying right in front of you, you know they're telling a lie so things are much more transparent. So right now, we're in a situation where you're looking at the death of an old paradigm and the birth of the new, but the old paradigm is very loud and trying to hold on, and the new, you have little buds of the new springing up, but they're not as loud as the old. And so I always like to say that those who are waking up and are embracing a higher order of being, love, compassion, generosity, service, there's no superiority or inferiority around humanity, we're all sourced from the same source. People who are awaken to that, I like to say that we are the reporters of the new paradigm that's yet to be. And the other individuals are reporters of the status quo and that which is dying. So when you turn on the news and you look at the reporters telling you something, they're actually reporting from a status quo and old paradigm, and it inundate people's minds. People actually believe what they're looking at, even though they forget that we live in the most censored, one of the most censored countries in the world, and you're only going to get what powers that be want you to see.

So when we ask what's going on, there's a lot of flux, a lot of turbulence. Everything is up, racism, white superiority, hate, all of that so we have to thank 45 for allowing that to be more transparent. He accidentally opened up the curtain to see what has been... What we've known for many, for years. We know about racism. We know about the hatred of the color of our skin, we know about it, but he's open up the window so everybody is seeing it and saying, "Wow, this is still going on. This is real." So what looks bad and it is terrible, death, mayhem, police brutality, politicizing of COVID-19, making a political football rather than dealing with some serious science behind it, it's all a part of an old paradigm trying to hold on, and the first thing that has to happen is individuals have to know how to handle fear. They have to know how to navigate with that, they have to know how to not allow it to run them.

Sometimes what I ask people to do is to take out a newspaper, read it from front to back, put it away, and then pick it up six months later and read it, and you'll see all the things you would... That was the top headlines and everybody was concerned about this has generally faded and something else is taking its place, and what has taken its place is another fear-based way of looking at life so we have to understand that these things do pass. Now, the way that you're describing this is, there's the universal perspective, millions of galaxies, multi-dimensional universes, the cosmos always expanding, the eternal presence that we're living in, that's timeless. And then there's time. And so our role is to bring the timeless into time; meaning, creativity, innovativeness, resourcefulness, poetry, generosity, those are timeless. It means you've gone to a space outside of time and you've brought something into time, that's where the soulful artist does, they bring something into time. So most people lose their perspective and they live primarily from fight or flight, they're trying to save their life, they're into the survival frequency, they lose their perspective of the cosmos, of their connection to the timeless.

So this is what spiritual practice is all about. It's not about magical thinking, wishing that something wasn't happening or burying your head in the ground and pretending that a bad thing did not happen, it is about understanding that in this universal perspective, there aren't any problems, there're only ideas and solutions and spiritual prototypes, and we have to go there and get them and bring them here. There's a solution for everything. They cannot be a problem and not be a solution, that's an impossibility, but you don't get to the solution from fear or being time-blinded. The solution comes from your expanded awareness.

Shawn Stevenson: Alright, I hope you enjoyed that message from Dr. Michael Beckwith. Up next, we've got, one of my favorite people on the planet. I'm so grateful that he is alive and doing his thing right now. At this time in human history, he's one of the most talented, brilliant, and also funny people that I know. And he's created so many viral videos with his special blend of comedy, with a poignant message as well tied into it, and it's from none other than JP Sears. And in this particular message, he's going to be talking about the powerful reminder that we need right now about the social constructs that we're all inundated with right now, that are designed at their very core to keep us in fear. And while these entities keep you in fear, this is important, while they keep you in fear, they're simultaneously distracting you from your greatness. You can't have the focus on two things at the same time. You're either focused on your greatness and what can be done or you're focused and inundated by the fear, which has this crippling effect on our ability to create change. Not that fear is not valuable, we're all going to experience fear, but when we become indoctrinated with fear and inundated with fear, that's when we go into a dangerous land. So check out this message from JP and use it as an encouragement to take back control of your mind because this is the time to do it. So let's hear what JP has to say.

JP Sears: At the heart of it all, in my heart, I am such a fan of humanity. I love people, I love people who disagree with me. I love people who agree. I love everything in between, I love people. So I'm a fan of team human. Now, I think what, unfortunately, works against team human and it's always self-inflicted is when we live in fear. And that video, what it's like to believe everything the media tells you, my intention behind it was to help liberate people from their fear, and if a fish doesn't know it's swimming in water, we got to wake it up to realize it's in water, and let alone what kind of water it's in and the late great Ram Dass once said, "You can't get out of a jail, you don't know you're in." We are...

With what the media tells us, and I'm not here tin foil hat, conspiracy like, "Argh, they're out to get you." I'm here to call a spade a spade and suggests that the mainstream media, it's fear-mongering. It's a business model, it's not far-fetched, in my opinion, that the headlines, be they spoken or written online, in print, on your TV, the headlines are meant to evoke a fear response inside of your psyche, and that gets your attention and that's survival reasons. If you're out in the wild, if something is scary like the bush is moving in an abnormal way that gets your attention. It's human instinct. We want to focus on what scares us so that we can discertain how to protect ourselves from that scary thing, fight, flight, freeze, whatever the heck it's going to be, and thus, the media gets our attention with the scary headlines and like, "Hey, by the way, it's been three minutes. Here's the latest death count."

Well, okay! 30 seconds later, "Here's the updated death count, by the way, it's scrolling on the bottom of the screen," so that's coming at us, not only 2/47, but 24/7 from 360 degrees of angles. How good of a life are we going to live if we're in constant fear that's not in our best interest? Now, I think... I'm going to get off my soapbox in a second here, but not yet. I think fear is such a healthy emotion when it serves us. If I hear a crash through my window, cool, I'm going to be afraid like, "What's going on?" It's going to help alert me to a situation that is meaningful and beneficial for me to deal with, but when we are constantly being inundated with fear, because we plug into the source of fear, we're glued to the headlines and getting our news from the news, which I like and to like, "That's like getting financial advice from broke people," then we're always being indoctrinated with fear that's not actually giving us helpful, meaningful information about how we can live a better life for ourselves.

So with that video, and probably dozens of videos I've made in the past six months, the intention is to help people realize the jail, that they don't know they're in, the jail of fear. And given that fear is a human emotion, and I think a beneficial human emotion when it's a fear that serves us. It's one thing to be afraid, it's another thing to view life through the lens of fear and make decisions from the place of fear, because we know, like in the old examples of someone yelling fire in an old movie theater, the panic kills more people than the actual fire does, so I think it's very human of us to be afraid, yet it is perhaps disempowering of us to make decisions from the fear and view our lives and everything else exclusively through the lens of fear.

Shawn Stevenson: Alright, that was the wonderful and talented, JP Sears, and as a reminder, it's one thing to be informed with all of the access to news and media we have, it's one thing to be informed, it's another thing to be imprisoned, it's another thing to be inundated by it. And so just becoming aware, what is this doing to me? What effect is it having on me and my ability to perform and to make change, and to see the good, because I promise you, there is so much good going on right now, there's so much good that we have access to. Yes, we have problems. Yes, we have things that need some change, but we have to do that from a place of a new vision, we have to do that from a place of empowerment. And so just keeping these little reminders in our spirit and also, a reminder of what lens are you going to choose to see life through from today forward. Are you going to see life through the lens of overriding fear or are you going to decide to see life through the lens of possibility, of empowerment. We get to decide.

Next up, we've got an incredible message from just somebody who's super talented, she's a Master Coach, best-selling author, a wonderful speaker, and her name is Christine Hassler, and this is one of our most popular episodes that really struck a chord with a lot of people, so many valuable insights into the inner workings of our mind and how we relate to ourselves, and thus, also relating to other people. And in this clip, we're going to listen to what Christine has to share about what an expectation hangover is, and how it's likely playing a role in our lives today.

Christine Hassler: So I made up the term, which is probably good, we're defining it, it's when one of three things happen, either something doesn't go according to plan and you're disappointed like you didn't get the job, you end up getting divorced, whatever... Someone breaks up with you or something does go according to plan, but you don't feel like you thought you would, like my job in Hollywood, reaching a certain point and not being happy or life just throws you an unexpected curveball, you get diagnosed with an illness, you get laid off, something undesirable that you didn't see coming, that throws off your sense of certainty, safety and control, just like a universal 2 x 4. And you're left with hangover symptoms like you want to get out of it, it feels awful, your head is spinning from all the thoughts and the thinking, the fear of uncertainty, it's just a terrible, terrible feeling, because the thing about an expectation hangover is we don't have certainty and a well of emotion comes up, and we're in chaos because anytime we have an expectation hangover, there's some kind of transition happening, there's some kind of ending, there's some kind of blow to our ego or a sense of security. And we're in that uncertain period, which for the human psyche is incredibly challenging.

It's even more challenging if you grew up in a more kind of chaotic, unstable household, because it threatens that little kid inside who's like, "When's the other shoe going to drop? Oh my God." And when we're in those, what we... What most people tend to do is want to get out of them as quickly as possible, and they use ineffective coping strategies like numbing, overeating, overdrinking, over-gaming, over-social meeting, overworking, working is one of the acceptable ones...

Shawn Stevenson: Right.

Christine Hassler: Spiritual bypass, like, "I'm just going to meditate my way out of it, and everything happens for a reason and la-di-da." Or "Be strong, I'm going to be strong, be strong, I'm going to push through and look how strong I am." That's another one that doesn't work, or the pep talk, just that positive pep talk kind of thing. And those kind of gets you a little bit through, but it's like putting a Band-Aid on a broken arm, it doesn't really heal it. And that's really why I wrote the book is because, from my own life and working with thousands of people at this point, there's such healing that can happen in an expectation hangover because, let's just use like if you got broken up with, it's not the first time your heart's been broken, like it's pushing a button that goes back to maybe when your dad left the family when you were five or something like that. And it's in those moments where we can really dive in and go into the feelings and heal emotionally, mental behavior, and spiritually. And so to me, disappointment is a huge doorway to transformation, if we can, again, start with acceptance like, "I don't like this, I don't like this," but ask not, "Why is it happening?", but "What am I learning? What is it showing me?"

Shawn Stevenson: That is such a powerful message, and we are definitely... Many of us are experiencing situations that we don't like, that is for certain, but that's okay, because she's also alluding to what's possibly the most powerful means of moving past these expectation hangovers, which is by investigating the things within our own hearts and within our own minds, and the number one tool to do that is by asking the right questions. And next up, we've got accelerated learning expert, brain and memory expert, Jim Kwik, to tell you more about that. Check it out.

Jim Kwik: Start with the right questions, because we have anywhere from 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts a day, and a lot of those thoughts come in the form of questions. In fact, in the chapter I do on how to advance your thinking and solve problems and be a better decision maker, which I think is like the gem of the book, that chapter alone, I feel like it's worth the value of the book because our life is the sum total of all the questions we've asked to this point. And I have a quote in there from a French philosopher that says that life is the C between the B and the D.

Life is the C between the B and the D. And you're thinking, "Jim, you're speaking in tongues, you're speaking in code. What's the B? What's the D? I don't get this." Let me give you a hint. The B is birth. So what's the D? Death. And C, which is life, C stands for choice. We right now, our life is a sum total of the choices and decisions we've made up to this point, and part of our decision-making process is that default. Remember that technology is the digital default we want done for us and we haven't developed these thinking skills, but thinking, when you think about it, and I go through various models on how to make good decisions and how to solve problems and how to be a better thinker, because I think school teaches you what to think but not how to think. It teaches you what to learn, but not how to learn. And so when you think about what thinking is, thinking is this process of asking and answering questions inside our own mind. And if you're asking yourself, "Is that true?" Notice you had asked a question to think about it, right? So that's positive proof.

So a lot of these 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day are questions, and I believe that there are some questions you ask more than others, they're dominant questions, maybe you have one, two or three that you ask consciously and unconsciously throughout the day. And the reason why it's important is, and we've talked about this, is your brain is primarily a deletion device. Let me say that again. Your brain is primarily a deletion device. It's trying to keep information out, because if it paid attention to everything, you would go insane, right? There's a billion stimuli we can be paying attention to, so what gets through that filter, the things that we care about, the things we're interested in, and things we ask questions about, because we have part of our brain, and we do a whole thing on brain anatomy in the book, because I want you to know how limitless your super powers really are, and part of your brain called a reticular activating system, RAS, simple to remember, it really determines what you're going to focus on and it gets activated by your questions.

And so as an example, I remember years ago, my sister would send me pictures and photographs, emails with this specific kind of breed of dog, it's a pug dog. They have a pug dog in Men in Black. It's like like a smooshy face and you could dress them up like ballerinas, they're very compliant, right? But I didn't know. My question was like, "Why is she sending me all these pictures of pugs?" And I realized that her birthday was coming up. So she's a great marketer.

Shawn Stevenson: Dropping those hints.

Jim Kwik: Yeah, yeah, exactly. And so she was seeding all those, but I started asking that question about these pugs, and then guess what? I started seeing pugs everywhere. I'd go to the grocery store, the health food store I would be checking out, and somebody in front of me is holding a pug dog checking out. I'd be jogging in my neighborhood, and I swear to you, I saw a guy walking six pug dogs. And my question for everyone who's listening is, did the pug dogs just magically appear one day? No, of course not. They were always there, but they were not important to me because I wasn't asking the questions. They were part of that billion stimuli I was trying to keep out of my mind that I wasn't paying attention to. Now, here's the thing. What are your questions? What are the questions you're asking all the time that are bringing certain things into your life? And it's like an algorithm, I talk about it in the book, where it's like you're programming yourself. It's like when you're going through Instagram or Facebook, everything you like... Have you ever noticed you start looking... Liking a lot of cat videos or whatever, they start feeding you more cat videos. But our brains are the same way. If we start looking at... Sometimes it's a scary time, we live in very turbulent times, and if you're just...

If the media is hijacking your amygdala to focus on fear, and you start looking at it all the time, your brain... You just start looking for threats everywhere, and that's all you see and you delete everything you could be grateful for, you delete all the opportunity, you delete all the magic also in life. I'm not saying don't focus on things that could be threatening at all, but I'm saying, what are you asking questions about that dictate your focus? And so this dominant question as an example, and we'll get to Will Smith as an example in a moment, is one of the ways of finding your dominant question is to just listen to your own voice in other ways like journaling or meditating. 'Cause you see certain themes that come up constantly. And I think self-awareness that really... It's a super power. This book is a book on self-awareness. It's an owner's manual for your mind and how to be conscious and mindful and put intent in your mindset, put intent in your motivation, put intent in the methods that you're using day-to-day. And so I took my friend through a process and we found out her dominant question that she asks all the time is, "How do I get people to like me?"

"How do I get people to like me?" Now, everyone listening, you don't know her age, you don't know her background, you don't know her job, you don't know what she looks like, her ethnicity, you don't know anything about her, but you know a lot about her. Like if somebody is obsessed with asking the question "How do I get people to like me?" What's her life? What's your personality like?

Shawn Stevenson: It's going to be one that tries to cater to everybody else.

Jim Kwik: Yeah, exactly that. That person is going to be a sycophant. They're going to be people-pleasing all the time. They're going to be martyring themselves. People are going to take advantage of them. Their personality's always going to change depending on who they're spending time with, because they're going to talk about the same kind of interests and have the same kind of values. They have low self-esteem. And you know all that, and you only know one question she asks herself, and that's it. And my question for everybody listening is, what's your dominant question? What's the question you're thinking about all the time that's keeping you maybe limited? And how can you upgrade those questions to be more limitless?

Let me give you an example. When you mentioned Will Smith, I help actors to speed-read scripts, memorize their lines, focus better. We've talked about my X-Men story in a previous episode with you. With Will Smith, I was spending the entire day with him in Toronto and he was shooting from 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Shawn Stevenson: Which movie was it?

Jim Kwik: So this was Suicide Squad. Yeah. So it was wintertime and it was very cold out, but we found out his dominant question before we went to go shoot is, "How do I make this moment even more magical?" Actually, before it was, "How do I make this moment magical?" And then we play with it, like how can we make that even more... Even enhance that? Well, let's make it even more magical because it presumes it's already magical, right? And I was like, "Wow, that's a powerful question." And later that night shooting, and everyone thinks that Hollywood is very glamorous, but you know this, it's just...

Shawn Stevenson: It's a grind.

Jim Kwik: Yeah, it is. It's just waiting all the time and just like hurry up to just wait around. And we're on set and it's a night shoot and it's tough. It's like 2 o'clock in the morning, his family from West Philly, we all know the song, is there and we're outside, and they're not shooting, and I asked him, I was like, "How do you get ready? We're waiting here for hours for you to go on camera and for the director to bring you back on. How do you get ready?" He was like, "Jim, I don't have to get ready, I stay ready." I'm like, "Woah, it's good to be Will Smith. He's about determination, he does the work." Yeah. 'Cause I believe the life you live are the lessons you teach. The life you live are lessons you teach others, and not what you say, it's what you show. It's not what you promise, it's what you prove to other people.

And so it was interesting 'cause we're all cold out there watching these little monitors of what they're filming, and he starts to bring people blankets, and he starts to make hot chocolate for everybody and bring it to us, and he starts cracking jokes and telling stories. He was living his dominant question of, "How do I make this moment even more magical?" It was beautiful. And so my thing for everybody here is be conscious of your thoughts, because thoughts are things, and what you ask for, you will receive.

Shawn Stevenson: Alright, that was accelerated learning expert, memory expert, speed reading phenom, and my really good friend I've known about 10 years now, Jim Kwik. He's had such a powerful impact on my life, so many different dimensions. I really love that guy. And he's just really bringing forward the importance of utilizing the most powerful entity in the known universe, which is the human mind. We all have one! That's the thing about it, we all have one. It has infinite capacity to create, to figure out problems, to create success, to create sadness, to create despair, to create beauty, we all have it within us, but we've never been given an owner's manual, we've never been taught how to use it. One of the fundamental programming tools is the power to ask questions. Because the human mind has this really powerful phenomenon that takes place when you ask it a question. It's called instinctive elaboration. When you pose your mind a question, it has no choice, it is hard-wired to seek out answers to the questions you ask it.

So what are the quality of your questions? So again, I love that message. And I want you to ask yourself and think about it, what questions are you asking right now? What questions are on repeat in your mind right now? "Why is this happening? Why me? Why don't people get it?" Or is it, "What is this trying to teach me? What is this situation trying to teach me? What gift is in all of this? What qualities are wanting to emerge in my life as a result of the changes from COVID-19?" Start to ask empowering questions, and I promise you, you will find the gifts within it, you'll find the gold amidst all of the fool's gold. Alright. Because both exist. So when talking about memory, when talking about accelerating learning, our nutrition matters as well, and there's one company that has two double-blind placebo controlled clinical trials, and this is conducted by the Boston Center for Memory, showed that folks who utilize Alpha BRAIN from ONNIT showed improvements in memory and brain wave patterns that are directly connected to enhance focus versus a placebo.

So folks utilizing Alpha BRAIN literally had improvements in memory and focus. It changed the brain waves. Now, here's the thing about Alpha BRAIN versus... Nootropics are growing category of supplements right now. ONNIT utilizes earth-grown nutrients, there's nothing synthetic, there's nothing fishy or abnormal, these are all from natural sources, alright. All earth-grown nutrients are combined in this formula. And I want you to pop over and check it out, have a look at what the ingredients are, have a look at the studies. Man, I'm telling you, there are so many folks that really swear by Alpha BRAIN for their performance, whether they're going to do a podcast or do a talk or perform at their job, whether doing a comedy set, Alpha Brain is that deal for so many people right now. Millions of folks have already utilized Alpha BRAIN. So pop over there, check it out. They also found in one of the studies, it also had improvements in verbal learning memory, so the ability to listen and to pick up the data and remember more of it.

So even as you're listening to me right now, being able to retain more of that information, really interesting stuff. Pop over there and check 'em out. It's, you get 10% off. That's You get 10% off the Alpha BRAIN and everything else that ONNIT carries, exclusive with the Model Health Show, you get 10% off everything, even the fitness equipment. So pop over there and check it out. And also keep in mind, I cannot not talk about this when we're talking about the nutrition side, because working in my clinical practice, we get people dialed n on the very best nutrition designed specifically for their unique metabolism, unique needs, but the nutrition, no matter how good it is, will only go so far if you're not abiding by the other principles of the body, the other things that your genes expect from you to have a positive out-picturing or epigenetic influence. And one of those things, it doesn't matter what kind of supplement you're hammering, if you're not sleeping well, you're never going to perform at your best level, period.

This is arguably the most powerful thing for helping to regulate our hormone function, for example. All of our hormones and neurotransmitters related to weight loss, cognitive performance, our nutrition also heavily impacts our sleep quality, by the way, but our sleep quality has a massive impact on the nutrition that we bring in and how it affects our bodies. And so with that said, we want to make sure that we're supporting our sleep right now more than ever. The CDC has reported that sleep deprivation is an epidemic. And they noted that approximately 115 million Americans are regularly sleep-deprived. 115 million Americans are regularly sleep-deprived. How do you think that's affecting our ability to communicate? How do you think that's affecting our ability to perform well in our careers and in our family? How do you think that's affecting us?

So many of us are walking around like this is our normal, is being sleep-deprived. We can do something about this. Of course, there's many lifestyle factors, but there's certain things with our nutrition we can do to give us that extra 5%, 10% benefit, and one of those things is highlighted in a study published in the Journal of Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior. Now, this is a journal that's really geared towards pharmacology, alright, this is what they want to highlight, but this was so remarkable, something that is natural that's been utilized for thousands of years, that is published in this prestigious pee-reviewed journal. And what the researchers found was that the renowned medicinal mushroom Reishi, Ganoderma, Reishi was found to significantly decrease sleep latency, meaning it helped test subjects to fall asleep faster. Reishi was also found to help to increase your overall sleep time. Because there's a difference between just being unconscious and actually being asleep and going through your sleep cycles efficiently. So it's found to help with that, and also was found to increase non-REM deep sleep. So this is that anabolic sleep and REM sleep as well. So there's something really special about it.

Again, to be published in a peer view journal that's geared towards pharmacology, Reishi, you did that, you did that. So I get my Reishi, it's dual extracted, so this means it's that hot water extract and alcohol extract, so you get all of the benefits, the beta-glucans, the triterpenes, all the cool things that are found in Reishi that you don't get if you don't do both extraction methods. Four Sigmatic does both in a simple easy-to-do little packets. I've been using it for years. One of my favorite nighttime routines is to have a cup of Reishi tea. So pop over there, check 'em out, it's, you get 15% off everything they carry. Even more... They've got a new kind of tiered thing, so if you're buying more different packages, you actually can save more. Sometimes you save a little bit less, but they're changing it to make sure that the people who want to get on the mushies, to get the Reishi and the lion's mane and all these incredible things, their mushroom coffees and mushrooms hot cocoas, to be able to get greater discounts, depending on what you get. So pop over there...

Check 'em out, it's F-O-U-R-S-I-G-M-A-T-I-C. com/model, 15% off. Pop over there, check 'em out. And now let's get back to our compilation of seven scary good reminders of how powerful you are to effect change in your life. And next up, we've got a message from best-selling author, fitness world champion, Lori Harder. Alright.

Lori just had an incredible impact on the fitness domain, but also helping folks to kind of parlay that into more powerful messages as entrepreneurs and creating their own... Making their own mark on the world. She's been very giving, and what she's learned over the years, and all the struggles and challenges that she's going through, not really seeing people doing the things that she's done. So we had a great conversation, and Lori's going to share with you why it's important for you to decide what this time in human history and this time in your life really means for you. So let's jump into this conversation with the incredible Lori Harder.

Lori Harder: I love this idea because I think it's the most powerful idea that we can attach into to create a life that we enjoy or that we love, or especially of purpose. Because there are going to be terrible things that happen in our lives no matter what, we cannot escape them, it's the human experience. It's literally why we're here is because we're going to experience all of it. And I think that we can live into staying in resistance and being really afraid of it, or we can understand that they're going to happen and accept it as much as possible, and create a meaning from it. There's always... There's hundreds of different meetings we can create, but amongst those hundreds of different meanings, you're going to get probably two that are going to stand out for you. And you always have to ask what is the most empowering, powerful meaning that I can create from this thing that has happened that I can now turn into some form of purpose moving forward. Because the way to attach power to anything that's been really painful or horrible or torturous or whatever it is, is to see how you can help someone attach a meaning to it so that you could help somebody who is in it or is going through it, or could potentially in the future go through it, and what that's going to do is help you move through obviously really powerfully, and you're not going to be stuck in that thought or that thing or that event anymore when you start to attach a powerful meaning to it.

Reverend Rohr, he says, if you don't learn how to transform your pain, you'll transfer it to the people that you love. And that to me is exactly that. It's about, if you're feeling pain, how do you learn how to attach a meaning to why you have that pain and turn it into a purpose? Because the most successful, most amazing, most impactful people who are doing incredible things in the world, majority of them that I've gotten the opportunity to speak to, and I know that you know this too from your podcast, is because they had something painful happen and they gave it a meaning to help other people.

Shawn Stevenson: Alright, that was the incredible Lori Harder. And again, you get to choose what all of this means for you, this very complex time in human history where a lot of new things are taking place, where there's a lot of changes, you get to decide, you get to choose what all of this means for you. And another important takeaway from Lori's conversation is that your growth and success through all of this isn't just about you, it's also about how you can help others. And so by you going through these different situations and figuring things out, you can pay that forward, you can share what you've learned, your insights, your experience with other people. And so if you were to give advice to someone right now who's in a similar place or a familiar situation as you, what advice would you give them? What advice would you give someone who's having a tough time right now to find some peace of mind? What advice would you give them? And just by you thinking about, "How can I help somebody else with it?", We teach what we want to learn, and so that might bring up some things that are valuable for you to employ if you haven't done so already.

So what advice would you give to somebody who's in a similar situation? What advice would you give someone who's focused on all that negativity going on in the world right now to find new hope in the midst of all of it? What advice would you give someone who's trying to find hope right now? So these are all things that we're doing, not just for ourselves but we're doing for others. And so it's going to lead me to our next clip of the seven scary good messages and reminders of how powerful you are to effect change, and man, this next one, this guy, he is affecting some change in his life and in the world in an incredible way, he's a best-selling author, one of the top speakers on the planet. He's the founder of Fit Body Boot Camp. They have... Before I even tell you about Fit Body Boot Camp, what they've achieved, please know that my really good friend, Bedros Keuilian, he emigrated from a very difficult warring situation with his family when he was just a child, and he grew up in really massive poverty, and spend time, his entire family sleeping in a tiny room, having experiences, even as he grew older into an adult, it's like sleeping in his truck, all these situations.

But changing his environment, getting more powerful messages, getting himself around more opportunity and people who are thinking differently really helped to catapult him to a different place. So coming from where he's come from, as a struggling entrepreneur who got into the fitness domain, but then he had his side jobs, he was a bouncer, and he was a fry cook I think a Disneyland or Disney World, one of the two. Alright. So he's going to the club, trying to keep it kosher with everybody, smelling like fish grease, and then he's got clients to train, trying to make it all work. Today, as a CEO and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp, they've got about 700 locations.

What? This is the power that we all have, is the power of the human mind. This is the power we have to effect change in our lives and the lives of the entire world. So in this clip, he's going to be talking about how many of us have a psychological emergency break pulled that's preventing us from achieving what we're capable of. So let's check out what my friend, the incredible Bedros Keuilian has to say about it.

Bedros Keuilian: So the example would be this, Shawn, imagine if outside of this building, your studio here, I park a brand new Ferrari 599, but unbeknownst to you, I've got the emergency brake slightly pulled up, but I give you the keys. I go, "There you go, Shawn, enjoy it." And you're driving this thing, you go, "This is not driving how I would think a Ferrari would drive, it seems sluggish, it's not... The performance isn't there." The reality is that the emergency break has been slightly pulled up, and so the car is not performing to its fullest potential. Even though it's a Ferrari, even though it's got premium gasoline, even though the engine is in great shape, it's not performing. The moment you figure out that you have to drop that e-brake, the car, all of a sudden, becomes the Ferrari that we all know and love and, holy cow, it's flying, and it's cutting corners, and it's defying gravity.

Well, in life, we have many limiting beliefs, and this comes from... Remember, when we're born, it's our parent's job and the tribe's job, if you will, to guide us, "Hey, don't touch that, don't do that, you're going to burn yourself. Be safe. Don't take that risk. Not too loud. Hey you're supposed to be seen and not heard, right?" And really the way I look at it is someone else is holding, especially in the first 20 years of your life, someone else is holding the pen and writing the narrative in your book. That's how I visualize it. I'm a very visual person. And to me, that's them pulling the e-brake up saying how Shawn should be, how Bedros should be. And so we spend the next 20 years going, "Well, there's a game plan that someone wrote for me, maybe this is... I should try and how I should operate." And so those are our limiting beliefs. I'm a foreigner, I'm an immigrant, and because of that, I'm blue collar, and because of that, I'll never be successful because I'm not educated, and I didn't go to college, and I'm not white collar. And so that was my narrative. My dad would walk around the house when we came to America, God bless him, he had three, four jobs at any given time to make ends meet, but he would...

One of his things were, "We always tend to run of money before we run out of month." Like if I was running out of money... And that became a loop, and that became a limiting belief that in my family, basically me, we will always run out of money before we run out of month. So because of that, I made sure to make that narrative come true through the actions, because your belief systems, whether they're limiting or not, or limitless, your belief systems determine your habits, and your habits determine your actions, your actions determine your outcome. And so it's usually when we figure out in the next 20 years that, "Oh, you know what, someone else had the pen and they were writing my narrative for me, and they were creating these limiting beliefs, effectively pulling my emergency brake up," and we spend our next 20 years after that from 40 on. Like for me, 38 was that critical point of realizing, "Wait, I'm a pretty intelligent guy, I can see trends before they're coming. People hire me and pay me an obscene amount of money." It's just, I looked at it as, I got a lucky break.

I can figure out something in Shawn's business that he can't, so he's going to pay me money to tell him that and help him create a faster outcome. When in reality, I have a gift, and I realize that now, but I thought, "Oh, I was lucky, I could just see something in your business that you couldn't." I would always downplay my gift.

Shawn Stevenson: Yeah.

Bedros Keuilian: And so that was a limiting belief I had. And so as we put the e-brakes down, we see that life moves better, faster with less friction, and there's tremendous amount of happiness.

Shawn Stevenson: Alright, that was the incredible Bedros Keuilian. And I just want to reiterate this point and ask you, who might you be handing the pen over to, to write the story of your life? Who might you be passing that over to right now? Is it friends and family who don't support your vision? Are you passing that over to the media to write your story for you? Are you passing it over to the winner of the presidential election to write that story for you? Who are you unconsciously handing that responsibility over to that's influencing so heavily your story, when the pen is in your hand? Take back control.

Take back that pen. Who are you allowing to pull up the emergency brake in your car, they're trying to do the Tokyo Drift with your life? Who are you allowing to do that? You have everything that you need right now to get to where you want to go, but we need to understand that when we're allowing things outside of ourselves to limit us in our perception and to control and determine things that we do, that's the very definition of giving our power away. And for our final message today, we've got somebody to truly remind you of how powerful you are. And this is a conversation I had with Dr. Joe Dispenza, and this really speaks for itself.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a world-renowned physician, practitioner, teacher, and best-selling author of many books. And his influence, just about more so than anybody that I know, I receive more messages and see more people, just that I meet friends and family who've had access to Joe's work, who will tell me more so than anybody, how much Joe has changed their life. So he's got something special. He knows a thing or 20. And this message here that you're about to get access to is one of the most important reminders of this entire episode. So truly listen in, listen deeply, take this to heart and check out this message from Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Dr. Joe Dispenza: The story we tell ourselves is how we perceive the world. And so then when we create the difficulties in our life, it reaffirms the belief that life is hard, that it's really someone out there that's doing it to us, that it's a circumstance in the past that created this. Okay. Let's take away the person that did it. Let's shoot them to the moon. Let's erase your past now. What are you going to do now? You still got to do something right? You're still alive. And I say we already know how to do this. We already know how to do this. We're wired to be creators. We're wired to do this. The thing that stops us for the most part in doing it is really the hormones of stress, 'cause living in stress constantly is living in survival. Living in survival is living in emergency. In an emergency, it's not a time to create. In an emergency, it's not a time to open your heart. It's not a time to learn. It's not even a time to sit still. So most people then that are living in stress and living in survival, they can't believe in the future yet because it's not a time to create...

So getting people to that point where they make up their mind and they make up their mind enough to begin to think, "There's got to be a better way, there's got to be something else," that awakening process typically happens when people reach their lowest denominator and they hit rock bottom, because then they can see themselves through the eyes of somebody else. You feel so altered, you're not returning any text. You feel so altered, you don't want to go to dinner with your buddies. You feel so altered, you don't want to watch your favorite TV show. You're just disconnected. And that's when you start observing yourself. But my message is, why wait for that? I mean, you could learn and change in pain and suffering, or you can learn and change in joy and inspiration. If you're waking up every morning being defined by a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past, and you get up and you're inspired from an elevated self now instead of a limited itself, you could observe the old self from an elevated state instead of that diminished state. And people are doing that, so they are aware of those thoughts. And yes, it takes effort.

If it was easy, everybody would be doing it. But just because you have a thought doesn't necessarily mean it's true. And when you start looking and observing those thoughts, I think you are like Gandalf, because Gandalf also said, "You may not pass," when he meant that kind of severity when it comes to how we make up our mind about things. That's the kind of energy or intention that begins to create the biggest volume of change in our life. And I've interviewed thousands of people in our work that have healed from really serious health conditions. And I would say about 90% of them, when I asked them, "So what happened?", the first thing they say all the time is, "I just made up my mind. I just made up my mind that I was going to do this." And they made a decision with such firm intention that the amplitude of that decision carried a level of energy that was greater than the hard-wired programs in their brain and the emotional conditioning in their body, and the choice that they made caused their body to respond to a new mind. In fact, the choice they made became a moment that they would never forget. It was an event.

And the stronger the emotion they felt, the more they paid attention to the choice. In a sense, they were remembering their future, and the body emotionally was getting a sampling, a taste of the future, and they're relying to that future. And that's when the body's healing began. That's when the miracle started right in that moment. That's how powerful you really are. And what if you did that every day? What if you made up your mind every single day you weren't going to get up from your meditation until you were that person you wanted to be? Game on now. 'Cause you'd have to do battle with all the things that are not consistent with it, and that's exactly how our brain works. So then if you want to be wealthy, you can't feel lack. You want to be a master. You can't judge your co-worker. You want to be like somebody great in history, then you better execute peace in every area of your life. That's the law.

So you take the prayer out on the road now, you take the prayer... You're the living example of the prayer. That's where it matters the most. And that's when people start getting suspicious and say, "Shawn, man, did you change your medication? You're looking way too happy all of a sudden." Well, you're not relying on anything outside of you to bring you joy. You're overcoming yourself every day. And people say to me, "Well, why do you do your meditations in the morning?" I always say "Easy. 'Cause if I can overcome myself at the beginning of the day, the rest of the day is easy." 'Cause that's the biggest master, is the self. So people are waking up to that, and they enjoy the process of seeing when they make those type of changes, the feedback that's happening in their lives, the synchronicities, the opportunities, the coincidences, those serendipities, they're starting to happen and they're going, "Wow, I am powerful. Hey, I am a creator." And nobody's excluded from the equation. That's what makes it so cool.

And so we're not doomed by our genes. We're not hard-wired to be a certain way for the rest of our lives. We are marvels of adaptability and change. So then what does it mean to change? Change means then to be greater than your body, greater than the body that has been conditioned emotionally to be the mind, greater than the body habituated into a predictable future, to be greater than the environment, to be greater than the conditions in your life. And if you're not being defined by a vision in the future and you wake up every morning, it makes total sense then when you see the same people and you go to the same places and you do the exact same thing at the exact same time. Now your personality is no longer creating your personal reality, your personal reality is creating your personality, because every person, every object, everything, every place is mapped neurologically in your brain. And since you've experienced your boss, since you've experienced your co-worker, since you've experienced your ex, the moment you've experienced them, at some point there's an emotion associated with them.

So then all of a sudden people wake up and they're not aware of this, but their environment is influencing the way they think and the way they feel. So when things are going good, they feel good. When things are bad, they feel bad, which means they're victims to their environment. Why are you unhappy? Well, this person made me unhappy, which means, unconsciously, that person is actually controlling the way I feel and the way I think. I'm a victim to that circumstance. So to change then is to be greater than that environment, so then you would have to re-program the way you'd think and the way you'd feel to no longer return back to the same state of being. Now, that's the mastery, 'cause it isn't just having a great meditation and then getting on the freeway and flipping everybody off or judging your co-worker, you just return back to the old self.

You got to be able to maintain that modified state of mind and body your entire day, and if you can get, ready 'cause weird things are going to happen in your life. So the person who's starting to try it out in a curious way, like, "Let's just do the experiment, let's just see if I change my energy, change the way I think I feel. Is there going to be some effect in my life?" When they start seeing that, they're no longer like, "Oh, I got to go create my life today." They're actually excited to do it 'cause they don't want the magic to end, they want to keep it going. Now, that's when it gets kind of cool because this is when you start believing in yourself, and when you believe in yourself, you believe in possibilities, right? When you believe in possibilities, you got to believe in yourself. When you stop believing in possibilities, you can't believe in yourself. So people are waking up and going, "Wow, it doesn't matter your skin color, it doesn't matter how rich you are, it doesn't matter how healthy you are, it doesn't matter how young you are, how old you are, how in shape, out of shape... " Even if you've ever meditated before, it doesn't even matter, it's a formula. And you don't need 40 years of dedication to meditation to they get it, you just got to understand the formula and like playing ping-pong or hitting a golf ball or dancing the salsa, you're going to figure it out sooner later, and it's going to get easier and it's going to get fun. That's what we want for people.

Shawn Stevenson: That's what we want for you. That's Dr. Joe Dispenza, and this message is so important right now, and just a really powerful reminder that there is so much potential in you. It's always been there. It's there right now, and it will always be there, but it's up to us, and it is your time to take control of it. And there's nothing, again, just to remind you, there is nothing outside of you that can control your destiny unless you give it silent permission to. So right now is the time to take control, take full responsibility for writing your story. It doesn't matter what's going on in the world of effects around us. We can affect the world of effects, but we need to be empowered within our own lives. And so I hope that you enjoyed this message today, and if you did, please share it out with the people that you care about, and you could share right from the podcast app, you could share on social media, but this is an important message right now when there's so much influx, there's a lot of uncertainty, and any of us, even the very best of us can use a reminder from time to time. So I appreciate you so much truly for tuning into the show today. We've got some epic shows coming your way very soon. Take care, have an amazing day, and I'll talk to you soon.

And for more after the show, make sure to head over to That's where you can find all of the show notes, you could find transcriptions, videos for each episode, and if you got a comment, you can leave me a comment there as well. And please make sure to head over to iTunes and leave us a rating to let everybody know that the show is awesome, and I appreciate that so much. And take care, I promise to keep giving you more powerful, empowering, great content to help you transform your life. Thanks for tuning in.

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